We help entreprenurially-minded business owners find and fix money leaks and leverage alternative savings strategies so they have more to invest (accelerating time and money freedom), without working harder or sacrificing their lifestyle

Cash Flow System - Roadmap

The Business Owner's 3 STEP ROADMAP to
Achieve Time/Financial Freedom

(... without working harder or sacrificing your lifestyle! )

Escaping Average to Pursue Wealth

If you want extraordinary results and to pursue wealth, the average investments or opportunities presented by your bank or financial advisor aren’t going to get the job done.

The financial industry serves average people and gets mediocre results. To be extraordinary, you need the knowledge to play an active role in your wealth creation using a different paradigm.

The Typical Model of Wealth Creation is Broken

We’re conditioned to save for our future and not live our lives now.

Many times, this approach to wealth creation doesn’t lead to real wealth and sells short the possibility of what could be.

You can create wealth today and a stable tomorrow.  It comes down to understanding how to best make that happen and defining success on your terms.


Finance and wealth creation shouldn’t be in the hands of anyone else but the individual. We see it as our mission to help people understand how to achieve wealth and provide the education for them to learn the ropes.


A lack of knowledge and confidence in wealth creation holds people back from taking control and being able to achieve the wealth they seek.


We want as many people as we can touch to be empowered to a life of greatness, through the paradigm and context to believe in themselves, and the financial competence to make decisions with confidence.

You're the Best Financial Advisor You'll Ever Have

If you’ve ever thought, I don’t understand my investments or that you’ll hand things over to an advisor, it’s time to rethink your plan.

Learning how to manage your wealth and create more of it is easier than you think.


The Money Advantage provides simple, fun, and doable financial education resources that help you keep and control more of what you make every month, get your money working for you, increase your cash flow, reduce your risk and give you permission to use your money along the way.

We serve entrepreneurially-minded business owners, creating solutions and strategies that previously didn’t exist in your personal and business economy.

We are proponents of the Prosperity Economics Movement, which offers an alternative to “typical” financial planning and its tendency to subject assets to never-ending taxes, fees, and market risk.

We show you how to utilize a Privatized Banking System, which allows you to improve access to capital, boost your returns, earn uninterrupted compound growth, reduce risk, AND leverage your capital to take advantage of opportunities, getting your money to do more than one job at the same time.

Through our family office model approach we bring together comprehensive education and strategies in the areas of cash flow, long-term tax reduction, estate and business legal planning, creative whole life insurance strategies and alternative investments.


Bruce Wehner
Bruce Wehner


Chief Cash Flow Strategist

Bruce is the Chief Cash Flow Strategist for The Money Advantage, designing and communicating the individualized solutions that help our clients increase their cash flow and financial control. He oversees the client experience, and serves as the lead advisor and director of our advisor team. He also appears weekly as the Co-Host of The Money Advantage podcast, bringing his years of industry experience to provide context, stories, depth, and wisdom to our educational content.

Bruce spent 17 years as an educator and varsity head coach. During that time, he began his career part-time in the financial services industry.

Developing upon his early entrepreneurial roots from working in his father’s service station and running a trapping business through high school, he began his full-time entrepreneurial career as the owner of an automotive service and repair shop in 2002.

Since 2007, Bruce has been an entrepreneur in the wealth industry, working with e3 Consultants Group, and now serving as a resource for The Money Advantage since its inception in 2017.

Bruce is an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner, with the Nelson Nash Institute. He not only teaches clients how to use the Infinite Banking Concept, he also models it in his own life. Business owner, real estate investor, and the owner of multiple specially-designed whole life insurance policies, he is familiar with implementing and practicing the Infinite Banking strategies.

He is a lifelong learner who enjoys reading cutting-edge material on how mindset affects money decisions.

He resides in St. Louis, MO with his wife Sherrie and their dog Buster.

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Rachel Marshall
Rachel Marshall


Co-Founder & Chief Financial Educator

Rachel grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota, read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 8th grade, and developed a passion for owning a business and alternative investments, getting her money working for her, and being in control of her destiny.  After working in the ministry for four years, completing a degree in Psychology and Business, and working in business and human resource management for three and a half years, Rachel launched Marshall’s Insurance and Financial Services in 2011.  As she served her clients’ insurance and financial needs over several years, many of whom were business owners, she uncovered the greater need of knowing how to think to create true financial independence.

Rachel empowers her clients to maximize and control their money so that they can accomplish their dreams and live out their highest purpose.  She believes that if you understand the short and long-term impacts of the financial choices you make, you’re better suited to make decisions that put you in control of your resources.  She helps you discover money flowing out of your control, strategize ways to have more money flowing into your control so that the end result is that you have more money to retain and utilize during your lifetime, and more to pass on to future generations.

Rachel lives in Chesapeake, Virginia with her husband and 6-year-old daughter.  She loves creating intentional quality time and experiences with her family.  She is also a runner, health enthusiast, and an interested conversationalist.

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Lucas Marshall
Lucas Marshall



Lucas served a short career with the Air Force, being released in 1999 when he challenged being a test subject for the Anthrax vaccine.  He studied Computer Science but soon found a greater passion for understanding what wealth is and how it is created, as well as entrepreneurship.

It was Lucas’s logical thinking which started the Marshalls on a journey towards the wealth industry.  He became increasingly aware that wealth is not created by just working a job, but by becoming a knowledgeable business owner and investor.

As a Wealth Engineer, he designs financial strategies for clients that will maximize the use of their money.  He is also the marketing and creative director and producer of The Money Advantage Podcast, making sure that all of the pieces are delivered to you with excellence.

He lives with his wife, Rachel, and their daughter.  He is passionate about building a life of compassion and understanding.

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