Prosperity Economics

Prosperity Economics is a wholesome and positive remedy to the limitations, guesses, and fear-based typical financial planning.

On the one hand, the typical financial conversation holds an underlying opinion that you should give your money to someone else more qualified than you, put it aside for the future, not touch it or use it now, and hope things work out.

On the other hand, the abundance-centric, value-creating, opportunity-seeking perspective of Prosperity Economics puts money in your hands today.  It validates that you’re the best person to be in control.  Prosperity Economics relentlessly steers towards financial freedom by prioritizing cash flow over accumulation.

Refreshingly, it empowers you, the individual, with maximum control and certainty.

The prosperity perspective is a departure from the status quo of today and a return to the traditional way of thinking about and handling money.  Similar to how people built wealth before the 1980’s, it encourages you to rely on your own business and put money in tools you know and control like savings accounts, whole life insurance policies, cash-flowing investments, and precious metals.

Financial Planning

Meets Needs and Goals Only

Based on limited ideas of "what you can afford."

Minimizes Requirements

"How much do I have to save?"

Product-Oriented (what you buy)

The focus is primarily on buying certain products.

Focused on Rate-of-Return

"How much is this earning me?"

Institutions Control Your Money

Put your assets "under management," and/or give control to the government.

Micro (vacuum) Based

The focus is on your "portfolio."

Net Worth Is Measurement

A bigger portfolio is the goal.

Retirement Oriented

Your reward for work is not working.

Lives Only on Interest

At mercy of interest rates, with fingers crossed you won't need to use principle.

Money Stays Still

Assets are accumulated into accounts where they sit, financially "stagnant."

Dollars Do Only One Job

Assets are accumulated into accounts where they sit, financially "stagnant."

Professional Planner Is the Expert

Finances are represented as something confusing that should be delegated.


Prosperity Economics

Pursues Wants and Dreams

Based on unlimited ideas of "what is possible?"

Optimized Opportunities

"How else can I build wealth?" mindset.

Strategy-Oriented (what you do)

Based on time-tested principles and financial philosophes used to build wealth.

Focused on Recovering Opportunity Cost

Keep more money working for you.

You Control Your Money

Maintain responsibility for and access to your assets and funds.

Macro (big picture) Focused

View your whole personal economy.

Cash Flow Is Measurement

The goal is more money to enjoy each month.

Abundant/Freedom Oriented

Enjoy your work and your life - all life long.

Spends and replaces principle

A flexible, sustainable way to live.

Money Moves

Your personal economy is alive and well; money flows in and out of accounts.

Dollars Do Many Jobs

Dollars are used for flexible and multiple purposes.

Clients Are Empowered

Money is demystified.  Education-based approach builds financial confidence.

Want to Gain Financial Confidence and Freedom?

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