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Infinite Banking and the Social Media Industry, with Mich Hancock

Want to hear from a business owner like you who is using Infinite Banking in their personal and business financial strategy? Today, we’re talking with Mich Hancock, a social media marketing professional familiar with LinkedIn, TEDx, and CEO of the digital marketing agency 100th Monkey.

So, if you would like to hear about a client’s experience getting started with Infinite Banking and working with our team, and hear some tips to improve your social media strategy… tune in now to join the conversation!

What Brought Mich to Infinite Banking?

Mich found infinite banking through Bruce when they met through a mutual connection. Since then, she has relied on Bruce’s expertise with whole life insurance to help her make decisions, so she can focus on her zone of genius: marketing. 

[6:41] “I’m not the person you would ever want to do accounting for you. I’m the person you want doing marketing for you. And [working with Bruce is] just like a way of feeling like I’ve got this covered. Like this is all good, it’s going in the right direction, I understand what’s happening enough to where I feel good and safe around all of it.”

After a series of personal experiences, including a divorce, Mich had a moment where she realized she needed to figure out her money. She had things to pay for in the future and saving would not happen on its own. When she met Bruce and learned about IBC, it felt “like there was a path.”

[9:40] “It just made me feel like I can sleep at night and I’m going to be fine and figure all of this out… So mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually, it was like [relief].”

The “Hundredth Monkey” Phenomenon

Mich’s marketing company is called 100th Monkey and is based on an actual phenomenon. It stems from an experiment where monkeys were placed on an island under observation. The scientists would throw sweet potatoes to them, which would get sandy, and the monkeys would eat them, regardless. That is, until one day, one monkey decided the sandy sweet potatoes weren’t all that appetizing. So he took the sweet potato to the river and washed it. Little by little, the other monkeys adopted this habit too. And by the time the 100th monkey adopted this habit, it became the new normal. 

[13:54] “That’s how I viewed social media. When I started in social media, at least in the Midwest… people were like ‘Don’t make me think about another thing about marketing.’ And I kept thinking, it’s going to catch on; it’s going to become the habit. And it did. I mean now social media is pervasive, it’s a part of everything we do.” 

[14:32] “You want to be ahead of that digital game so that you can make the most of it for your clients.”

Technology Ages Up

Mich shares that TikTok, despite some opinions people hold, may be the next up-and-coming social media site for everyone. Right now, the majority of TikTok users are young. However, the longer the app persists, the more the user base and audience age up. Those who can adopt early can make the most of this before it’s over-saturated (or before the next best platform happens). 

[15:30] “The earlier you can get there and develop your audience, the better.”

100th Monkey also has their eye on Web 3, which is only conceptual for now and is considered to be where the future of the web is heading. It’s all about decentralization. Included in this new wave is NFT technology, which is finding its footing. 

How Should Business Owners Think About Social Media?

Mich’s first piece of advice for business owners looking to improve their social media game is simple: be authentic. People crave authenticity and connection. 

The next thing to do? Be on the lookout for what’s next. Take TikTok, for example. This is the preferred platform for Gen Z right now, and they’re very into authenticity, as Mich shares. They don’t want scripted videos and ads; they want content that’s a little more real. LinkedIn used to be very “suit and tie,” and has now begun to adopt some of TikTok’s relaxed nature. It’s becoming more like Facebook because business owners are getting more personal. 

[18:30] “I just started doing some videos on… that journey [with alopecia] that brought me to the place of: ‘This is who I am, I can show up confident about it.’ That is really getting a lot of views and engagement on social media right now. It’s not talking about my business, but it’s talking about who I am as a person. And that person behind the business, people want to know.” 

Scheduling Your Posts

With a tool like Hootsuite, you can schedule your social media in advance across multiple platforms. This allows you to do some planning in a way that frees up your time. You’ll want to change the working from platform to platform so they’re not exactly the same (thanks to each site’s algorithm). 

Just be careful of scheduling too far in advance. You may have content planned for a month, and then choose to schedule it week by week. This gives you some flexibility to change posts around. This is important because sometimes major events happen that may influence how your post lands. That would be a good time to either capitalize on what has happened with a more relevant post or remove/pull content that may not be good timing with what has happened. 

For example, on the day that Meatloaf (the singer) died, a company posted a Meatloaf recipe. They didn’t take the post down even after the news broke, and it didn’t reflect well on the company. So don’t schedule and forget about your content. Be mindful of what’s happening in the world and be willing to be flexible in case something like that happens.

How Do You Create Relevant Content?

[33:20] “Content is one of those things you have to really chase because it changes all the time.” 

There are a lot of content formats you can use, including:

  • Short-form video (TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts)
  • Long-form video (YouTube)
  • Images (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Articles (Personal blog, Medium, LinkedIn)
  • Podcasts (Spotify, YouTube)

Some of these content forms fluctuate in mainstream popularity. Short-form videos are definitely popular right now, for example. However, diversifying between these types of content can help you reach a wider audience. And there’s something to be said about what kind of content makes you feel most authentic. Some people thrive on camera, and some “on paper.” 

How to Get Involved in TEDx

Another great way to get in front of your audience is through TEDx talks. TEDx talks are aimed at a smaller, local audience, and can be a great way to find people in your community who want to work with you. At the very least, you get to share your message with the community. 

Mich’s company works with TEDx, and Mich is also the co-founder of the St. Louis branch of TEDx. 

[43:00] “Number one, no one in the TEDx universe cares about how great of a speaker you are. That does not tell me that you have a TEDx talk… Most of the people you will see on the TEDx St. Louis stage are not speakers. They are people that have this one big idea. It’s perspective-changing. It wakes up the brain of the audience [and] it helps people to see things in a different way. And that’s why it’s exciting.”

If you have that message, TEDx will train you. They have workshops, and you actually collaborate with TEDx in workshops to get ready. If you have a message, you can develop everything else. All you need to do is make a submission and audition. Every region runs its auditions a bit differently, but in St. Louis, it happens once a year, and you have 3 minutes to pitch your one big idea. 

Connect with Mich Hancock

About Mich Hancock

Mich Hancock is the founder and CEO of 100th Monkey, a digital marketing agency that began in 2010. With over 30 years of experience as a marketing professional, Mich understands the strategic planning required for business growth. She has been drawn to the online environment, energized by the ever-fluid and ever-changing pace of the digital world. 

Her expertise is creating, developing, and managing active and engaging presences for both B2B and B2C clients. 

Mich is also the Co-Founder and License Holder of TEDxStLouis, an innovative and thought-provoking organization that brings TED Talk experiences to St. Louis. TED and TEDx talks have become the gold standard in presenting, and Mich has helped numerous speakers and clients TED-ify their talk.

On her popular MichMash Podcast, she interviews TEDx speakers, movers, and shakers. Listeners tune in to her unique, positive, and intriguing podcasts to learn new ways to positively.

impact their lives and communities by leveling up their kindness.

A sought-after stage presence, Mich emcees TEDxStLouis event, as well as for conferences at the Olin School of Business at Washington University, St. Louis University, and more.

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