Lucas Marshall

CEO & Co-Founder

Lucas Marshall is a devoted husband to his beautiful wife, Rachel, and a loving father to three incredible children: Avalynn, Olivia, and Eli. He understands the importance of recognizing and embracing the unique legacy you are meant to create. He can help you uncover your family's values, goals, and aspirations and assist you in defining the path toward building a meaningful and impactful legacy. Lucas is dedicated to serving enterprising families who aspire to build enduring multi-generational wealth and establish a lasting legacy that transcends conventional financial success.

Lucas is the CEO of The Money Advantage, a team of integrated financial professionals operating on a family office model who are dedicated to assisting wealth creators achieve both time and financial freedom. He and his team provide comprehensive services to wealth creators throughout the United States, coordinating strategies in various areas such as cash flow management, business development, investment planning, insurance solutions, Infinite Banking, permanent tax reduction, estate planning, and asset protection.

Lucas Marshall served a brief career with the Air Force, being released in 1999 when he courageously challenged being a test subject for the Anthrax vaccine, showcasing his conviction of personal liberty and autonomy. He studied Computer Science but soon found a greater passion for creating wealth personally and then helping others realize that it isn't merely financial; it encompasses a holistic legacy that spans generations.

He offers invaluable guidance and support to help families build multi-generational wealth and create a legacy encompassing more than just money.

(Kolbe: Fact Finder-9, Follow Through-6, Quick Start-3, Implementor-3)

Lucas Marshall