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Entrepreneurial Lessons from a Top Amazon Seller, with Tyler Douthitt

Along the 12-year journey to becoming a top Amazon seller, Tyler Douthitt has accumulated a wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom.  It takes a considerable amount of grit, resilience, vision, and self-awareness to make it to the top 2%.

In this interview, you’ll note:

  • His abundance perspective to create a great life, not only for himself but also for others
  • The importance of being responsive
  • The value of taking the one next step

We hope his story, his success, and his lessons will encourage you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Who Tyler Is Now

Tyler Douthitt is a top Amazon seller, entrepreneur, lifelong businessman, and investor.

He’s building a business as well as a personal brand.  His social media presence has over 10K followers on LinkedIn and Facebook each.

He’s just launched a podcast titled the TD Project.

He lives in Illinois with his wife and kids and runs his companies from his home office.

How Honing a Niche Market Accelerated His Sales as a Top Amazon Seller

Because Tyler worked in his parent’s business for 11 years, he gained experience with supply chains, and sourcing and selling products.

He began selling earbuds as a result of cause and effect, continual learning and responding to the market.

Each time he grew, the customers changed, along with those customer’s needs, and he had to stay responsive to innovate and continue to meet those needs differently.

Sales exploded when he connected to the Amazon prime marketplace and moved from fulfilling individual orders to delivering bulk orders to his niche customer: schools.

A Customer-Centric Business Model to Deliver More Value Than His Competitors

He learned the supply chain in his industry and cut out the middleman, along with his commission.

By doing so, he was able to provide better selection, better prices, and quicker delivery.

Customized Direct Marketing Strategies Reach His Customer More Effectively

Tyler attributes a significant majority of his success to targeted marketing strategies that reached his audience with information they want, where they want to receive it.

Tyler noticed so many schools buying earbuds, so he inquired of his brother-in-law, an assistant principal, to determine who has the buying decision for these types of purchases.

When he learned that the principal makes these decisions, and the best way to connect was to email them directly, he took action right away.

Tyler began emailing school principals with his product and price and explained how his earbuds met their testing requirements.

As that evolved, he started going to principal association conferences with his wife, building relationships face-to-face.  He showed how he could satisfy bulk orders at better prices, with more color options.

The Greatest Lessons

In looking back over what has fostered his success in becoming a top Amazon seller, Tyler says that it’s important to match your work ethic to your ambition.

His daily vlog shows the honest side of his life.

Having a business is like having a child.  There’s never a day I’m not a parent.  There’s never a day I’m not a business owner.

Other Podcast Highlights:

  • [6:45] How Tyler documents his daily routines to give transparency to an entrepreneur’s real life.
  • [8:15] Perspective on balancing business and family life.
  • [10:40] An inside look into the supply chain of buying, shipping, packing, and invoicing the earbuds.
  • [16:20] A healthy perspective on sharing your business model and strategies that are not “teaching your competition.”
  • [18:10] Hear the live result of an abundance mindset, and how it opened doors to exchange value with others.
  • [18:55] How a top seller in a technologically-related industry continues to innovate into the future.
  • [23:00] The difference between business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • [24:00] Building entrepreneurial success that’s better than retirement.
  • [27:50] The way to scale your business starts with serving a satisfied niche customer with a niche product.
  • [28:10] How to meaningfully enjoy life while you’re building your business.
  • [30:40] A discussion on what operational advancements are needed to break through the “ceiling of complexity” to grow exponentially.

How to Find and Follow Tyler Douthitt

You can connect with Tyler and his work HERE.

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