Lucas Marshall

CEO & Co-Founder

Lucas Marshall served a short career with the Air Force, being released in 1999 when he challenged being a test subject for the Anthrax vaccine.  He studied Computer Science but soon found a greater passion for understanding what wealth is and how it is created, as well as entrepreneurship.

It was Lucas’s logical thinking which started the Marshalls on a journey towards the wealth industry.  He became increasingly aware that wealth is not created by just working a job, but by becoming a knowledgeable business owner and investor.

As a Wealth Engineer, he designs financial strategies for clients that will maximize the use of their money.  He is also the marketing and creative director and producer of The Money Advantage Podcast, making sure that all of the pieces are delivered to you with excellence.

He lives with his wife, Rachel, and their two daughters.  He is passionate about building a life of compassion and understanding.

(Kolbe: Fact Finder-9, Follow Through-6, Quick Start-3, Implementor-3)

Lucas Marshall