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Discover Wealth Across Borders, with Michael Cobb

Discover Wealth Across Borders -Michael Cobb

It is time to discover wealth across borders. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to invest internationally, live as an expat, or find a balance between work and play while enjoying life abroad? In a fascinating episode of our podcast, we sat down with Michael Cobb, a renowned figure in residential resort development and…
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Perpetual Wealth

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 23: Practical Wisdom for Perpetual Wealth

Do you want perpetual wealth that continues growing in future generations? Today, we’re continuing this power-packed series through Nelson Nash’s famed book, Becoming Your Own Banker, as we discuss the benefits of buying life insurance for your grandchildren. So if you want to see how thinking generationally is a long-term target on wealth that gives…
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Higher Rate of Return

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 22: Get a Higher Rate of Return

Are you looking for a higher rate of return? If so, your quest may point you to an important secret as you make financial decisions. Most people want to get the highest rate of return on their investment dollars …. which is why whole life insurance can be such a turn-off.  It seems like a…
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Surviving the Storm: Navigating War in Israel with Rabbi Lapin

When war across the world could mean war close to home or a whole world war … when conflicts thousands of years old can’t be solved overnight … when truth seems defined by who’s in power … when totalitarianism seems stronger than freedom and free markets … when open borders looked like compassion but instead…
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Cost of Acquisition

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 21: Cost of Acquisition

Financing costs are much more than just interest rates. First, there is the time required to obtain the financing, and then, often numerous steps to qualify and negotiate. This financing is very expensive when you account for the number of executives whose time is required for the endeavor. Infinite Banking overcomes this cost of acquisition,…
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Marshall Family Banking System Pt. 4

Marshall Family Banking System, Pt. 4

Want to see the real-time historical performance of the Infinite Banking Concept?  Usually, when you hear about policy performance, it’s from looking at illustrations. But illustrations aren’t “performance,” they are projections of future growth, based on current dividends and interest. That’s why we love getting the opportunity to share the actual historical performance of Infinite Banking…
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Marshall Family Summit End of Year Strategies

Family Summit End-of-Year Strategies: Planning for Multigenerational Success

There’s a saying that “family isn’t just important, it’s everything.” This rings true for my family, the Marshalls, who are committed to creating an enduring legacy that will reach beyond our generation. On a recent episode of our podcast, we gave listeners an intimate look into our yearly tradition – the Marshall Family Summit. Joined…
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live on purpose

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 20: How to Live on Purpose

Are you unhappy with your job because you want more fulfillment and meaning out of life? Most people think retirement is the answer. But rather than delivering on its promises, retirement is a trap. Instead, you must learn to live on purpose. Prepare to unearth the secrets of living a life of purpose and financial…
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Retirement Trap

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 19: The Retirement Trap

Prepare to see retirement in a new light as we dissect the traditional financial paradigm and question the perceived desirability of retirement. We promise to challenge your current beliefs and open your eyes to the pitfalls of relying solely on government plans for a secure financial future, and why we call it the retirement trap.…
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get started with infinite banking

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 18: 3 Things You Need to Get Started with Infinite Banking

Change isn’t easy. It’s almost always more comfortable to stay the same than it is to do something new.   What if the secret to financial freedom was already within your grasp, waiting for you to seize it? That’s exactly what this episode of our podcast is about: the Infinite Banking Concept and the important role…
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IBC Capitalization with equipment

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 17: IBC Capitalization with Equipment Financing

Infinite Banking gives you the advantages of cash value, dividends, and a death benefit that all grow over time, making a policy more and more attractive the longer you have it. And the methods to fund your policy are as unique as you are. Because you have a need to pay for things during your…
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Seven Generations Legacy

Seven Generations Legacy Book Launch

In this episode, we discuss how our new book, “Seven Generations Legacy,” serves as a guide to creating a lasting legacy for future generations. The discussion emphasized the significance of leaving behind more than just material wealth.  In the world of wealth management and estate planning, the term “legacy” is often used to refer to…
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Successful Parenting for Prosperous Families, with Dr. Lee Hausner

The glitz and glamour of the affluent world may seem highly appealing with its endless opportunities and vast resources. However, successful parenting within this context can present unique and sometimes complex challenges. This complexity stems from the need to balance comfort and indulgence with long-term development and well-being. In this episode, renowned expert Dr. Lee…
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Controlling the banking function

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 16: Controlling the Banking Function

Prepare to elevate your financial game as we unravel the infinite secrets in Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking concept. Promise yourself a brighter financial future armed with the knowledge of how you can start controlling the banking function in your life, maximizing your cash value, and creating a lasting legacy.  We’ll reveal how to strategically capitalize…
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Pay More Premiums

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 15: How to Pay More Infinite Banking Premiums

Unlock the secrets to infinite banking in this power-packed episode. We guide you through the intricate steps of using whole life insurance as a tool to gain financial freedom, inspired by Nelson Nash’s groundbreaking book, “Becoming Your Own Banker”. Learn the advantages and drawbacks of this system, and pick up practical tips on finding more…
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Becca Wilhite

Embracing the Infinite Banking Concept, with Becca Wilhite

Join us on an enlightening journey with our guest, Becca Wilhite, a certified IBC practitioner, as we explore her personal path into the world of the Infinite Banking Concept and the IBC Practitioners Program. From a basketball player to a worship leader, Becca’s eclectic background is fascinating, and her initial skepticism towards life insurance is…
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Financing with Infinite Banking

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 14: Financing with Infinite Banking

Want to see firsthand how financing with Infinite Banking will help you come out ahead? Get ready for a mind-shift as we journey through the concept of infinite banking, as presented in Nelson Nash’s groundbreaking book, Becoming Your Own Banker. We promise to challenge your conventional thinking about storing capital and show you a more…
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3 reasons to leave an inheritance

3 Reasons to Leave an Inheritance

Have you ever paused to ponder the legacy you’re creating, the inheritance you’re accumulating, or the lasting impression you’re leaving behind? The thought can be heavy, even daunting – but it’s a conversation worth having. With a focus on infinite banking and the inevitable death benefit that will be left to your heirs, we venture…
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Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 13: Overfunding Life Insurance

Prepare to unravel the mystique behind funding and overfunding life insurance, and the empowering concept of becoming your own banker. This episode holds the key to understanding how to fund a life insurance policy, maximize its cash value, and reap the benefits. Our human-centric approach puts you, the listener, at the forefront as we examine…
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New Agent Licensing IMOs

New Agent Licensing and IMOs

Are you a new agent or looking to join the insurance industry, and wondering exactly just how and where to get started? In today’s podcast, Bruce and Rachel will help you know how to set up your business, how to get licensed, and what you need to know about joining an insurance IMO or a…
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cost of life insurance

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 12: Cost of Life Insurance

Get ready to rethink your thinking about the cost of life insurance and, more importantly, the process of Infinite Banking. Our journey leads us to insights from Nelson Nash’s book, giving us a fresh look at how to balance life insurance and the Infinite Banking Concept. We’ll tackle the life insurance company’s pricing strategy and…
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Interest rates and whole life insurance

Interest Rates and Whole Life Insurance

Ready to gain a new perspective on how interest rates affect the economy? What about how interest rates and whole life insurance relate to each other? Let us illuminate Nelson Nash’s wisdom on adopting a lifestyle that resonates with the Infinite Banking Concept without stretching yourself too thin. We also stress the need to take…
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IBC for business

Using IBC for Business, with Marcus Toal

Ever wondered how the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) can protect your family and boost your business? That’s exactly what our client, Marcus, shares in this enlightening episode about using IBC for business. Since 2017, Marcus has leveraged the IBC to support his ventures, from real estate and flipping properties to running two unique franchises –…
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Infinite Banking Policy Design

The 3 Components of Infinite Banking Policy Design: Base, PUAs, and Term

Bruce Wehner discusses the primary components of infinite banking policy design: base premium, paid-up additions riders, and term riders. Following the principles laid out by Nelson Nash in Becoming Your Own Banker, we review the concepts for designing a whole life insurance policy for the Infinite Banking Concept. When my father took out a whole life…
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Lifetime Annuity Income

Lifetime Annuity Income

By popular demand, we will be continuing our conversations from last week on annuity strategies! This time, we are joined by special guest Joseph DeFazio! Joe is a seasoned financial educator and will bring a fresh perspective on lifetime annuity income and how annuities can benefit your financial life! If you’re interested in guaranteed lifetime…
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Annuity Strategies - Guaranteed Cash Flow

Annuity Strategies: The Truth About Generating Cash Flow with Annuities

Are you interested in knowing the truth about generating guaranteed cash flow with annuity strategies? Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of annuities, as well as some annuity strategies that will help you create guaranteed cash flow. Are annuities the unsung heroes of guaranteed retirement income flow, or are they just another intricate financial product…
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Finding Money In Your Business to Fund IBC

Finding Money in Your Business to Fund IBC

Is it possible that you have areas of inefficiency in your business or cash flow that could be better used to fund IBC? It’s time to discover some of the top inefficiencies in your business where you can recover excess money flowing out of your control. Many people have money paying for expenses that could…
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use it or lose it

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 11: Use It or Lose It

If you want to adopt a new financial mindset, you need new financial habits. As Nelson would say, “use it or lose it.” Today, we’re continuing the journey through Nelson Nash’s catalytic book, “Becoming Your Own Banker,” and discussing the role of habit, the power of habit, and what financial habits you need to implement if…
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life insurance dividends in a bad economy

Will You Still Earn Life Insurance Dividends in a Bad Economy?

Dividends are a crucial part of why whole life insurance is such an ideal asset for conducting an Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) strategy. But because dividends are not guaranteed is the life insurance contract, it raises the question: can we rely on life insurance dividends in a bad economy? Join us as we explore the…
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Arrival Syndrome

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 10: Arrival Syndrome

Are you ready to transform your financial growth mindset? In today’s enlightening episode, we dive deep into Nelson Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker, and explore the concept of the arrival syndrome – a dangerous belief that we’ve reached the pinnacle of knowledge and understanding. We’ll discuss the fixed mindset versus the growth mindset, and…
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IBC Underwriting

Infinite Banking Concept Policies: IBC Underwriting, Loans, and Future Death Benefits

You’ve decided that you want an Infinite Banking (IBC) policy. You’ve done the research, and you want a better place to store cash that has the benefits of safety, liquidity, and growth on cash storage. What’s next? What should you expect as you go through the purchase process?   In this episode, we take a deep dive…
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The Golden Rule

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 9: The Golden Rule

Do you want to be in control, have excellent opportunities, and automatically gain the upper hand in negotiations? In part 9 of the “Becoming Your Own Banker” series, we discuss the path to financial freedom and control with this truism we call The Golden Rule: “Those who have the Gold make the rules.” In today’s…
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Pitfalls of Leaving an Inheritance

Avoid Pitfalls of Leaving an Inheritance, with Lee Hausner

In this episode of the Money Advantage podcast, we explore how to avoid the pitfalls of leaving an inheritance and ensure you leave a positive impact on future generations through intentional wealth management and legacy planning. Inheritance, a transfer of wealth from one generation to another, can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it…
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How to Save Taxes

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 8: How to Save Taxes with Infinite Banking

In part 8 of the “Becoming Your Own Banker” series, we dive deep into how to save taxes by implementing the Infinite Banking Concept in your financial life. During our discussion, we dig into the concepts of legal plunder, taxation, and the triple tax advantage of whole life insurance. We also share an enlightening live…
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How to Buy the Best Infinite Banking Policy

How to Buy the Best Infinite Banking Policy

Are you shopping for an Infinite Banking policy, but want to first make sure you have the correct policy design with the right life insurance company and a team you can trust? In this episode, we dive deep into the Infinite Banking concept and discuss the importance of choosing the right mutual insurance company and…
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Parkinson's Law

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 7: How to Beat Parkinson’s Law and the Greatest Thief

Even if you make lots of money, there’s a central flaw in human nature that prevents most people from handling, managing, and keeping it. If you conquer that, there are forces against you. In part 7 of the “Becoming Your Own Banker” series, we’ll deep dive into the inner conflict of Parkinson’s Law, and the…
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100M Careers Emmy Sobieski

$100M Careers: The 5 Fastest Paths to Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, with Emmy Sobieski

What do the 25,000 self-made $100M families in the US have in common? Discover the secrets to skyrocketing your career and achieving wealth and happiness with our special guest Emmy Sobieski, a CFA, Amazon #1 bestselling author of $100M Careers, and an expert in investing and entrepreneurship. Emmy’s journey from humble beginnings recycling aluminum cans…
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Power of Whole Life Insurance Dividends

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 6: The Power of Whole Life Insurance Dividends

In this episode, we dive deep into Nelson Nash’s book Becoming Your Own Banker, and the power of whole life insurance dividends. Many people are unaware of how they contribute to the growth of cash value and overall efficiency. We also explore the importance of thinking long-term when it comes to Infinite Banking and building…
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can infinite banking overcome inflation

Can Infinite Banking Overcome Inflation?

If inflation is on your mind, you’re not alone. With three years of high inflation figures and your pocketbook saying it’s even higher every time you buy groceries, how will your money keep up? Can Infinite Banking overcome inflation and provide a long-term solution? Today, we discuss a listener question about how Infinite Banking can…
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Cost of Capital

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 5: The Cost of Capital

In this fifth installment of the “Becoming Your Own Banker” series, uncover the hidden cost of capital that can make or break your financial future. Find out the benefits of having control over your debt. Get insider information on the cost of capital and become your own banker. The Cost of Capital: You’re Always Paying…
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scale your business

Simplify and Scale Your Business with Strategy Sprints®, with Simon Severino

Simon Severino, a strategy advisor for F500 Boards from NY to Beijing, helps companies scale by discovering how to run their company more efficiently. From digital agencies to service and SaaS businesses, Simon’s work results in sales that soar. He is the CEO and Founder of consulting agency Strategy Sprints, and Creator of the Strategy…
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laws of IBC

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 4: Laws of IBC

If you’re going to “Become Your Own Banker” and use the Infinite Banking Concept, you need to understand the laws of IBC. In other words, you need to know how to capitalize a bank and how to manage a sustainable bank. Nelson Nash uncovers the fundamental laws of IBC that must be upheld for any…
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Nelson Nash Think Tank 2023

2023 Nelson Nash Think Tank Recap: Infinite Banking

Every year, IBC practitioners and advisors convene at the Nelson Nash Think Tank.  Here, some of the best advisors in the Infinite Banking space remember the core truths of Infinite Banking, improve their understanding and ability to serve you, and “sharpen iron.”   Bruce attended the 2023 event earlier this year, and today, we’ll share the…
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Need for Financing

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 3: Your Need for Financing

Your need for financing is greater than your need for saving. Most people try to make more money or get a better return on their investments to get further ahead. But these strategies fail because they focus on the wrong problem. In Becoming Your Own Banker, Nelson Nash identifies the most prevalent problem with most…
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Silicon Valley Banking Crisis

Is There a Banking Crisis? Silicon Valley Bank 2023

 If you’ve paid any attention to the news recently, then you’ve probably heard about what’s happening with the Silicon Valley Bank. The news isn’t good, and it’s probably raising some questions. We’re here to unpack what you might be thinking about. Like, are we entering a banking crisis, and what does this mean for the…
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Don't Steal the Peas

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 2: Don’t Steal the Peas

Infinite Banking is an exercise in imagination. And in an act of imagination, Nelson Nash introduced a powerful example of how to capitalize on a whole life insurance policy and be an honest banker. He often referred to this concept as “don’t steal the peas,” which he explains in his book, Becoming Your Own Banker. …
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Jon Ostenson non-food franchising

Non-Food Franchising, with Jon Ostenson

Are you looking for good investment opportunities to put your capital to work? Have you considered franchising as an opportunity for business ownership without starting a company from scratch?  Today, we’re talking with Jon Ostenson, a top 1% Franchise Consultant, former Inc. 500 Franchise President and Multi-Brand Franchisee, and author of “Non-Food Franchising.” So if…
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becoming your own banker

Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 1

Want to get the nuts and bolts on Infinite Banking? What is the infinite banking concept? Why does it work? How does it benefit your life? In this new series, we’re returning to the source: the original text on Infinite Banking: Becoming Your Own Banker, by R Nelson Nash, the father of Infinite Banking.  To…
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pay less tax

How to Pay Less Tax

Concerned about taxes in the future? Taxes are a huge eroder of wealth. While you do not have control over tax rates, you can strategically position yourself to maintain control of as much of your money as possible. Taxes are at a historic low, so it is time to learn how to pay less tax…
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Mich Hancock

Infinite Banking and the Social Media Industry, with Mich Hancock

Want to hear from a business owner like you who is using Infinite Banking in their personal and business financial strategy? Today, we’re talking with Mich Hancock, a social media marketing professional familiar with LinkedIn, TEDx, and CEO of the digital marketing agency 100th Monkey. So, if you would like to hear about a client’s…
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what do interest rates mean for infinite banking

Interest Rates: What Does it Mean for Infinite Banking?

Are you concerned about rising interest rates? How will they affect your Infinite Banking policies? What about inflation and infinite banking? What do interest rates mean for infinite banking?  Today, we’ll be discussing the infinite banking concept, and how it relates to interest rates. We’ll also explore the implications of this concept for infinite banking…
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Money Is Spiritual

Money is Spiritual, with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Money is often confused, misunderstood, and classified as part of our basic, natural, carnal human nature. But money is spiritual. Understanding, earning, using, managing, and growing money is a part of our lives that is deeply spiritual. Rabbi Lapin knows this, and shares his wisdom about money far and wide. Today, Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains why,…
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inflation pensions and infinite banking

Inflation, Pensions, and Infinite Banking Q&A

Considering Infinite Banking, got questions? We love your questions because we know that gaining clarity and getting answers frees you up to make decisions about your financial life. And chances are if you’re asking, someone else is too! Today, we’re tackling audience questions on inflation, pensions, and infinite banking. To get more clarity on common…
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18 Summers

18 Summers, with Jim Sheils

You only have 18 summers with your kids. How will you make them count? Today, we’re talking with Jim Sheils of 18 Summers and author of The Family Boardroom. We’re digging into how you—the entrepreneur, business owner, and busy parent—can deepen your relationship with your child. So, if you want to create lifelong connections, trust,…
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10 reasons you need life insurance

10 Reasons You Need Life Insurance

Despite the fact that many know they need life insurance, nearly half of consumers do not have insurance, according to a 2021 LIMRA study. The most common reasons are that they think it is too expensive, they have other financial priorities, or they aren’t aware of what they need and what type to purchase. To…
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Marshall Family Banking System: The Capitalization Phase

Do you want to build your family bank that will provide capital to you and future generations? Come see behind the scenes as we talk about our Marshall Family Banking System in real-time.  Today, we’re updating you in real-time to show the impacts of paying another year of premium, how our cash value is growing, and…
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Is Mass Mutual Shooting Down the Infinite Banking Concept?

Mass Mutual, a top life insurance company and heavily relied upon insurance carrier in the Infinite Banking space, recently came out with a memo to their agents against the Infinite Banking Concept. They shared that the company doesn’t support concepts that promote or present whole life insurance as a personal banking policy that prioritizes maximizing…
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Seven Deadly Economic Sins, with James Otteson

You have heard of the Seven Deadly Sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. Each is a natural human weakness that impedes happiness. In addition to these vices, however, there are economic sins as well. And they, too, wreak havoc on our lives and in society. They can seem intuitively compelling, yet they…
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Bank Owned Life Insurance

Why Do Banks Own Cash Value Life Insurance? BOLI

Why do top banks own billions of dollars of cash-value life insurance, if Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman say it’s such a bad idea? Today, we’re looking into bank financials at a little-known, highly desirable asset banks use as a Tier 1 Capital Asset to increase their financial strength. We’re talking about bank-owned life insurance, or…
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David Stearns

The 5 Rules of IBC, with David Stearns

So you’ve decided to buy a specially designed whole life insurance policy. You’re working with the right advisor, you have an excellently designed policy. But one day you think: How do I become the best banker I can and use my policy to its fullest potential? To get the most out of your IBC policies,…
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tax free retirement

Tax-Free Retirement is a Bad Idea

Want tax-free retirement income? Tax-free money in retirement sounds amazing… at first glance. But before you dive into this strategy, there are three things you need to know about why “Tax-Free Retirement” is a really bad idea. To find out exactly why you shouldn’t set up your financial game plan for tax-free retirement… tune in…
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whole life insurance case study

Whole Life Insurance Case Study (19 Years), with Tom Suvansri

How does whole life insurance work out over the years? Today, we’re looking at a real-world case study of someone with basic whole life insurance policies that have become very productive and efficient assets when held and used long-term.  We’ll discuss how policies for self, spouse, young kids, and future grandchildren work together. In particular,…
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Ready for Infinite Banking

How Do I Know If I’m Ready for Infinite Banking?

Are you learning all you can about Infinite Banking … and wondering if you’re ready for Infinite Banking? Today, we’ll talk about what’s probably going on for you as you make this decision. We’ll discuss: So if you want to know if you’re ready for Infinite Banking… tune in now! Is Buying Life Insurance a…
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ruchi koval

8 Keys to Success, with Ruchi Koval

Want to be more successful in your life and business, gain more recognition and respect, create more impact, accomplish your goals, reach financial targets, increase your income, and raise happy kids? Then it’s time you found a secret hidden in the timeless Jewish practice of Mussar, as shared by Ruchi Koval. It’s not where we…
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What Makes Infinite Banking Infinite

What is Infinite Banking? Part 10: What Makes Infinite Banking Infinite?

Have you heard about Infinite Banking, and you want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to explain it better to your family and friends. In past installments of the series, we’ve discussed how IBC works, and what it is. Today, we’re unpacking what makes infinite banking “infinite”. So…
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multigenerational family business Dennis Jaffe

The Multigenerational Family Business, with Dr. Dennis Jaffe

For an intended multigenerational family business to last past the first generation, the family must become a successful team. Professor, organizational consultant, family therapist, and family business consultant Dr. Dennis Jaffe joins us today. He has helped families overcome challenges that impede successfully transferring businesses, wealth, value, commitments, and legacies across generations. So, if you…
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what infinite banking is not

What is the Infinite Banking Concept? Part 9: What Infinite Banking is NOT

Have you heard about Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, and Becoming Your Own Banker … and want to learn more?  Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking but would like to be able to explain it better to your spouse, parents, children, business partner, or friends. Today, we’re unpacking the fundamentals of the Infinite Banking Concept…
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The Bible and Money

The Bible and Money, with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Do you want answers from the Bible about making more money and prospering financially?  The Bible has a lot to teach us about money.  Today, Rabbi Daniel Lapin is back to discuss Biblical principles. For example, he’ll discuss principles that you can apply to increase your revenue. He also shares how the Bible guides you…
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What Can I Do With Infinite Banking

What is the Infinite Banking Concept? Part 8: What Can I DO With Infinite Banking?

Have you heard about Nelson Nash Infinite Banking, and Becoming Your Own Banker and you want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using the Infinite Banking concept, but would like to explain it better to your spouse, your parents, your children, your business partner, or friends. Today, we’re unpacking the fundamentals of the Infinite…
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Reverse Mortgages - Dr. Wade Pfau

Using Reverse Mortgages in a Responsible Retirement Income Plan, with Dr. Wade Pfau

Reverse mortgages are becoming more mainstream. But to benefit from using one, you need to understand how to incorporate it into a responsible retirement income plan. So exactly what is a reverse mortgage? What role should it fill in your retirement planning? And should you open a reverse mortgage early or as a last resort?  To…
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what is a life insurance policy loan

Infinite Banking, Part 7: What is a Life Insurance Policy Loan?

Are you wondering what is a life insurance policy loan, and how can it help you? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to explain it better to your spouse, your parents, your children, business partner, or friends. Today, we’re unpacking the truth about the Infinite Banking Concept and the power of…
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Infinite Banking in Canada

Infinite Banking in Canada

This week, we had the pleasure of joining our Canadian friends on the Wealth Without Bay Street podcast. In this episode we talk about our business, and how we can apply the principles of infinite banking in Canada. If you’ve ever wondered how The Money Advantage got its start, how our perspective has shifted on…
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Private Family Banking System

Tour Our Private Family Banking System

Do you want to build a private family banking system that will provide capital to you and future generations? Come see behind the scenes as we talk about our Marshall Family Bank in real-time.  Today, we discuss why we added another whole life insurance policy, how our cash value is growing, and our vision for how…
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Strong Family Culture

Secrets to a Strong Family Culture, with Jeremy Pryor

Culture matters in the corporate world. It drives profitability and retention, reduces turnover, and leads to higher job satisfaction. But the family is an arena where the stakes are even higher. Without a strong family culture, all your plans, strategy, and even your legacy will fall apart. That’s why it’s time to dedicate yourself to…
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policy loans

What is the Strategy of Infinite Banking With Life Insurance Policy Loans?

Have you heard about Nelson Nash Infinite Banking, and Becoming Your Own Banker and you want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to explain it better. Today, we’re unpacking the truth about the Infinite Banking Concept and the strategy of using life insurance policy loans. If you’re ready…
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Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Explained, with Mike Stanley

Could a reverse mortgage help you reach your income goals? How do reverse mortgages work? Is a reverse mortgage good or bad? Today, we’re talking with Mike Stanley, Regional Senior Lending Sale Manager for Thrive Mortgage. He shares everything you need to know about reverse mortgages explained. So, if you want to understand just how…
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Options to Access Your Cash Value

Infinite Banking Options to Access Your Cash Value

If you’re using Infinite Banking with a life insurance policy, you have multiple options to access your cash value. But which one is the best? Should you always use policy loans? What if you can get a lower interest rate by borrowing against your cash value with a third-party loan? Let’s discuss all of your…
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whole life insurance in your retirement

3 Benefits of Whole Life Insurance in Your Retirement Plan, with Dr. Wade Pfau

Most people don’t see the need for life insurance in their later years, let alone the benefit of whole life insurance in their retirement plan. By retirement, you may expect to have your home paid off, and not have the same income needs as before. You may even decide you’re not retiring at all if…
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What is the dividend

What is Infinite Banking? Part 5: What is the Dividend?

Have you heard about the Infinite Banking Concept and want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking but would like to be able to explain it better. Today we’re unpacking the question: What is the dividend?  If you’ve ever wondered how the cash value grows through dividends and how life insurance dividends…
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Invest Like a Billionaire - Richard Wilson

How to Invest Like a Billionaire, with Richard Wilson

Want to get billionaire investing strategies and learn how to model the successful few? If you want to know how to invest like a billionaire, you’ll want to pay attention to our guest Richard Wilson. Today, we’re talking with Richard Wilson, CEO and Founder of the Family Office Club. Richard has helped create and formalize 100+…
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life insurance death benefit

What is the Life Insurance Death Benefit?

Have you heard about Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, Becoming Your Own Banker, Bank on Yourself, and want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to explain it better. We’re continuing our series on the basics of the Infinite Banking Concept and answering your “what” questions. Today, we’ll unpack, What…
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Financial Prosperity, with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Financial Prosperity, with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

What is the difference between those who achieve financial prosperity and those who do not? How do you build sustainable wealth? Rabbi Daniel Lapin is back to talk about the mindset of abundance rather than shortage, the financial power of reading over watching, and why giving comes before getting. So, if you want to increase…
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What Is Infinite Banking Part 3

What is Infinite Banking? Part 3

Have you heard about Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, Becoming Your Own Banker, Bank on Yourself, and want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to be able to explain it better to your spouse, your parents, your children, business partner, or friends. We’re continuing our series on the basics…
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Mitzi Perdue Building a Strong Family Culture

Building a Strong Family Culture, with Mitzi Perdue

Every family has a culture, but those that leave their culture to accident rarely end up lasting across the generations. Mitzi Perdue shares the wisdom of successful multi-generational families, as she connects two business titan families with a collective 276 years of staying together as a family. She’s a businesswoman, speaker, and anti-trafficking advocate. Mitzi…
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What Is Infinite Banking Pt 2

What is the Infinite Banking Concept? Part 2

Have you heard about the Infinite Banking Concept, and you want to learn more? Or maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking, but would like to explain it better to your spouse, your parents, your children, business partner, or friends. In part 1 of our series on Infinite Banking, we’re unpacking the basics of policy design…
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Multigenerational Family Team Jeremy Pryor

Building a Multigenerational Family Team, with Jeremy Pryor

We often talk about multigenerational legacy and multigenerational wealth, but beneath it, you need a multigenerational family team. Not just in name, but a strong team deeply committed to flourishing for generations. Jeremy Pryor, Partner and Co-Founder of Family Teams, is helping families build a multigenerational team on a mission. They help parents think of…
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What Is Infinite Banking

What is Infinite Banking, Part 1

What Is Infinite Banking?  Have you heard about Nelson Nash, Infinite Banking, Becoming Your Own Banker, bank on yourself, or be your own banker and want to learn more? Maybe you’re already using Infinite Banking but would like to explain it better to your spouse, parents, children, business partner, or friends. Today, we’re starting a…
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Paul Moore Self-Storage

Investing in Self-Storage, with Paul Moore

Why would a commercial real estate investor, author, and syndicator move away from apartments and become a self-storage investor? Paul Moore, real estate investor and author of Storing Up Profits, demonstrates how to capitalize on America’s obsession with stuff by investing in self-storage. So, if you want to find out what’s to love about self-storage,…
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Personal Finance for Beginners

Personal Finance for Beginners

Here’s a listener question about personal finance for beginners: “What is the foundation or the starting point of wealth building? What are the core things I would want in place to start building wealth?” You might be asking the same question. Do you have savings you want to do something with? Are you wondering if…
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Ryan Englin - hire better people faster

Hire Better People, Faster, with Ryan Englin

Are you working too many hours?  Chances are, you don’t have the right people on your team. And if you don’t, chances are, your hiring practices are causing more problems than they are solving. Ryan Englin created Core Matters to fix your recruiting and staffing headaches. He coaches and trains business owners to hire better people,…
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Nelson Nash Think Tank 2022

2022 Nelson Nash Think Tank Reviewed

Nelson Nash, Father of Infinite Banking, left quite a legacy.  One of the things that he poured his life into was teaching and training advisors to serve clients with excellence.  Every year, IBC practitioners, clients, or anyone searching for a deeper understanding of Infinite Banking gather at the Nelson Nash Think Tank. There, they share…
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Blake Brewer

Writing Your Legacy Letter, with Blake Brewer

Do you want to write the perfect letter to your kids, but don’t know exactly where to start, what to say, or how to share your heart best?  Legacy Letters solve this problem. Blake Brewer is on a mission to help 1 million dads write at least one well-written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their…
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Protect Money against Inflation

How to Protect Your Money Against Inflation

Are you feeling the rise in prices and wondering what the long-term effects will be on your financial goals? When inflation eats away at the value of your dollars, how do you protect from inflation? What are your options for a level-headed approach to getting your money to do the most today and in the…
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Dave Menz laundromat millionaire

Laundromat Millionaire, Dave Menz

Are you fascinated by the success stories of other entrepreneurs? Today, learn from Dave Menz, the Laundromat Millionaire, Dave Menz’s inspirational story, learn the secrets of his success, and find out how you can overcome your own obstacles while building wealth. Tune in now! Learning the Laundromat Ropes When you’re running a business, there’s textbook…
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Wesley Smith - Why Infinite Banking

Why I Use Infinite Banking, with Wesley Smith

It’s time to showcase another client who’s building an Infinite Banking System for himself and his family. Meet Wesley Smith, real estate investor, business owner in the digital marketing space, husband, and dad. To find out why he’s been using Infinite Banking for the past 7 years, and how it’s helping him in his business,…
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Less Doing Ari Meisel

Crush Your 2022 Goals with Less Doing, with Ari Meisel

Want to get more done, quicker, easier, and more profitably? Then, it’s time to do less. Today, we’re talking with Ari Meisel, author of The Replaceable Founder, The Art of Less Doing, On Productivity, Idea to Execution about how to build a business that can run and grow without you. So, if you want 2022…
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Infinite Banking Objections

Infinite Banking Objections, Answered

Have you heard about Infinite Banking, but somehow feel left with a bad taste in your mouth and you’re not sure why? We are airing some of the biggest Infinite Banking objections most people have in regards to whole life insurance. So, whether you’ve heard that it’s trash value insurance, it’s more expensive than term,…
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Inheritance and Family Giving - Rabbi Lapin

Successful Families, Inheritance, and Family Giving with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

What does ancient Jewish wisdom reveal about successful family enterprise and leaving a legacy? Today, we’re talking with Rabbi Daniel Lapin. He is the author of Thou Shalt Prosper—Ten Commandments for Making Money, and Business Secrets from the Bible. In this conversation, we’re digging into ancient Jewish wisdom for successful families, and how to navigate…
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Rich vs. Wealthy

Rich vs. Wealthy – Why Mindset Matters!

Do you want to be rich, or do you want to be wealthy? There’s a huge distinction between being rich vs. wealthy. Understanding the difference is the missing ingredient you need to truly enjoy your money. So, if you want to be wealthy, find out the one thing you need to create wealth that makes a…
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Eileen Wilder

Accelerate My Revenue: High Ticket Sales and Virtual Events, with Eileen Wilder

Did you know that it’s possible to compress your annual goals and accomplish them in a day? With virtual events, all things are possible. Here’s your permission to blow the lid off your expectations for your income! Eileen Wilder, known as “The Queen of Stages,” is a master communicator, trainer, teacher, and advocate for growing…
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Marshall Family Bank

The Marshall Family Bank: Why We Started a New Life Insurance Policy

Do you want to accumulate reserves and investible capital where it’s safe and liquid, so you have the cash to invest in the widest range of circumstances? Come behind the scenes as we talk about our Marshall Family Bank in real-time.  Today, we’re talking about our recent whole life insurance policy conversion with a 1035…
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Joe Evangelisti

7-Figure Business Owner and the Legacy Blueprint, with Joe Evangelisti

How do you get life-changing transformation and master the game of business? Joe Evangelisti has built an 8-figure empire and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to cross the 7, 8, and 9-figure mark. Interested in being the next 7-figure business? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the greats. To find…
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TMA on Banking with Life Podcast

TMA on the Banking with Life Podcast

This week we have the pleasure of joining James Neathery on his podcast, Banking with Life. If you want to better understand the importance of life insurance as a foundational tool, and how it integrates into a family banking system…tune in now! Show Notes: 0:00 James Neathery introduces The Money Advantage team: Rachel Marshall, Lucas…
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How to Make Money Online with Brian Dixon

How to Make Money Online, with Brian Dixon

Where do you start in navigating a clear path to impact and income? How do you make money online? Brian Dixon says to start with your people. He’s the marketing mentor and business coach who helps you get the clarity to grow your business. So if you want to create a sustainable business, market with…
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Financing with Infinite Banking

Financing with Infinite Banking

Why is financing with Infinite Banking better than paying cash? Today, we’re answering a listener question about the Infinite Banking Concept. And we’re going back to Nelson Nash’s book, Becoming Your Own Banker to explain the concept. So, if you want to better understand the Infinite Banking Concept and how it helps you make more…
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How to Raise Great Kids Keith Whitaker

How to Raise Great Kids and Create Generational Family Wealth, with Keith Whitaker

How do you raise confident, successful, happy children who use their uniqueness to contribute the most in the world? What kind of family leadership do you need, so that you build strong families? And what is the secret to generational family wealth, really?  Parenting is one of the most complex tasks we will ever face.…
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Love of Money

The Love of Money: Is it the Root of All Evil?

Many people believe that money is the root of all evil. But is money really evil? Is the love of money evil? Today, we’re taking on a topic that creates so much confusion, tension, and challenge for people. We’re talking about money, the love of money, and the real root of all evil. And we’re revealing…
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Indestructible Wealth Jack Gibson

Indestructible Wealth, with Jack Gibson

How do you build wealth that lasts? Today, we’re talking with Jack Gibson, an international, serial entrepreneur who’s built multi-million dollar enterprises, twice. So, if you want to utilize the secrets of the wealthy to build indestructible wealth with multiple streams of income, and instill the entrepreneurial spirit in your children… tune in now! Last…
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What is a Modified Endowment Contract

What Is a Modified Endowment Contract?

What is a Modified Endowment Contract, and what does it have to do with life insurance? If you’re using Infinite Banking as a savings tool, you want to avoid having your policy become a MEC. But what exactly are Modified Endowment Contracts? How does it change the taxation on your life insurance policy? Why does…
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Work at Home and Make Millions, Martha Krejci

Work from Home and Make Millions, with Martha Krejci

Want to build a work from home business, and scale to create the life you dream of for your family? Would you like to do so without being a salesy weirdo? Today, we’re talking with Martha Krejci, who made her first million in 6 months in business by working from home. Now, she’s a business growth…
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Church Financing Alternatives

Church Financing Alternatives

Like a business, churches and other non-profits have a need for financing. Today, we’re discussing options to keep the church financing in-house. So, if you want a strategic financing strategy that guarantees your church or other 501(c)3 would never lack the funding to accomplish the most important mission of all… tune in now! Funding Not-For-Profits…
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Private Lending Gary Boomershine

Private Lending for Real Estate, with Gary Boomershine

Want to raise children with responsibility and teach them how to become contributors? Looking for ways to make your capital work harder? Today, we’re talking with Gary Boomershine, CEO of about creating a family economy and private lending for real estate. If you’re an investor or business owner who wants to create the life…
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Ugly Truth about 10-90 with James Neathery

The Ugly Truth About 10/90 Infinite Banking Policies – James Neathery

Want maximum immediate liquidity with an IBC policy? Planning to fund a 10/90 infinite banking policy and then take max loans to fund real estate? Are these double-dipping returns too good to be true? STOP. Listen to this first. The allure of making an IBC policy better than even the creator of the term IBC…
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Shaahin Cheyene

Amazon, E-Commerce, and Billionaires, with Shaahin Cheyene

Shaahin Cheyene built a billion-dollar business by the time he was 18 by creating a thrill pill cult. He’s an award-winning business mogul, author, and filmmaker. He is also the inventor of Herbal Ecstacy, the nootropic that sparked the (100% legal) Smart Drug Movement. He’s been called the “Willy Wonka of Generation X.” Now, he’s…
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Answers to Your Money Questions 3

Answers to Your Money Questions, Part 3

We’re so thankful for the opportunity to answer your money questions and clear up your confusion. If you’re stuck, we want to help you make sense of the situation so you can move forward.  Today, we’re continuing the conversation to answer questions from you—our audience. We want to help you on your quest to control…
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Adam Hommey - Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy; with Adam Hommey

Are you repeating the same day over and over again, or building momentum and springing forward by leaps and bounds? Are there opportunities buried in your own business? Today, we’re talking with Adam Hommey, author of Groundhog Day Is an Event, Not a Business Strategy.   If you want to find out how to connect your brilliance…
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7702 Whole Life Insurance Update

7702 Whole Life Insurance Dividends Update (2021) Part 2

Are you considering whole life insurance, but want to know more about the new products the life insurance companies have released in response to the 7702 changes in 2021? How a whole life dividend rate is computed? Is cash value life insurance improving? Well, the new products are finally here! Let’s dive into the 7702 whole…
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7702 Whole Life Insurance Updates

7702 Whole Life Insurance Updates

Are you considering whole life insurance, but want to know more about the new products the life insurance companies have released in response to the 7702 Whole Life Insurance updates in 2021?  The new products are here. What does the 7702 tax code mean for whole life insurance? Tune in now to get the need-to-know…
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Craig Ballantyne World's most disciplined man

The World’s Most Disciplined Man, with Craig Ballantyne

What are the top 1% of high-performers, producers, and achievers doing differently? How is it possible to get more done, scale your business, and have MORE time for what matters, not LESS? Discipline. It’s what you need, but it’s not what you think. You can’t hustle and grind into your ideal life. Our guest, Craig Ballantyne…
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Whole Life Insurance Dividends and Interest Rates

Whole Life Insurance Dividends and Interest Rates

How are whole life insurance dividends and interest rates faring in this low interest rate environment? Is today’s long stretch of low interest rates a bad sign for whole life insurance in the future? Today, we’re having a candid conversation about today’s interest rate environment, the impact on bond rates and prices, and how that…
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Delusional Altruism Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Delusional Altruism, with Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Want your charitable giving to make the greatest difference in the world? Today, we’re talking with Kris Putnam-Walkerly, author of Delusional Altruism, who advises philanthropists who want to achieve greater clarity, impact, and joy with their giving.  We’ll discuss why how you give matters, the 7 delusions of altruism, and how to create lasting change.…
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Secret to Succeeding

The Number 1 Secret to Succeeding

If you’re shaking your head at the state of the world right now, you’re not alone. There are food shortages, supply chain disruption, medical mandates, unemployment, price inflation, and more of our freedoms at stake. Yet, people are thriving, there’s more opportunity than ever, and you will succeed if you live by this one truth. …
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4 Week Vacation Dr. Sabrina Starling

The 4-Week Vacation, with Dr. Sabrina Starling

How does the quality of your life relate to the health of your business? How do you free yourself from the constant demands of your business? If you have a cash-sucking business, there’s hope. It doesn’t have to be this hard. Joining us today for this conversation is Dr. Sabrina Starling, the Business Psychologist. with…
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Answers to Your Money Questions 2

Answers to Your Money Questions, Part 2

We all have money questions.  If you don’t, you just haven’t asked them yet. Today, we continue to answer questions from you—our audience, tribe, fans, those in a quest to control their money and financial future! You can view part one of this conversation here. There are some great ones here that might be on…
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Business Secrets From The Bible Rabbi Lapin

Business Secrets from the Bible, with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

What if your thoughts about the Bible and what it has to say about money were crippling you instead of helping you to flourish the way you’re meant to? Today’s guest is Rabbi Daniel Lapin, returning for another deep and powerful conversation about business, money, and the Bible. He’s a rabbi, speaker, TV host, and…
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Answers to Your Money Questions

Answers to Your Money Questions, Part 1

We all have money questions. If you don’t, you just haven’t asked them yet.  Today, we’re answering questions from you—our audience, tribe, fans, those in a quest to control their money and financial future! There are some great ones here that might be on your mind too. So maybe you’ll get the answer you’ve been…
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Get Different Mike Michalowicz

Get Different, with Mike Michalowicz

Want the most effective and radically simple marketing system in existence? Today, we’re talking with Mike Michalowicz, perennial best-selling author of Profit First, Surge, The Pumpkin Plan, FixThis Next, and his newest release Get Different. If you want to scale your business and reach more people, here’s the answer you’ve been waiting for. Tune in…
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Paid-Up Additions PUA

Paid-Up Additions: The IBC Secret Sauce

Want to get an insider’s look at an IBC policy? When it comes to how the Infinite Banking Concept works, the magic is (mostly) in the paid-up additions or PUAs. Let’s go to the IBC lab and talk about PUAs today. What are they, and how do they impact your whole life insurance policy? So…
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Kent Ritter

Multifamily Real Estate Investing, with Kent Ritter

Would you like to make better investment decisions? Today, we’re talking with Kent Ritter, full-time real estate investor and operator of Hudson Investing about scaling and diversifying your real estate portfolio. So if you want to expand your investing perspective… tune in now! How Kent Ritter Got Started In 2010, Kent started as a partner…
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Multiple IBC Policies

Managing Multiple IBC Policies in Your Infinite Banking System

Are you planning to have multiple IBC policies, and don’t know where to start? If you’re already a few years into using the Infinite Banking Concept, you’ve seen and experienced the power of storing cash in a whole life policy. You’re earning interest and dividends, have exceptional compounding power, and guaranteed access to use your…
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The Holistic You - Rabbi Daniel Lapin

The Holistic You, with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

It can often seem that there’s a tradeoff between money and relationships, that you get one only at the expense of the other. But if you want to succeed in both critical life categories—you want thriving relationships you feel great about, and to live at the peak of your financial performance, you need wisdom that’s…
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Life Insurance for Children

IBC 201: Life Insurance for Children and Grandchildren

Are you already a few years into your first IBC policy, and you’ve experienced the power of storing cash in a policy? Maybe now, you want to store more cash. Is it time to start another policy? Should you insure yourself, your spouse, kids, or grandkids? Why? How does it work when you build a…
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Scale Your Real Estate Investing Business, with Gary Boomershine

Scale Your Real Estate Investing Business, with Gary Boomershine

Want to scale your real estate investing business, and make more money? Today, we’re talking with Gary Boomershine, CEO of, who has created software to grow your real estate business, services to scale your income, and coaching to help you achieve the freedom you deserve. If you’re an investor or business owner who wants…
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IBC 201: How to Maximize Your IBC Policy

Do you already have your first IBC policy, and want to take it to the next level? Maybe you’re a few years in and you’ve seen and experienced the power of storing cash in a policy. You’re earning interest and dividends, have exceptional compounding power and guaranteed access to use your money, and you’re watching…
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Mike Kitko

Breakthrough to Success the Easy Way, with Mike Kitko

Today, we’re talking with Mike Kitko; author, speaker, coach who helps you lead powerfully, love selflessly, profit shamelessly, and play recklessly. If you’re an elite business owner who wants to break through to success and live soul out… tune in now! Does success have to be hard? Mike Kitko argues that the breakthrough to success…
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Infinite Banking Loan Interest

How Infinite Banking Loan Interest Works

Want to use your Infinite Banking policy, but wish you understand the nuts and bolts of how Infinite Banking loan interest works first? Today, we’re answering a question from our wonderful community of listeners: What’s the policy loan if I wanted to borrow 1K? Are there any interest rates?—Riley Nelson So if you want to…
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Denis Shapiro

Increase Income Through Alternative Investments, with Denis Shapiro

Are you frustrated with the volatility, fee structure, and abstract nature of most investments? Do you feel that you’ve outgrown the status quo investing strategy and want to play a bigger game with your investing? Have you heard of alternative investments, but don’t know where to get started? Do you need investments that are built…
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5 Reasons Your Financial Plan Is Failing

5 Reasons Your Financial Plan is Failing

Are you on track for financial freedom? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re not alone.  Most people think the answer is how much more they have left before the house is paid off, how much left on the student loans, the balance of their retirement fund, the stock market’s performance, the Federal…
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Bob Wheeler - The Money Nerve

Bob Wheeler, the Money Nerve

How do you create a healthy relationship with money that serves you? Today, we’re talking with Bob Wheeler, author of The Money Nerve, about how to create radical abundance. Bruce and I recently had the pleasure of joining Bob on his podcast, Money You Should Ask, and we just knew we had to share him with…
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Balanced Wealth Portfolio

Creating a Balanced Wealth Portfolio

We like to ask our audience, what is your biggest challenge with building wealth, and we receive so many insightful questions. Today, we’re answering a question from Matt about how to create a balanced wealth portfolio.  So if you want to make sure you’re thinking through all the pieces of your financial plan and doing…
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Mike-Michalowicz Pumpkin Plan

Pumpkin Plan Your Business, with Mike Michalowicz

Want to grow and scale a profitable business? It’s just like growing a giant pumpkin! Back on the show after discussing Profit First, we have multi-best-selling author Mike Michalowicz to discuss some of newest books: The Pumpkin Plan, and Get Different. I promise, a few minutes with this guy and you’ll have a whole new…
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Jim Harbaugh life insurance

Jim Harbaugh’s Contract Shows the Value of Life Insurance

Ever wonder if the rich and famous use life insurance?  Life insurance is a private asset. That’s why you don’t hear a lot about it in the public arena. But wouldn’t you love to hear how life insurance is being used in the lives of people whose names you’d recognize? Today, we’re talking about some…
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Ty Crandall, Business Credit with Credit Suite

How to Get Business Credit, with Ty Crandall

Need capital in your business, fast? Today, we’re talking about another way to get a capital infusion through business credit.   The problem is that most business owners who want financing don’t get as much as they could, because they haven’t worked on the qualification process. That’s where CreditSuite can help. Ty Crandall has become a…
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life insurance Demutualization

Life Insurance Demutualization: What it is and What it Means for You

For Infinite Banking, the ideal policy is a specially designed, high cash value, dividend-paying, whole life insurance policy with a mutual company. But some mutual companies, including Ohio National, have recently demutualized. So what is whole life insurance demutualization, and what does it mean? Today, we’re going to talk about demutualizing and how it affects…
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What to do about Inflation

What to Do About Inflation

Inflation is in the news. Should you be concerned? What should you do to make sure you’re protected? In today’s conversation, we’ll talk about inflation, the consumer price index, and how to stay financially strong so you can build financial freedom. Join us below for the conversation! What is Inflation? The most common belief about…
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Infinite Banking for Business

Using Infinite Banking in Your Business

Love the idea of Infinite Banking, but want to see how it could apply to your business?  Looking for a way to improve your creditworthiness, financial stability, get great cash storage, capital reserves, to maximize your profitability in your business? Today, we’re going to talk about how to boost your business’s financial performance with Infinite…
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Top Questions About Infinite Banking 2

Top Questions About Infinite Banking, Part 2

In part 1, we started discussing the top questions about Infinite Banking that we hear all the time. This week, we’re finishing up the conversation, so that you can make a decision about Infinite Banking with confidence.  Hopefully, we’ll cover the question on your mind. (And if we don’t, check out Part 1 of this…
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Cesar Quintero Business By Design

Grow Your Business by Design, with Cesar Quintero

Are you looking for a formula to grow your business? Cesar Quintero, Certified EOS Implementer and visionary of The Profit Recipe is here to help! So, if want to figure out how to tap into your purpose, get traction, and solidify a healthy team… tune in below!  Is there a formula for business growth? As it…
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Top Questions About Infinite Banking

Top Questions About Infinite Banking, Part 1

Are you considering Infinite Banking, but you aren’t sure yet if it’s a good fit for you, and you’d rather figure it out before investing time into a personal conversation with an advisor? Look, your concerns are absolutely valid!  But let’s let those questions propel you to action, not indecision. Today, we’re answering the top…
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Dan Sullivan's Morning Routine

The Morning Routine to Take Bold Action I Learned from Dan Sullivan

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? We’re almost three months into 2021, and it’s a great time to take an inventory of how you’re doing. This one simple morning routine I learned from Dan Sullivan has had a greater impact on my year than anything else. Today, we’ll talk about that one little idea…
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Barbara Stackhouse

Profit First for Dentists, with Barbara Stackhouse

Do you want to be more profitable, and enjoy the success of a thriving business, instead of running ragged on the hamster wheel of chasing the next sale? Barbara Stackhouse is writing Profit First for Dentists.  Sound familiar? It’s the specific application of Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First system, tailored to the dental industry, with their…
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Is Infinite Banking a SCAM

Is Infinite Banking a SCAM? Dave Ramsey Says So.

Have you heard Dave Ramsey’s opinion of Infinite Banking and Whole Life Insurance? He says it’s a scam, a joke, hogwash, horrendous, a pile of manure, old school life insurance done poorly, a jumbled word picture, you can’t cut through the BS, screwing people, and just doesn’t feel right. Today, we’ll separate opinion from fact,…
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Rabbi Daniel Lapin Thou Shall Prosper

Thou Shall Prosper with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Do you want to make more money this year? Today, we’re talking with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, author of Thou Shall Prosper — Ten Commandments for Making Money, one of the deepest and most profoundly philosophical books about the wisdom you need to be successful. So if you want to learn about the steps that make success…
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7702 Plan

Is Infinite Banking Dead? 7702 Plan and Law Changes

Right now, you have a fantastic opportunity to use whole life insurance as a place to store cash, build capital reserves, get better than bank rates on savings, AND the ability to earn never-ending compound interest, even WHILE you’re using the same money for something else. And you don’t have to qualify to access your…
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Steve Sims Attracting Influencers

Attracting Influencers and High Net Worth Clients, with Steve Sims

If you want to achieve the impossible, connect with the most powerful people in the world, achieve the next level in your business, strengthen your relationships, lead your community, and make an impact… listen in, because we’re talking with Steve Sims. Quoted as “The Real Life Wizard of Oz” by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, Steve…
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best place to save money

Where is the Best Place to Save Money?

Americans are saving more money than ever, yet interest rates are at an all-time low. If you’re looking for the best place to save money, it might be time to stop saving with banks. A recent CNBC article states: “In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, many Americans are spending less and saving more. At the…
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The Go Giver Influencer Bob Burg

The Go Giver Influencer, with Bob Burg

There is a major problem in the world today: it’s not people disagreeing with one another… it’s that they cannot disagree agreeably, civilly, and most importantly, persuasively! Here, at the end of a turned upside-down year, the gift we need most is a solution. That’s where The Go-Giver Influencer comes in. In this interview, we’re…
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The Secure Act

The Secure Act: Important Changes to Your IRA that You Need to Know

If you’re planning to leave an inheritance to your children, there’s a new rule in the Secure Act that will probably cause your kids to pay more taxes if you pass on your retirement plan. Today, we’re discussing how the Secure Act, passed in 2019, affects your retirement plans and may front-load taxes to kids…
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Investing In Raw Land Mark Podolsky

Investing in Raw Land, with Mark Podolsky, the Land Geek

Curious about how investing in raw land could help you accomplish your financial goals? In this episode, we’re talking with Mark Podolsky, The Land Geek, the raw land investor who’s completed over 5500 land deals, with an average ROI of over 300% on cash flips, and over 1,000% on the deals he sells with financing…
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Scott McCright Maximizing Your Financial Potential

Maximizing Your Financial Potential, with Scott McCright

Most people never maximize their full financial potential. That means they don’t accumulate the assets they could, and what they do save and invest isn’t protected and gets eroded too quickly. Then they take distributions in a way that shrinks their income, and they’re always trying to outrun the fear of running out. Sound too…
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The Case for IBC

The Case for IBC, with Dr. Robert P. Murphy

Considering Infinite Banking, or IBC, but still a little skeptical? In this episode, we’re talking with Dr. Robert P. Murphy, a free-market economist, who has testified before Congress on energy markets and monetary policy and has given many interviews on TV and radio. He is the author of hundreds of articles and several books on…
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The Money Advantage with Bruce and Rachel

Behind the Scenes with Bruce and Rachel

Want to optimize your money and maximize your wealth and income for life, and curious about how we can help?  Been listening for a while and want to learn more about our company and what we can do for you? Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes of The Money Advantage. So, if you want…
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Xero Shoes Founder Steven Sashen

Shoes, Speed, and Success, with Steven Sashen, Founder of Xero Shoes

Now and then, you have the chance to meet extraordinary people and learn more from their story than you ever thought possible. This conversation with Steven Sashen of Xero Shoes is one of those opportunities! In this episode, we’re talking with Steven Sashen about shoes, speed, and success. He’s one of the fastest men over 55…
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Creditor Protection of Life Insurance

Is Life Insurance Protected from Creditors? Creditor Protection of Life Insurance

Want to shelter your assets from the prying eyes of the IRS, claims of creditors, or the public? Cash surrender value and life insurance proceeds are exempt from creditors in most states. In this episode, we’re talking about the privacy and creditor protection of life insurance. So, if you want to know how to protect…
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Asset Protection Douglass Lodmell

Keys to Asset Protection, with Douglass Lodmell

Should you be concerned about asset protection? What types of risk should you know about? What you don’t know about protecting your assets CAN hurt you. In this episode, we’re talking with Douglass Lodmell, one of the nation’s leading asset protection experts and founder of Lodmell & Lodmell about asset protection and how it works.…
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Direct vs. Non-Direct Recognition

Direct Recognition vs. Non-Direct Recognition: Does it Matter?

Are you considering whole life insurance and want to know which is better: Direct vs. non-direct recognition life insurance companies? What does it mean? Why does it matter? How does it impact you? And should it be a part of your decision-making process? In this episode, we discuss the why, how, and what of direct…
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Investing in ATMs Dave Zook

Investing in ATMs, with Dave Zook, The Real Asset Investor

Are you looking for opportunities to invest in real assets for cash flow?  Today, we’re talking with Dave Zook, a successful investor and syndicator who creates value for people through opportunities for investing in ATMs. We also discuss investing in other real assets: multi-family apartments, and self-storage.  So if you want to learn about investing…
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Too old for Infinite Banking

Too Old For Infinite Banking with Whole Life Insurance?

Do you want to use whole life insurance to store cash, build an emergency/opportunity fund, and create a legacy, but you wish you’d learned about this concept when you were younger? Do you feel like you’re too old for the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)? Fortunately, it might not be too late for you to get…
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Solving Healthcare Costs, with Dave Chase

Are you concerned about ballooning healthcare costs? You should be! It’s an expense that’s risen far faster than inflation, and paying more than you need to is a money leak that prevents you from making the forward traction towards your financial goals that you deserve. In this episode, we’re talking with Dave Chase about how…
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Whole Life Insurance Dividends

Whole Life Insurance Dividends Demystified, with Perry Miller

Do you love the idea of getting whole life insurance dividends, but are stuck comparing one company’s dividend performance to another? Should you go with the company that has the highest dividend rates? What do the dividend rates even mean? How do I consider how dividends will impact my long-term cash value growth? Will the…
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Deferred Sales Trust with Brett Swarts

Solving Capital Gains Tax with the Deferred Sales Trust, with Brett Swarts

Do you want the freedom to sell real estate at the top of the market and wait to invest until the right time, without having to rush cash into a new property with a 1031, but still be able to defer taxes? A deferred sales trust may be for you. In this episode, we’re talking…
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1035 Exchange with Life Insurance

When Should You Use a 1035 Exchange with Life Insurance?

Do you have a life insurance policy you’re concerned may not last, lacks guarantees, or may lapse, and you’re wondering how you could trade it in for a better model? The good news is that you have options, and you’re not stuck forever! Enter: the 1035 exchange. But, a strong word of caution: you need…
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Family Banking Strategy

Family Banking Strategy with Whole Life: An 11-Year Case Study, with John Moriarty

This week, we welcome John Moriarty back to the Money Advantage Podcast. In Part 1, we talked about building a family bank on a conceptual level. Now, we pull in real facts and figures to show you how private family banking looks in action. If you have considered implementing family banking and didn’t know where…
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Wealth Transfer Risks and Legacy

Wealth Transfer Risks that Can Cost You Big, with Ron Phillips

Want to know what happens to your real estate portfolio after you’re gone? In this episode, we’re talking with Ron Phillips—CEO of RP Capital, a real estate brokerage—about his client who passed away. It turns out, his family didn’t even know what assets he had, or what to do with them, and it almost cost…
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How Safe Are Life Insurance Companies

How Safe are Life Insurance Companies?

We frequently discuss high cash value life insurance here at the Money Advantage, yet with the financial uncertainties of COVID-19, how safe are life insurance companies? How strong is the life insurance industry really? What impacts do today’s low-interest rates, economic turmoil, and the pandemic have on my long-term growth rates and the policy guarantees?…
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Stephen Haynes - Custom-Designes Estate Planning

Custom-Designed Estate Planning, with Stephen Haynes

Considering estate planning, but not sure how to make it work best for your family? Wondering how to balance your unique age, stage, personalities, and goals?  Does estate planning feel constrictive, or your ambitions seem bigger than what you can accommodate with a finite plan?  Do you wonder how you could possibly know what’s best…
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Family Banking, with John Moriarty

How to Start a Family Bank, with John Moriarty

Would you like to see a Family Bank in action?  Today, Bruce and I talk with our friend and colleague, John Moriarty, Founder and President of e3 ConsultantsGROUP. You’ll hear about his personal and business use of Infinite Banking, and the thinking behind a growing and evolving system of policies.  John is smart, business savvy,…
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Estate Planning for Everyone, with Andy Weinhaus

Estate Planning for Everyone, with Andrew Weinhaus

Today, we’re talking with Andrew Weinhaus about why you need an estate plan.  He’s an attorney who has worked in estate planning for 30 years. That means he knows it like the back of his hand. So, you get the tremendous value of hearing about estate planning in a way that’s relatable, plain and simple!…
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Building Family Wealth, with Jon and Missy Butcher

Building Family Wealth, with Jon and Missy Butcher

Do you want extraordinary relationships with your kids?  Are you longing to build a family that’s strong and enduring, living life on purpose? Building family wealth is so much more than being a family with a lot of money. So, if you aspire to do the most for your family, start with the building blocks.…
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Life Insurance Agent Commissions and Policy Design

Life Insurance Agent Commission and Whole Life Policy Design, with Rodney Mogen

Not all whole life policies are designed equally.  Some that show up better on an illustration actually have a higher risk.   Rodney Mogen came back on the show to continue the conversation about life insurance agent commission and whole life policy splits.   We address the “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” in the IBC world…
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Complete Family Wealth - Keith Whitaker

Complete Family Wealth, with Keith Whitaker

Will the work you do create a foundation for your kids and grandkids to prosper? Then how do you create long-term complete family wealth that does the most good for as long as possible?  How do you make sure the money you make, the business you build, and the real estate and investments you acquire…
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Sequence of Returns Risk

Sequence of Returns Risk: How to Get the Most Investment Income Without Running Out of Money

Did you know there’s a secret hiding in plain sight that average rates of return will never tell you? In this episode, we’ll discuss Sequence of Returns and the risk they pose to your future income. Then, we’ll show you exactly how to minimize the risk. So if you want to get predictable income from…
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Family Values - The Starting Point of a Legacy, with Richard Wilson

Family Values: The Starting Point of a Legacy, with Richard Wilson

If you want to create a legacy of wealth, the starting point is a strong culture of family values. That’s because having the greatest impact and doing the most for your children hinge on their character and self-leadership. And their character and self-leadership depend on yours – your example, your relationship, and your communication. So…
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Andrew Howell - Estate Plans That Transcend Generations

Estate Plans that Transcend Generations with Andrew Howell

Do you want to leave a legacy with an estate plan that transfers wealth and empowers the next generation? Find someone who is helping others do it successfully.  And that means tailoring a customized, bespoke plan specifically to your family.  Today we’re talking with highly recognized estate planning attorney, Andrew Howell, about the principles and…
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Dr. Wade Pfau Maximizing Retirement Income with Whole Life Insurance

Maximizing Retirement Income with Whole Life Insurance – Dr. Wade Pfau

Want to get the most income later in life?  Your success depends not on one product, but the coordination of financial tools and your entire personal financial system.  Whether your focus is on acquiring cash-flowing assets or you have a more typical investment portfolio, whole life insurance and annuities can play a critical role.  That’s…
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The Conversation Between Generations with Tom Michler

The Conversation Between Generations

Do you want to leave a legacy for future generations to come, but worry about the gift corrupting them?  Are you hoping to pass on meaning even more than the money itself?  Do you wonder how to start the conversation? Do you worry if family dynamics will prevent you from communicating your points clearly and…
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Mikkel Thorup - Expat Living and Offshore Investing

Expat Living and Offshore Investing, with Mikkel Thorup

Have you considered investing offshore, or even becoming an expat and living abroad?  Today, we’re talking with Mikkel Thorup, of The Escape Artist, about how to have more travel, freedom, and control.  So if you want to travel and live overseas, invest internationally, shrink taxes and grow your wealth, tune in now! In this episode,…
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10/90 Premium Split and Blended Term PUA Rider Risks

10/90 Premium Split & Blended Term PUA Rider Risks, with Rodney Mogen

Considering a 10/90 premium split (Base/PUA) policy design with a Blended Term PUA Rider for an IBC policy over a design truer to Nelson Nash’s original 33/67 split?  Was it because someone showed you that you can get more cash value in Year 1? Or an earlier break-even point, and still outperform the cash value…
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Specialized Trust Company - Edwin Kelly

Everything You Need to Know About Self-Directed IRAs, with Edwin Kelly

Do you have money in a retirement account that you wish you could use to invest in real estate?  Today, we’re talking about self-directed accounts and investment strategies, with Edwin Kelly, the CEO of Specialized Trust Company.   So, if you want to know how to best use qualified plan money to help you reach…
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Buy the Avocado Toast, with Stephanie Bousley

Buy The Avocado Toast, with Stephanie Bousley

Are you looking for unconventional ways to get out of student loan debt? Today, I’m talking with Stephanie Bousley, millennial debtor-turned-success story and author of Buy the Avocado Toast, about how she’s creatively tackling $289K of student loans. (Hint: it wasn’t with mainstream advice.) So if you want to pay off student loan debt, build…
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Passive Cash Flow - Lane Kawaoka

Saving Time with Passive Cash Flow

Are you looking for practical guidance on how to create passive cash flow from real estate?  Today, we’re talking with Lane Kawaoka, of about real estate investing for cash flow. He’s a second-time guest on our show. We’ve brought him back because his work is so valuable to help you build time and money freedom.…
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Velocity Banking the Fastest Way to Pay Off Your House

Is Velocity Banking the Fastest Way to Pay Off Your House?

Want to pay off your house fast?  Considering Velocity Banking? You’re not alone.  So many people are motivated, whether by culture, values, or something else, to pay off their house as quickly as possible.  This desire is completely normal.  But it can leave you vulnerable to some pretty big unintended consequences. When we’re emotionally driven…
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short-term rentals with J. Massey

Short-Term Rentals, with J. Massey

Do you want to find out how to use short-term rentals to create cash flow right now? Today, we’re talking with J. Massey, CEO and Founder of Cashflow Diary, about how he built a 34-unit-and-counting short-term rental business from scratch. So if you want to know why short-term rentals are the perfect fit for today’s…
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Velocity Banking vs Infinite Banking

Velocity Banking vs. Infinite Banking

Are you a wealth creator with a need to have access to cash in the safest way that puts you in control?  Velocity Banking shows up again and again as a solution to pay off your home faster and save interest.  It even appears as the ideal way to store up equity in your house to use for…
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Investments Don't Hug - Mark Bertrang

Investments Don’t Hug, with Mark Bertrang

Have you wanted a way to share your greatest possible gift of love with your spouse, children, and loved ones, but weren’t exactly sure how? The best gift requires out-of-the-box thinking because it’s not something you can buy at Hallmark. Investments Don’t Hug, by Mark Bertrang, shows you how. It’s the most poignant, emotional, and…
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Life Insurance Company Ratings and Why They Matter

Life Insurance Company Ratings and Why They Matter Right Now

Here’s new life insurance company rating information for every wealth creator who wants to be certain that your savings are stable and guaranteed, so you can be sure the financial moves you make to gain safety really are solid and dependable, so you don’t lose money or wonder if an economic crisis could collapse the…
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Mindset Encouragement, Mark Battiato, Growth Into Greatness Institute

Mindset Encouragement, with Mark Battiato, Growth Into Greatness Institute

We all have the opportunity to upgrade our environment, inner circle, and mindset. In fact, it’s a prerequisite for living your best life! Today, we’re talking with Mark Battiato, co-founder of the Growth Into Greatness Institute, about growing your business, having the maximum impact, increasing profitability, and becoming the best version of you. Who Is…
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Reverse Mortgages - How to Get the Most Income, with Mike Stanley

Reverse Mortgages: How to Get the Most Income, with Mike Stanley

Do you want to find out how to get the most income with reverse mortgages, and still have the cash to replenish your estate and pass on a legacy? If you want to maximize income, especially during your later years, understand how to get a permission slip to get more income with a reverse mortgage,…
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Death Benefit - The Most Underrated Power of Life Insurance, with Ryley Smith

The Death Benefit: Most Underrated Power of Life Insurance – Ryley Smith

The death benefit sounds like the least attractive and most basic part of life insurance.  Wouldn’t the only people talking about it be either a doomsayer or Captain Obvious? Far to the contrary! Life insurance death benefit offers a tremendous advantage that enhances your life and makes it so much richer.   So we’re taking…
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How to Get a Financial Bunker to Weather Economic Storms

How To Get A Financial Bunker To Weather Economic Storms

Does the current market volatility make you wish you had a financial bunker to protect you from losing money? If you would love to gain control by having the certainty of guaranteed money today and in the future … need to make traction towards financial freedom, regardless of the global economy … want to have…
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How Two Investors Found Privatized Banking, Brett Hildebrandt and Molly Urban

How 2 Investors Found Privatized Banking, With Brett Hildebrandt and Molly Urban

Are you trying to decide how and when to implement Privatized Banking? Today, we’re talking with Brett Hildebrandt and Molly Urban about how they are getting answers to their most important questions about Privatized Banking. This episode is for you if you want to satisfy your thirst for knowledge about Privatized Banking, close the loop on…
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James Smiley - Making Money Online Quickly - Keys to Success

Making Money Online Quickly: Keys to Success, with James Smiley

In this episode, we talk with James Smiley about why most entrepreneurs struggle with making money online quickly. If you want to create a brand, become an influencer, and build a self-sustaining business so you can build a life and business you love, tune in now! In this episode, you’ll discover: How he went from…
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Coronavirus How to Survive & Thrive During Massive Uncertainty

Coronavirus: How to Survive and Thrive During Massive Uncertainty

With the threat of Coronavirus breathing down our necks, unprecedented social measures to stop the spread of the virus, and the tumbling chaos in the financial markets, it can feel like our world is fragile and fraying. How do you create a life and business you love in the midst of that? Our goal in…
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Advantages of Whole Life Insurance You’re Not Supposed To Know

7 Advantages of Whole Life Insurance You’re Not Supposed to Know

Most people miss the advantages of whole life insurance because they view it as strictly an insurance product that doesn’t do anything else. But it’s that perspective, not the product, that has the limitations. Do you need to get the highest-quality life insurance you can count on, but you feel like life insurance agents are…
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The Beginner's Guide to Buying Your First Property - Jeff Schechter

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First Property, with Jeff Schechter and Jack Gibson

Ready to invest in real estate, but don’t know where to start?  In this episode, Jeff Schechter “Shecky” and Jack Gibson discuss buying your first investment property – a turnkey rental. So if you want to springboard into asset-based cashflow, be fully prepared, and buy the right property so you can replace your income with…
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The Cost Of Whole Life Insurance- If You Get More Money Out Than You Put In, There Is Zero Cost

The Cost of Whole Life Insurance: No Cost If You Get More Than You Put In

If you’re ready to get the best life insurance for the best price, then I’ve got a secret here about the cost of whole life insurance you need to learn about FAST. A quick secret for success in getting the best life insurance policy: a properly structured whole life insurance policy creates cash value that…
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Rod Khleif - Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing

Lifetime Cashflow Through Real Estate Investing, with Rod Khleif

Rod Khleif has transformed from losing $50 Million to living a spectacular life and achieving everything he’s dreamed of. Rod is a passionate real estate investor who has personally owned and managed over 2000 properties. As one of the country’s top real estate, business, and peak performance luminaries, Rod has also built over 23 businesses…
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Waiver of Premium - How to Bulletproof Your Life Insurance Policy

Waiver of Premium: How to Get a Bulletproof Life Insurance Policy

Waiver of premium is like having insurance on your insurance. So, if you are a wealth creator who wants to make sure your life insurance will be the cornerstone of your wealth and take care of your family no matter what, here are 3 quick questions to ask to make sure you get a bulletproof…
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Jorge Newberry AHP

Investing in Mortgage Notes: How to Get Big Returns with as Little as a $100 Investment

In this episode, we interview Jorge Newberry, CEO of American Homeowner Preservation, about how to invest in distressed mortgages with as little as $100. So if you want to get between 7 – 12% annual cash returns paid out monthly, understand your investment, and make a huge difference in families, neighborhoods, and communities, starting with…
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Be Your Own Bank

Be Your Own Bank: 3 Secrets Every Saver Needs

If you want to get your money to do the most, learn these essential keys to be your own bank. (NOTE: “be your own bank and the Infinite Banking Concept” does not mean that you are literally a bank or creating a bank, rather we mean emulating the idea of banking.) Instead of being a…
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Michael Cobb - ECI Development

International Investing, with Michael Cobb, ECI Development

In today’s show, we’re interviewing Michael Cobb, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of ECI Development. This real estate development company is building and financing inspired residences for adventurous souls in Belize, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica.  Prepare to expand your investor’s paradigm to consider diversifying your asset portfolio outside the US.  Think resort-style living for the…
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How to Take a Whole Life Policy Loan and Pay It Back

How to Take a Whole Life Policy Loan and Pay It Back

Infinite Banking has the edge over other funding methods because of the strategic use of whole life policy loans. If you’re new to the concept, let’s rewind to make sure we’re on the same page.  Infinite Banking is a strategy of building up cash value inside of a specially designed whole life insurance policy.  The…
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Dr. Joel Wade - Mastering Happiness

Mastering Happiness, with Dr. Joel F. Wade

In today’s show, we’re interviewing Dr. Joel Wade, of Mastering Happiness.  Dr. Wade is an Author, Psychotherapist, and Life Coach who’s centered his work on happiness, and helping people live happier, better, and more effective lives.  And we’re talking about true happiness and well-being, not simply the happiness of feeling good in a lucky moment…
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The New Year Planning Secret Every Great Entrepreneur Knows

The New Year Planning Secret Every Great Entrepreneur Knows

There’s one thing most people miss when setting up their goals for the coming year. And because of this little oversight, so many new years resolutions that started out as cheerful balloons dancing towards the sky become like coins slipping our grasp and clattering to the ground. That means that New Years resolutions can become…
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Paid Up Additions Get the Best Policy Design With This Big Shift

Paid Up Additions (PUA): Get the Best Policy Design With This Big Shift

What is the perfect funding ratio between base premium and the paid-up additions rider (PUAs)?  You may be surprised to discover that this question comes up often in our one-on-one conversations with people who want to implement the Infinite Banking Concept personally.  And since whole life policy design is important enough to discuss one-on-one, it’s…
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Nnene Mbonu: A Client's Story

Hacking Your Wealth with Privatized Banking – A Client’s Story: Nnene Mbonu

Nnene Mbonu, a real estate investor and one of our clients, is hacking her way to wealth with Privatized Banking. Find out how in this episode.  Nnene Mbonu has worked in the oil and gas industry for 18 years and seen the cyclical nature of the industry.  After facing two layoffs in the span of…
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When Things Don't Go According to Plan

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

Real life: today, things didn’t go according to plan.  Bruce and I had allocated the hour to recording a great podcast with a guest.  But there was a misalignment of time zones, and they didn’t show up.  Rather than wasting time and energy getting frustrated, we used the moment as an opportunity for our growth…
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Dr. Lee and Candice Matthis

One Powerful Question to Maximize Freedom and Control – A Client’s Story: Dr. Lee and Candice Matthis

In today’s show, we highlight Dr. Lee and Candice Matthis and their inspiring story.  Dr. Lee Matthis is a chiropractor working with Tuck Clinic, a large practice in southwestern Virginia, and plays a significant role in improving the profession and healthcare in general through consulting and clinic management and his work with the UVCA.  His…
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Economic Value of Certainty Les McGuire

The Economic Value of Certainty, by Les McGuire (Reviewed)

Les McGuire reveals a timeless truth about the economic value of certainty that goes back as far as scripture.  It’s that to have the highest chance of flourishing, you need certainty, guarantees, and stability.  In Jesus’ parable of the wise and foolish builders, the wise man’s house on the solid rock withstood storms.  He was…
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Anna Kelley, REI Mom: Time and Money Freedom with Real Estate

Creating Time and Money Freedom with Real Estate, Anna Kelley, REI Mom

In today’s show, we’re interviewing Anna Kelley.  She’s a real estate investor who has created time and money freedom.  And, she’s the founder of REI Mom, helping women create a legacy through real estate investing.  Where Real Estate Fits into the Cash Flow System Here at The Money Advantage, we are a community of wealth…
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Are We At the Top of the Market How to NOT Lose Money

Are We at the Top of the Market?  How to NOT Lose Money

After seeing an upward trend in the markets over the past decade, you may be concerned that we’re at the top of the market cycle.  Many people are feeling the volatility and uncertainty.  How do economic factors direct your decision-making?  Should you stay in for the long haul and ride it out? In today’s show,…
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Bob Fraser: Real Estate Notes with Aspen Funds

In today’s show, we’re interviewing Bob Fraser, Co-Founder and CFO of Aspen Funds.  Aspen Funds operates several private investment funds in real estate notes for accredited investors, offering a real estate backed opportunity with low volatility, high returns, and comparatively high liquidity. Where Alternative Investments Fit into the Cash Flow System Here at The Money…
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Retirement: Why You Shouldn't Retire

Why You Shouldn’t Retire

Retirement seems top of mind in almost every financial endeavor in our culture.  It’s this buzzword at the culmination of all your financial pursuits, as if it’s the thing we all must strive for, and the trophy of financial success.  The endpoint.  The goal.  The place where we get when we have finally “arrived.”  Financial…
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The Truth About IULs, with Todd Langford

The Truth About IULs, with Todd Langford

In today’s show, Todd Langford joins us to dig deeper into Indexed Universal Life. He is the CEO and developer of Truth Concepts financial calculators, better known as a financial Truth Teller.  In this valuable conversation, we uncover the fundamental uncertainty of indexed universal life insurance further.   Recently, we had a conversation about the…
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Tax-Deferred Investments

What to Do With Tax-Deferred Investments for Business Owners

Tax deferral may seem like the epitome of smart financial planning.  But tax-deferred investments can be a tricky trap like the spiderwebs that caught Frodo in Lord of the Rings. How should you think about retirement accounts if you’re a business owner? In today’s conversation, we answer: What is tax deferral? What are the underlying…
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Tax Savings Strategies for Doctors, Dentists, and Chiropractors: Dustin Griffiths Kings Tax and Accounting

Tax Savings Strategies for Doctors, Dentists, and Chiropractors

In today’s show, we interview Dustin Griffiths, tax strategist with Kings Tax and Accounting.  We’ve had him on the show twice before because taxes are a key area that we see over and over again that business owners of all types are leaking money.  Let’s bring this into perspective for a minute.  If you were…
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Why It's Not Risky to Invest In Your Business

Why It’s Not Risky to Invest in Your Business

Investing in your business can be one of the most focused, strategic, and productive financial decisions you can make.  If the environment and the indicators are right.  That’s because your business is one of your best investments. However, if you listen to the conventional perspective of typical financial planning, you’ll be led to believe just…
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Renters Warehouse, Jon Michaels

Stress-free Property Management, with Jon Michaels of Renters Warehouse

In today’s show, we interview Jon Michaels, VP of Portfolio Services at Renters Warehouse.  Renters Warehouse is America’s largest, full-service real estate firm for Single-Family Rental homes.  They offer listing, investing, and renting services all under one roof.  Renters Warehouse believes that clients deserve a partner to help them execute on their investment strategy with…
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Indexed Universal Life Insurance - Dangerous Truths About IUL Risks

Indexed Universal Life: Dangerous Truths About IUL Risks

Indexed Universal Life Insurance can seem attractive.  At some point in your Infinite Banking research, you’ve probably even heard about using IULs instead of whole life insurance.  Consequently, we get a lot of questions about whether IULs are better than whole life.  Usually, this is because the illustrated values are better than for whole life,…
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401k alternative - A Client's Story - Chuck Fahs

The 401k Alternative You Deserve to Know About – A Client’s Story, Chuck Fahs

In today’s show, we have a “fireside chat” with a client who is using Privatized Banking to invest in real estate. Here’s a real-life example of using Privatized Banking as a 401k alternative.  Why?  To gain control, build wealth, and create protection for his family along the way. Where Does Privatized Banking Fit into the Cash…
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Irrational Change Article Review

Irrational Change: You Can’t Reason Your Way Out of Something You Didn’t Reason Into (Reviewed)

Change is hard, even for people, like me, who get started on new things rather quickly.  Our habits – the way we’ve always done things – end up running our lives, even when we’d like to choose otherwise.  We react defensively to feedback, even after committing to receive and apply it gracefully.  We use poor…
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Jordan River: Applying Poker Game Theory to Entrepreneurship

Applying Poker Game Theory to Entrepreneurship, with Jordan River

In today’s podcast, we interview Jordan River.  You’ll hear about how he turned a $50 deposit into $50,000 in online poker winnings in 12 months using GTO (game theory optimization).  He’ll share how using the principles of GTO will help you grow your business.  Where Building Your Business Fits into the Cash Flow System Investing in your…
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Buy-Sell Agreements - Using Life Insurance to Fund Your Exit Strategy

Buy-Sell Agreements: Using Life Insurance to Fund Your Exit Strategy

Locking in your exit strategy with a buy-sell agreement can create great certainty.  The reason is that it will accommodate the continuity of your company in the broadest range of circumstances. Planning for your continuation when you or your co-owners exit is critical.  It could mean the difference between ownership transition becoming the capstone of your…
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Lane Kawaoka: Simple Passive Cashflow

Simple Passive Cashflow, with Lane Kawaoka

In today’s podcast, we interview Lane Kawaoka, the “engineer passively investing in real estate”. He controls over 2600 units across ten states, and is the host of Simple Passive Cashflow. He recorded the show from Belize, where he was doing due diligence on some coffee and chocolate farms. We’re discussing his journey to financial freedom…
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Before Canceling Your Whole Life Insurance Read Why You Shouldn't Cancel Your Whole Life Insurance

Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Whole Life Insurance

Before you cancel your whole life insurance policy, read this first. No matter your reasons, you need to know what canceling means and why it’s not usually your ideal move. At some point, you saw the value in owning whole life. You could have sought out the protection for your family, the cash storage, the…
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Done For You Real Estate - Kevin Clayson

Done For You Real Estate, with Kevin Clayson

Today’s interview is about turnkey investing with Done For You Real Estate (DFY).  We’ll also discuss the tips, tricks, and secrets of turnkey investing, and reveal how every investor can replace their income with rental real estate.  Where Investing Fits into the Cash Flow System As important as it is to invest in the right…
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Executive Bonus Plan: The Ideal Golden Handcuffs

Why the Executive Bonus Plan Is the Ideal Golden Handcuffs

The Executive Bonus Plan can be the ideal “golden handcuffs” for the top talent you can’t afford to lose.  In truth, associating long-term dedicated employment with slavery seems a bit archaic and melodramatic.  We all know you can’t keep good people by holding them hostage.  Instead, you’ve got to set the table that attracts them…
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Paul Moore, Wellings Capital

Wellings Capital: Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate, with Paul Moore

Wellings Capital provides access to value-add recession-resistant assets. They’ve accomplished this by partnering with expert operators in the storage facility, manufactured housing community, and multifamily apartment spaces.  Wellings Capital funds offer accredited investors 15%+ returns without having to work so hard to find great individual deals.  Today’s conversation unpacks the current trends in these commercial…
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15 vs 30 Year Mortgage - Myths About Paying Off Your Mortgage

15 vs. 30 Year Mortgage: Myths About Paying Off Your Mortgage

When it comes to paying off your mortgage, the 15 vs. 30-year mortgage question can stop you in your tracks.  Chances are, you’re probably trying to figure out how to get a better interest rate or get out of debt sooner. But to make the decision that puts you in the most financial control, you…
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Stacey Brown Randall, Generating Business Referrals Without Asking

Stacey Brown Randall, Generating Business Referrals Without Asking

Stacey Brown Randall teaches you how to generate referrals to grow and scale your business, without asking. Better yet, she’s uncovered the reason most referral systems fail miserably. Instead of asking, paying, or following gimmicky techniques that make everyone uncomfortable, she knows exactly what to do instead. You might be wondering just how she created…
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Key Man Insurance - Protecting Your Business Profits and Livelihood

Key Man Insurance: Protecting Your Business, Profits, and Livelihood

Key Man Insurance is a life preserver for your business.  It can prevent the devastating impact of losing a key person in your business, your revenue, and you personally. It can mean the difference between your small business collapsing or rising like a phoenix from the ashes. At one of your most vulnerable moments, key person…
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Never Split the Difference, with Chris Voss

Never Split the Difference, with Chris Voss

Never Split the Difference is making waves in the business world by demonstrating that negotiation starts with the most counterintuitive skill of empathy.  That’s because author Chris Voss is likely the most qualified person to be teaching negotiation.  With a long history in international crisis and high stakes negotiations as the FBI’s lead international kidnapping negotiator, and…
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The Night I Almost Died, and Why My Family Wouldn't Need a GoFundMe

The Night I Almost Died, and Why My Family Wouldn’t Need a GoFundMe

You can survive dying without needing a GoFundMe.  I’m living proof.  Three weeks ago, I almost died in an emergency operation after childbirth. Today, I’m looking down at the fluttering eyelashes of my snoring newborn, and my heart swells with enormous gratitude for the privilege of being alive to witness her life. In today’s podcast, my…
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Self-Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing

Self Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing

We often get the question, should I use a Self-Directed IRA for real estate investing? When you’re looking for the capital to get started in real estate, one of the most common sources is money inside of retirement accounts such as 401k’s and IRAs. However, using tax-deferred retirement plans to invest in real estate is…
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Profit Maximization - Find and Fix Your Money Leaks

Profit Maximization: Find and Fix Your Money Leaks

The best profit maximization strategies are the ones nobody’s talking about.  Why?  Because everyone is looking for the hardest, most challenging, and over-complicated techniques.  Maybe it’s our human tendency to believe that everything worthwhile has to be difficult. Or perhaps, we like the bragging rights we get after surviving the most grueling, tortuous feats. Like cutting…
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Marco Santarelli, Norada Real Estate

Marco Santarelli, Norada Real Estate Investments

Marco Santarelli is a real estate investor, author, and founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, a nationwide provider of turnkey cash-flow investment property. Turnkey real estate may be an excellent opportunity for you to create cash flow from assets.  With turnkey, you purchase property that’s already cash-flowing, reducing your barrier to entry into real estate…
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How to Wean Grown Kids Off Your Payroll

How to Wean Grown Kids Off Your Payroll, Freeing Up Retirement Cash (Reviewed)

Many people get stuck paying their kids’ bills long after the kids are grown and moved out of the house.  Often, it’s to the tune of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month.  Even commitments you initially made because you love your kids and want to help them can begin to feel like a…
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Economic Value Added (EVA )and Infinite Banking

Economic Value Added (EVA) and Infinite Banking

Economic Value Added (EVA) is a little-known, but impressively effective measure to boost your profitability. Coca-Cola, AT&T, Quaker Oats, CSX, and Briggs and Stratton helped the term rise to prominence when they adopted economic profit, or EVA, in the 80s and 90s.  Focus on this insightful accounting measure resulted in an overwhelming increase in business…
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Mike Michalowicz, Profit First

Profit First, with Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz is a champion of profitability, on a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.  Mike is the author of Profit First, Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine. He helps business owners realize their need for making a profit and design a practical, working accounting system that doesn’t take ironman willpower…
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Business Growth - The Counterintuitive Approach that Actually Works

Business Growth: The Counterintuitive Approach that Actually Works

Business growth is often the commonly accepted end goal of all entrepreneurship.  And growth usually means higher earnings, sales, and revenue.  After all, you want to reap the rewards of more income and gain a better lifestyle. As a business owner, the path to get there seems to be generating more clients and more dollars. But…
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Mistakes Buying Life Insurance

10 Top Mistakes Buying Life Insurance

When buying life insurance coverage, most people don’t have a complete map.  Without all the information to make the best decisions, many people make mistakes that lead to buyer’s remorse.  But you don’t have to worry, you can recognize and sidestep the common pitfalls people make. Don’t end up frustrated, discouraged, unsatisfied, or without protection…
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Pat Hiban, Six Steps to Seven Figures

Pat Hiban, Six Steps to Seven Figures

As a residential agent, Pat Hiban sold over 6,000 residential homes, earning the title of Billion Dollar Agent.  He’s also the host of Real Estate Rockstar Radio, best-selling author of Six Steps to Seven Figures: A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Building Wealth and Creating Your Destiny, founder of Rebus University and Big Profit Agents…
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Don't Step Over Dollars to Chase Pennies

Don’t Step Over Dollars to Chase Pennies

One of the biggest mistakes people make in saving money is stepping over dollars to chase pennies.  This happens any time you put so much time and energy into cost-cutting tactics to save a few cents, that you ignore the greater opportunities to make money. The reason this is so attractive is that it takes…
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Ross Stryker: Smart Asset Opportunities

Smart Asset Opportunities, with Ross Stryker

Ross Stryker, CEO of Smart Asset Opportunities, is the poster child for taking control of your life and financial destiny.  In fact, just 4 years after he made a shift from typical thinking to investing in cash-flowing assets, he achieved financial freedom.  He was liberated by the power of his choices.  His key decisions to…
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Best Life Insurance Companies

Privatized Banking: The Best Life Insurance Companies

How do you find the best life insurance companies?  You want only the strongest, most stable companies to ensure the best results over the long-term.  But what criteria do you use to evaluate and discover which companies are, in fact, the best?  Is there an objective measure, or is it a matter of personal opinion…
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Average Rate of Return Isn't The Real Rate of Return

Rate of Return: Average Isn’t Real

The real rate of return is objective, rational, and substantial. It delineates the exact performance of your capital from start point to end point.  It has actual value and meaning.  Like concrete beneath your feet, it’s solid ground. At its core, it is the truth.  But finding the truth is often much harder than it appears. Searching…
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High Return Real Estate, with Jack Gibson

High Return Real Estate, with Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson, President and Co-Founder of High Return Real Estate, gets it.  After building a multi-million-dollar income with a multi-level health company, he had a serious wake-up call.  A bet was placed against his company’s stock, and he ran the risk of losing his financial footing.  He felt vulnerable watching his only income source teeter…
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Borrowing Against Life Insurance vs Bank Financing

Borrowing Against Life Insurance vs Bank Financing

Why would I borrow against my life insurance instead of getting a bank loan? You might be thinking, I could get a great rate from the bank because I have a good credit score. You might be right, but do you want to rely on that? Let me propose this idea to you. Back in…
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Life Insurance Loans and Why We Use Them

Privatized Banking – Life Insurance Loans and Why We Use Them

Life insurance loans are one of the superpowers of the Infinite Banking Concept.  They give you ready access to capital at any time, for any reason.  These loans from life insurance policies make the cash value of specially-designed life insurance an ideal pool of capital for your investing strategy.  Life insurance policy loans provide the opportunity to…
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Grow and Leverage, with Brian Robbins, Chiropracor and Real Estate Investor

Grow and Leverage: Brian Robbins, Chiropractor & Real Estate Investor

Brian Robbins is a 27-year chiropractor, author, real estate investor, the owner of multiple companies, and the father of 10 children.  He’s not only making a great income, but he’s also found a way to create sustainable passive income as well.  This shift is crucial to doing it all and doing it well! We’ll learn from his…
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9 Keys to a Happy Career Making Millions

9 Keys to a Happy Career Making Millions (Reviewed)

A big part of building a life and business you love is doing fulfilling work that produces a high income.  Some may relegate that caliber of work to the one-in-a-million, unicorn-type anomaly – a dream job that doesn’t exist.  However, research-based evidence proves otherwise, finding that 38% of US employees report that they are “very satisfied” with their…
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Better Than a Budget - Cash Flow Awareness

Better Than A Budget: Cash Flow Awareness

The ultimate goal of cash flow awareness is to save more each month.  Why? Because generously paying yourself first is the foundation of wealth creation.  With more savings, you build up capital to invest in cash-flowing assets so you can create time and money freedom.   But across all income levels, most people’s savings habits are anemic, or even…
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Mobile Home Park Investing, with Jefferson Lilly of Park Avenue Partners

Mobile Home Park Investing – Jefferson Lilly of Park Avenue Partners

When it comes to seeking out and mastering a profitable niche, Jefferson Lilly of Park Avenue Partners, a mobile home park investor, is a true leader.  Looking for a stable way to provide value and earn returns, Jefferson began analyzing real estate deals in multifamily housing across the Midwest.  What he found was perplexing, but he continued…
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Strategic End-of-Year Tax Moves That Leave You Wealthier

Strategic End of Year Tax Moves That Leave You Wealthier

As you count down the days until Christmas, you’re also counting down the days you have before you tie up the loose ends on your fiscal year to prepare for 2018 taxes.  We’ll walk you through practical and strategic tax moves you can make to close out the books, stay organized, and save taxes.  This…
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Privatized Banking - High Cash Value and Long Term-Growth

Privatized Banking: High Cash Value and Long-Term Growth

A typical whole life insurance policy won’t give you the high early cash value and long-term growth you need for Infinite Banking.  As enticing as its certainty and control are to wealth creators, it’s not enough.  You’ll need enhancements to convert your policy from a slow equity-builder into one that you can use quickly. Cash-value…
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Tuttle Twins Author Connor Boyack

Teaching Kids Free Market Principles, with Connor Boyack

Connor Boyack is the author The Tuttle Twins, a series of a premier free market educational books for kids.  Once a web developer and online marketer, his passion transformed him into an economic, history and political philosopher and educator. Because he was perplexed by current events, he began studying history’s patterns, looking for answers to…
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The Rich Person Roth - For The Most Tax-Free Income

Rich Person Roth: For the Most Tax-Free Income (Reviewed)

Although Trump’s Tax Reform cut taxes in many ways, millions of Americans will see taxes increase in 2018.  The lower standardized deduction and the $10K cap on deductions for SALT (State and Local Taxes) will primarily affect those in the upper-middle to mid-upper class.   Consequently, tax planning is becoming a growing priority for an increasing…
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Privatized Banking - What Kind of Policy Do You Use Part1

What Kind of Policy Do You Use for Privatized Banking?

You’re on the hunt for the best life insurance policy to use for Privatized Banking. For this, not just any policy will do. You want to buy exactly the right kind of life insurance to get cash you can use, earn uninterrupted compounding, and have your dollars working in two places at the same time. Life insurance…
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Mid South HomeBuyers Turnkey Real Estate Investing in Memphis, TN

Turnkey Real Estate Investing in Memphis, TN, with Mid South Homebuyers

Get to know the team at Mid South Homebuyers.  This conversation will help you determine how and when turnkey rental real estate could help you invest for cash flow. Who Are Terry Kerr and Liz Nowlin Brody? Terry Kerr Terry Kerr was born in 1970 in Memphis Tennessee.  Except for some nomadic travel in his early twenties, has…
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Early Tap of the 401k Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank

Early Tap of the 401(k) Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank (Reviewed)

Piggy banks may seem best suited to our childhood era.  We mentally organize them with wagon-rides, tooth fairies, and the endless pencil-sharpening of early grade school.  But as adults, we need and use piggy banks; they just come in a different form.  When people need money for life’s setbacks and lean times, one of the…
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Infinite Banking Concept - The Golden Key that Unlocks Your Financial Life

Infinite Banking Concept (IBC): The Golden Key that Unlocks Your Financial Life

You play a big game, and you want your money to keep pace. Being in control is essential to you, and your money is no exception.  You don’t have time to be strung along every year, hoping for better returns. Instead, you want a system that works as long as you live, improving over time…
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Lifebook: Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher

LifeBook: Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher

You are a creator!  You can create and live your own extraordinary life, starting right now. And here are the tools to do so, right at your fingertips!  Jon and Missy Butcher, founders of LifeBook, have embodied creating their own life. And you can do that too. To quote Steve Jobs, “Everything around you that…
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Don’t Be a “Rugged Individualist” – Delegate! (Reviewed)

As entrepreneurs building growing businesses, it often becomes necessary to transform ourselves. Innovation requires shedding our old thought patterns and ways of operating, so we can embrace new ones that serve us better.  Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach, outlines this phenomenon in his growth-provoking article, Don’t Be a “Rugged Individualist” – Delegate! He contrasts two ways of…
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How to Pay off Debt - Things to Avoid

How to Pay off Debt: Things to Avoid

Let’s say you’re in a position where you want to pay off debt. You have decided that the best and highest use of your money is to get rid of a particular loan or multiple loans so that you have more cash flow that’s not required to be paid to these fixed loan payments. The…
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Cash Flow Index - The Smartest Way to Pay off Debt

Cash Flow Index: The Smartest Way to Pay off Debt

Most people struggle to get out from debt like they’re drowning in the ocean.  Like drowning, they waste energy, time, and money floundering and flailing instead of taking calculated, focused, strategically-timed strokes that would free them most efficiently. The Cash Flow Index removes this struggle. Before we dive into the Cash Flow Index, let’s talk…
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Nelson Nash

Nelson Nash: Author of Becoming Your Own Banker and Founder of IBC

Nelson Nash is an exceptional thinker who discovered a secret to prosperity that was too good to keep to himself. The Infinite Banking Concept® was born when he noticed what was already possible inside cash value life insurance; the ability to earn interest, gain access to capital and take control of your financial life.  Since then,…
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Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company

Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company (Reviewed)

For the business owner who wants to perform at their best and make the most out of life, the answer may be in working less, not more.  In his insightful article Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company, Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach, reveals the leverage that taking time off can…
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Opportunity Cost - The Invisible Cost of Financing

Opportunity Cost: The Invisible Cost of Financing

Opportunity cost, like the submerged portion of an iceberg, is a part of your financial decisions hidden from view.  While odorless, colorless, tasteless, and silent, opportunity cost is a threat to your wealth creation. This wealth restrictor is no respecter of persons or purchase types.  Opportunity cost is the tag-along to every financial decision you’ll…
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Creating Cash Flow with Real Estate, J. Massey

J Massey: Creating Cash Flow with Real Estate

If you’ve been in our community for a while, chances are, you love cash flow, and you know we do too!  You’re interested in quickly creating income streams with cash-flowing assets.  You want assets you know and control that produce income for you so that your source of income is not restricted to the money…
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Staying Positive By Looking Backward

Staying Positive by Looking Backward (Reviewed)

Dan Sullivan shares a profound perspective on goal-setting, exponential vision, and staying energized to continue progressing, in his article Staying Positive by Looking Backward. We’re sharing this article, along with our experience of using these concepts, to help fortify your abundance mindset.  We know that developing a healthy, positive perspective is the secret weapon of…
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Paying Cash Destroys Compound Interest

Paying Cash Destroys Compound Interest

Let’s talk about paying cash. Now it certainly has its pros, but it also has its cons. The reason people often pay cash is that they don’t want to pay interest. They don’t want to go into a position of what they feel is debt. They would rather pay cash to avoid an interest charge. However,…
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The Right Way to Spend Money

The Right Way to Spend Money: Spender, Saver, or Steward?

Alexander Pope said, “To err is human, to forgive divine.” Financially speaking, it would be more accurate to say, “to spend money is human, to create wealth divine.”  No one ever needed a lesson in how to buy things. In fact, with no restraint, we manage quite well to find plentiful ways to spend money.  How you spend…
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Debt Free Doesn't Make You Financially Free

Why Debt Free Doesn’t Make You Financially Free

Becoming debt free is often listed as a notch on the belt of financial progress. It’s widely discussed, admired, longed for, celebrated, and even praised by so-called financial experts like Dave Ramsey.  But, paying off debt may be and personalities risky or even altogether unnecessary.  In fact, you’re probably not in debt in the first place!  We…
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Pay Cash or Finance Real Estate Investments

Should I Pay Cash or Finance Real Estate Investments?

Do you want to purchase cash-flowing rental real estate?  Are you are asking the question: should I pay cash or finance real estate investments? Assume that you have enough to pay cash and pay for the property outright. But do you want to do that? In order to determine if you want to pay cash or…
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Spartan Invest Turnkey Real Estate with Maureen McCann

Spartan Invest: Turnkey Real Estate Done Right, with Maureen McCann

In this interview with Maureen McCann of Spartan Invest, we’ll answer: What is turnkey real estate? How can I use turnkey real estate to build cash flow from assets? What do I look for in a turnkey real estate provider? Why might I want to invest with Spartan Invest? How can I gain confidence when…
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Boost Investment Returns with Infinite Banking

Boost Investment Returns with Infinite Banking

How does the cash value inside a life insurance policy boost investment returns in real estate? And why is this a better strategy than using cash? A properly structured whole life policy provides a competitive rate of return when compared to other savings vehicles. A whole life policy with a maximum paid-up addition rider accumulates cash…
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Who Are The Financial Experts?

Who Are the Financial Experts?

How do you know if the advice of financial experts applies to you?  In fact, who are the financial experts?  Does fame or popularity make someone an expert? What about having the biggest stage or the largest reach?  Is it a degree, certification, or credential that qualifies them?  Instead, the litmus test for a financial expert…
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Paul Moore Lessons From a Commercial Multifamily Investor

Lessons from a Commercial Multifamily Investor, with Paul Moore

In this fascinating interview with Paul Moore, we discussed opportunities for investors to build generational wealth through commercial multifamily investing.  Unfortunately, there are high barriers to entry into this investment sector.  New investors to this space may lack the capital requirements, loan qualifications, and experience needed to gain a seat at the table. Through real…
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Why Cash Flow?

Why Cash Flow Today?

Why cash flow Today?  The goal of the typical financial model is to accumulate a pile of cash.  It is akin to climbing a mountain, where the journey to the top is all about creating a lump sum.  At the top, you’re hoping the lump sum generates enough income to live the rest of your…
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The Biggest Thing You Can Do to Increase Your Cash Flow

The Biggest Thing You Can Do to Increase Your Cash Flow

The #1 most effective way to increase your cash flow today is to think like the bank.  Banking generates voluminous cash flow.  There are rules for how the bank operates that have established banking as the most powerful business model in the world.  You can follow these rules to increase your cash flow, starting from…
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Ted Benna: Reflections from the Father of the 401k

Ted Benna: Reflections from the “Father of the 401(k)”

If you listen to the “financial experts” on tv or the radio, you will hear the typical blanket advice that you should put money into a 401(k).  But the question is, does that advice apply to everybody?  To get as much of an insider’s perspective as we could find, we interviewed Ted Benna, “inventor” of…
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4 Ways to Save Money On Life Insurance

4 Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance

Now, when you’re shopping, you want to make the best decisions, and it’s not always about the price.  If you wanted to save money on everything, you would buy only at the dollar store, right?  In this video, we discuss four ways to save money on life insurance without being cheap. We want to not…
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How to Shop for Insurance Part 3 - Life, Health, and Disability Insurance

How to Shop for Insurance Pt 3: Life, Health, and Disability Insurance

Life, health, and disability insurance protect you, your body, your wellness, and your livelihood.  This range of coverage includes some of the most essential protections. Too often, people ask the wrong questions.  This leads them to draw the wrong conclusions about life, health, and disability insurance.   As a result, many remain drastically underinsured or forgo the protection altogether.…
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How to Shop for Insurance Part 2 - Home and Auto Insurance

How to Shop For Insurance Part 2: Home and Auto Insurance

Home and auto insurance are two pillars of insurance protection that are almost universally understood to be necessary. However, when it comes to choosing and paying for coverage, you have nearly infinite options.  The range of coverage details, exemptions, coverage amounts, and limitations add complexity.  This can make shopping for insurance seem like a maze…
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How to Shop for Insurance Part 1 - 7 Tips to Save on Insurance

How to Shop for Insurance Part 1: 7 Tips to Save on Insurance

When you shop around for insurance, it’s best to start with a game plan.  Then you know what to look for and how to save on insurance without sacrificing value. It’s just like shopping for groceries, a marketing strategist, or an investment property. First, you need to know what you want.  Next, you want to know…
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The Go-Giver The Unexpected Secret of Success with Bob Burg

The Go-Giver: The Unexpected Secret of Success, with Bob Burg

If you have been reading The Money Advantage blog for a while, you may already know that The Go-Giver book played a central role in How The Money Advantage Began. We are huge fans of Bob Burg and John David Mann’s Go-Giver Series. The Go-Giver is an engaging parable about the unexpected system of getting…
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Why You Want Insurance Part 3 - It Costs More to Self-Insure

Why You Want Insurance Part 3: It Costs More to Self-Insure

To navigate your insurance decisions, you must weigh the costs and opportunity costs of each option.  While some choose to self-insure as a solution to reduce insurance costs, there are additional costs hidden beneath the surface that you need to be aware of. Insurance is fairly polarizing.  Chances are, you either love it or you…
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Why You Want Insurance Part 2 - Insurance Protects Your Human Life Value

Why You Want Insurance Part 2: It Protects Your Human Life Value

Insurance is about more than protecting your stuff. It’s about protecting your human life value. Often, your life insurance needs rank pretty close on the motivation list with you need to change the oil in your car. Here’s the filtering mechanism your brain goes through when you hear it:  Not that pressing.  Things are going fine without it. …
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Estate Planning That Works, with Rick Randall

Estate Planning That Works, with Rick Randall

Rick Randall says that estate planning that works is not the norm, but it does not have to be that way. The goal of estate planning is to dictate how you will transfer the baton of your life’s wealth and wisdom to generations after you.  With it, you ensure your legacy will live on, beyond you,…
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Why You Want Insurance Part 1 - Transfer Risk

Why You Want Insurance Part 1: Insurance Transfers Risk

Throughout civilization, people have created tools to transfer risk, protecting themselves from negative circumstances.  This is the core function of insurance: to transfer risk.  It’s what makes insurance not only something you want but something to love. However, many people have a misguided and negative view of insurance, being inadequately insured or uninsured altogether.  As…
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The Family Office Model - Investing Like the Wealthy with Richard C. Wilson

The Family Office Model: Invest Like the Wealthy, with Richard C. Wilson

In this episode, we asked Richard C. Wilson, the CEO of the Family Office Club, to share his experience in coordinating the wealth teams of multimillionaire and billionaire families. There’s a divergence between the investing strategies of the status quo and those of the ultra-successful.  The ultra-wealthy leverage a family office model so they can…
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Should I Save or Invest?

Saving vs. Investing: Should I Save or Invest?

Have you ever wondered, should I save money or invest?  How does my investing strategy fit in with my cash flow creation system?  How do I get my saving and investing to work together so that I can maximize my whole personal economy? Where Investing Money Fits into the Cash Flow System First we focus…
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Diversification Is Ignorance Protection

Diversification Is Ignorance Protection

Diversification is typical financial planning advice that average investors use to protect themselves from losses.  Simply put, diversification is ignorance protection.  It is admitting that you don’t know what you are doing. It is common to think of investing and the stock market as one and the same. However, investing encompasses much more than just the stock market.…
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Saving vs. Investing What is Investing Part 2 Best Investments

Saving vs. Investing: What Is Investing? Part 2 – How to Find Your Best Investments

In a sea of investment choices, it can be overwhelming to determine which are the best investments for you. But don’t let overwhelm keep you in the dark, procrastinating, making mediocre decisions, losing money, and perpetually frustrated. The first step to confident investing is having a clear picture of exactly what you want and WHY. …
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Personal Finance Solutions - New York State Association of Realtors®

Personal Finance Solutions for REALTORS®, with Moses Seuram

Many successful REALTORS® struggle when it comes to planning for the future.  They have high incomes, live an upper-middle-class lifestyle or better, build growing businesses.  However, they don’t have a plan for future income that they’re confident will lead to financial freedom. This is no truer than in the REALTOR® community.  More than 50% of…
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Saving vs. Investing - What is Investing Part1 Cash Flow

Saving vs. Investing: What Is Investing? Part 1 – Cash Flow

Most investing returns fizzle far beneath our expectations.  When we most want our money to generate cash flow, we end up flatlining, or even losing money. The prosperity and confidence we’d hoped for elude us, leaving us more anxious and uncertain instead. Could it be that we have our sights on the wrong target?  Let’s…
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Transform Your Life and Business with the Power of Gratitude, with Kevin Clayson

Transform Your Life and Business with the Power of Gratitude, with Kevin Clayson

We interviewed Kevin Clayson, author of FLIP the Gratitude Switch.  He has made it his life’s work to empower people with a powerful, tangible formula that puts gratitude to work. Gratitude is a key ingredient in the abundance mindset recipe required for building a life and business you love.  It’s like the yeast in a bread…
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What Is Your Financial Picture?

What Is Your Financial Picture?

As important as savings is in our financial life, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the idea of savings.   As a result, many people think they’re saving when they are not saving at all.  When you don’t know your financial picture, you lack clarity and likely won’t have money to save. In order…
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How Do Your Savings Stack Up?

How Do Your Savings Stack Up?

So, here’s an action that you can do right away, in your personal financial life to determine how your savings stack up. Write down any places where you’re storing money. Now I say places because some of those might be accounts. It could be a savings account, a checking account, a money market account, a…
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Save Automatically Invest Intentionally

Save Automatically & Invest Intentionally

Often when we put money automatically into retirement plans, things like 401ks, 403bs, this is usually through a payroll deduction from an employer.  This is commonly referred to as ‘saving for retirement.’  However, this is investing because that money is often at risk in the stock market, and can lose value.  It’s time to save…
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Saving vs. Investing - What is Savings

What Is Savings? – Saving vs. Investing:

What Is Savings: Why We Need a Definition In all the financial pressure you feel to plan for the future, have you ever stopped to consider, fundamentally, what is savings?  Often the answer is in asking the right questions.  Concerning great issues, this is one that will behoove you to ask, understand, and answer that…
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Trump's Tax Reform - What Entrepreneurs Need to Know, with Dustin Griffiths

Trump’s Tax Reform: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know, with Dustin Griffiths

Trump’s tax reform has made a lot of big changes to the tax code.  Because of the overhaul, our proactive tax team posted a series of blogs outlining the changes and what they mean for you.  When we read them, we knew right away that we wanted to share them with you. So, we brought…
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How to Save Money Like the Wealthy

How to Save Like the Wealthy

If you want to seize opportunities like the wealthy, you will need to learn how to save money like the wealthy. Building a financial system is a lot like barrel racing. Far away from the roar of audiences, the outcome of the race is determined by the hours of preparation and conditioning spent outside the…
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Explode Real Estate Returns with Privatized Banking, an Interview with Jimmy Vreeland

Explode Real Estate Returns with Privatized Banking – Jimmy Vreeland

Jimmy Vreeland is maximizing his real estate returns by using the premier financing strategy of the wealthy. As stand-alone tools, both real estate and high cash value life insurance are top-notch.  Their powers of cash flow, appreciation, equity, leverage, tax advantages, and a hedge against inflation are unrivaled by any other product. But when you combine these…
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Why the wealthy love cash part 2

Why the Wealthy Love Cash, Part 2

The concept of holding cash – savings – is such an intricate, multi-faceted one.  This series will walk you through the WHY, the compelling reasons to value and build cash savings. Then, we’ll show you how to apply it and reveal the key distinctions to keep you on track. If you have a great enough WHY, then…
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Why the wealthy love cash savings part 1

Why the Wealthy Love Cash, Part 1

Have you ever had conflicting thoughts about cash savings?  You’d feel better with more savings, but you’re not really sure it’s a winning financial strategy. Savings is pure magic.  Within its seed is infinite and tremendous potential.  This article will help you see and unleash the power of savings to accomplish your financial goals. Savings is…
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How to Pay Less in Taxes, Legally, with Dustin Griffiths, Tax Strategist

How to Pay Less in Taxes Legally, with Dustin Griffiths

“Tax Empowered” vs. “Tax Scared” It’s time to stop tipping the IRS and pay less in taxes legally, from now on. No one likes paying the IRS, but are you letting the government steal from you?  If you aren’t strategic, tax deadlines can feel like doomsday.  You’re stuck with hating that you pay so much…
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Financial Planning: What is Prosperity Economics Part 2

What is Prosperity Economics? Part 2

Typical Financial Planning vs. Prosperity Economics Prosperity Economics is a wholesome and positive remedy to the limitations, guesses, and fear-based typical financial planning. On the one hand, the typical financial conversation holds an underlying opinion that you should give your money to someone else more qualified than you, put it aside for the future, not…
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Maximize Business Tax Deductions - Mark S

Maximizing Your Business Tax Deductions in 2018, with Mark Schreiber

Do you know if you’re maximizing your business tax deductions?  If the thought of the new year brings you tax anxiety, you’re not alone. Many business owners fear tax season and the “day of reckoning” when they find out how much they owe to Uncle Sam. No one likes to part with hard-earned dollars or…
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Typical Financial Planning vs Prosperity Economics

What is Prosperity Economics? Part 1

Prosperity Economics has begun its renaissance as an alternative to typical financial planning.  An increasing number of courageous, conscious, independent thinkers have outgrown typical financial planning. They resonate with a different financial philosophy that provides more control, certainty, and permission to use their money now. For them, the financial status quo has been losing its…
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Infinite Banking - Increasing Capital and Cashflow, with Dr. Robert P. Murphy

Dr. Robert Murphy: Infinite Banking – Increasing Capital and Cashflow

Robert Murphy discusses an out-of-the-box strategy, Infinite Banking, that complements the entrepreneur.  He is an economist in an unconventional wrapper. His sense of humor and straight-talk help him convey the most difficult concepts with elegance and simplicity we can all understand. He’s a free market thinker with the courage to be contrarian. He goes against…
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Abundance - Philosophy, Principles and Beliefs

Abundance: Philosophy, Principles and Beliefs

Your financial life should have come with the instructions: “For best results, abundance thinking required!”  Your financial results are a direct product of your way of thinking about money.  While it’s tempting to jump right into strategies and products and investments, you’ll never outperform your mindset.  You are your greatest investment, therefore exponential results are…
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Just Take Action

Just Take Action

With naivety that makes me laugh now, after having my first child, I thought I’d have so much free time, why not start a business? As much courage as it takes to tell one’s story, it’s also tremendously freeing and empowering. I heard it said that the most important gift we can give is our…
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The Mindset Shift

The Mindset Shift

At 25 years old, Bruce Wehner had chest pains and thought he was having a heart attack.  The crisis caused him to face his own mortality.  He re-evaluated the nobility of hard work, pushing himself, and hustling. Bruce’s backstory highlights two strategic mindset shifts that have developed him into the person he is today. Because…
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How The Money Advantage Began

How The Money Advantage Began

The Money Advantage was born out of unexpected collaboration in the most unlikely of circumstances. Three financial service professionals in an industry known for its undercurrent of competition, from across state lines, different companies, different levels of experience, and different generations. With the common ground of a desire to bring empowering education to business owners…
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