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Don’t Step Over Dollars to Chase Pennies

Don't Step Over Dollars to Chase Pennies

One of the biggest mistakes people make in saving money is stepping over dollars to chase pennies.  This happens any time you put so much time and energy into cost-cutting tactics to save a few cents, that you ignore the greater opportunities to make money. The reason this is so attractive is that it takes…

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9 Keys to a Happy Career Making Millions (Reviewed)

9 Keys to a Happy Career Making Millions

A big part of building a life and business you love is doing fulfilling work that produces a high income.  Some may relegate that caliber of work to the one-in-a-million, unicorn-type anomaly – a dream job that doesn’t exist.  However, research-based evidence proves otherwise, finding that 38% of US employees report that they are “very satisfied” with their…

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Teaching Kids Free Market Principles, with Connor Boyack

Tuttle Twins Author Connor Boyack

Connor Boyack is the author The Tuttle Twins, a series of a premier free market educational books for kids.  Once a web developer and online marketer, his passion transformed him into an economic, history and political philosopher and educator. Because he was perplexed by current events, he began studying history’s patterns, looking for answers to…

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Who Are the Financial Experts?

Who Are The Financial Experts?

How do you know if the advice of financial experts applies to you?  In fact, who are the financial experts?  Does fame or popularity make someone an expert? What about having the biggest stage or the largest reach?  Is it a degree, certification, or credential that qualifies them?  Instead, the litmus test for a financial expert…

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Why You Want Insurance Part 1: Insurance Transfers Risk

Why You Want Insurance Part 1 - Transfer Risk

Throughout civilization, people have created tools to transfer risk, protecting themselves from negative circumstances.  This is the core function of insurance: to transfer risk.  It’s what makes insurance not only something you want but something to love. However, many people have a misguided and negative view of insurance, being inadequately insured or uninsured altogether.  As…

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Saving vs. Investing: What Is Investing? Part 1 – Cash Flow

Saving vs. Investing - What is Investing Part1 Cash Flow

Most investing returns fizzle far beneath our expectations.  When we most want our money to generate cash flow, we end up flatlining, or even losing money. The prosperity and confidence we’d hoped for elude us, leaving us more anxious and uncertain instead. Could it be that we have our sights on the wrong target?  Let’s…

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