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Strategic Realty Holdings - Eddie Lorin

Strategic Realty Holdings, with Eddie Lorin – TMA 064

Eddie Lorin has been building a real estate portfolio over the past 30 years. He has successfully purchased and transformed $3 billion worth of multifamily real estate.  That amounts to more than 180 thriving communities with approximately 40,000 apartment units throughout the United States.  Now, as the Managing Director and Founder of Strategic Realty Holdings, Eddie…
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Average Rate of Return Isn't The Real Rate of Return

Rate of Return: Average Isn’t Real – TMA 063

The real rate of return is objective, rational, and substantial. It delineates the exact performance of your capital from start point to end point.  It has actual value and meaning.  Like concrete beneath your feet, it’s solid ground. At its core, it is the truth.  But finding the truth is often much harder than it appears. Searching…
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High Return Real Estate, with Jack Gibson

High Return Real Estate, with Jack Gibson – TMA 062

Jack Gibson, President and Co-Founder of High Return Real Estate, gets it.  After building a multi-million-dollar income with a multi-level health company, he had a serious wake-up call.  A bet was placed against his company’s stock, and he ran the risk of losing his financial footing.  He felt vulnerable watching his only income source teeter…
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Borrowing Against Life Insurance vs Bank Financing

Borrowing Against Life Insurance vs Bank Financing

Why would I borrow against my life insurance instead of getting a regular loan? You might be thinking, I could get a great rate from the bank because I have a good credit score. You might be right, but do you want to rely on that? Let me propose this idea to you. Back in…
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Life Insurance Loans and Why We Use Them

Privatized Banking – Life Insurance Loans and Why We Use Them – TMA 061

Life insurance loans are one of the superpowers of The Privatized Banking Concept.  They give you ready access to capital at any time, for any reason.  These loans make the cash value of specially-designed life insurance an ideal pool of seed capital for your investing strategy.  Providing the opportunity to earn uninterrupted compound interest, leverage your capital,…
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Grow and Leverage, with Brian Robbins, Chiropracor and Real Estate Investor

Grow and Leverage: Brian Robbins, Chiropractor & Real Estate Investor – TMA 060

Brian Robbins is a 27-year chiropractor, author, real estate investor, the owner of multiple companies, and the father of 10 children.  He’s not only making a great income, but he’s also found a way to create sustainable passive income as well.  This shift is crucial to doing it all and doing it well! We’ll learn from his…
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9 Keys to a Happy Career Making Millions

9 Keys to a Happy Career Making Millions (Reviewed) – TMA 059

A big part of building a life and business you love is doing fulfilling work that produces a high income.  Some may relegate that caliber of work to the one-in-a-million, unicorn-type anomaly – a dream job that doesn’t exist.  However, research-based evidence proves otherwise, finding that 38% of US employees report that they are “very satisfied” with their…
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Better Than a Budget - Cash Flow Awareness

Better Than A Budget: Cash Flow Awareness – TMA 058

The ultimate goal of cash flow awareness is to save more each month.  Why? Because generously paying yourself first is the foundation of wealth creation.  With more savings, you build up capital to invest in cash-flowing assets so you can create time and money freedom.   But across all income levels, most people’s savings habits are anemic, or even…
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Happy New Year 2018 Year In Review

Happy New Year: 2018 Year in Review

As we transition into 2019, we wanted to bring you a personal message about how we bring closure to the end of 2018 and transition into 2019 with as much strength and intention as possible.  We think this will be really helpful to you as you’re building a life and business you love and taking…
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Mobile Home Park Investing, with Jefferson Lilly of Park Avenue Partners

Mobile Home Park Investing, with Jefferson Lilly of Park Avenue Partners – TMA 057

When it comes to seeking out and mastering a profitable niche, Jefferson Lilly, mobile home park investor, is a true leader.  Looking for a stable way to provide value and earn returns, Jefferson began analyzing real estate deals in multifamily housing across the Midwest.  What he found was perplexing, but he continued to pursue this path until…
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Strategic End-of-Year Tax Moves That Leave You Wealthier

Strategic End of Year Tax Moves That Leave You Wealthier – TMA 056

As you count down the days until Christmas, you’re also counting down the days you have before you tie up the loose ends on your fiscal year to prepare for 2018 taxes.  We’ll walk you through practical and strategic tax moves you can make to close out the books, stay organized, and save taxes.  This…
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Privatized Banking - High Cash Value and Long Term-Growth

Privatized Banking: High Cash Value and Long-Term Growth – TMA 055

A typical whole life insurance policy won’t give you the high early cash value and long-term growth you need for Privatized Banking.  As enticing as its certainty and control are to wealth creators, it’s not enough.  You’ll need enhancements to convert your policy from a slow equity-builder into one that you can use quickly. Policy…
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Tuttle Twins Author Connor Boyack

Teaching Kids Free Market Principles, with Connor Boyack – TMA 054

Connor Boyack is the author The Tuttle Twins, a series of a premier free market educational books for kids.  Once a web developer and online marketer, his passion transformed him into an economic, history and political philosopher and educator. Because he was perplexed by current events, he began studying history’s patterns, looking for answers to…
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The Rich Person Roth - For The Most Tax-Free Income

Rich Person Roth: For the Most Tax-Free Income (Reviewed) – TMA 053

Although Trump’s Tax Reform cut taxes in many ways, millions of Americans will see taxes increase in 2018.  The lower standardized deduction and the $10K cap on deductions for SALT (State and Local Taxes) will primarily affect those in the upper-middle to mid-upper class.   Consequently, tax planning is becoming a growing priority for an increasing…
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Privatized Banking - What Kind of Policy Do You Use Part1

Privatized Banking: What Kind of Policy Do You Use? – TMA 052

You’re on the hunt for the best life insurance policy to use for Privatized Banking. For this, not just any policy will do. You want to buy exactly the right kind of life insurance to get cash you can use, earn uninterrupted compounding, and have your dollars working in two places at the same time. Life insurance…
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Mid South HomeBuyers Turnkey Real Estate Investing in Memphis, TN

Turnkey Real Estate Investing in Memphis, TN, with Mid South Homebuyers – TMA 051

Get to know the team at Mid South Homebuyers.  This conversation will help you determine how and when turnkey rental real estate could help you invest for cash flow. Who Are Terry Kerr and Liz Nowlin Brody? Terry Kerr Terry Kerr was born in 1970 in Memphis Tennessee.  Except for some nomadic travel in his early twenties, has…
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Early Tap of the 401k Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank

Early Tap of the 401(k) Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank (Reviewed) – TMA 050

Piggy banks may seem best suited to our childhood era.  We mentally organize them with wagon-rides, tooth fairies, and the endless pencil-sharpening of early grade school.  But as adults, we need and use piggy banks; they just come in a different form.  When people need money for life’s setbacks and lean times, one of the…
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Privatized Banking Basics - Improving Every Area of Your Financial Life

Privatized Banking Concept: The Golden Key that Unlocks Your Financial Life – TMA 049

You play a big game, and you want your money to keep pace. Being in control is essential to you, and your money is no exception.  You don’t have time to be strung along every year, hoping for better returns. Instead, you want to be able to count on your money to give you confidence…
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Lifebook: Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher

LifeBook: Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher – TMA 048

You are a creator!  You can create and live your own extraordinary life, starting right now. And here are the tools to do so, right at your fingertips!  Jon and Missy Butcher, founders of LifeBook, have embodied creating their own life. And you can do that too. To quote Steve Jobs, “Everything around you that…
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Don’t Be a “Rugged Individualist” – Delegate! (Reviewed) – TMA 047

As entrepreneurs building growing businesses, it often becomes necessary to transform ourselves. Innovation requires shedding our old thought patterns and ways of operating, so we can embrace new ones that serve us better.  Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach, outlines this phenomenon in his growth-provoking article, Don’t Be a “Rugged Individualist” – Delegate! He contrasts two ways of…
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How to Pay off Debt - Things to Avoid

How to Pay off Debt: Things to Avoid

Let’s say you’re in a position where you want to pay off debt. You have decided that the best and highest use of your money is to get rid of a particular loan or multiple loans so that you have more cash flow that’s not required to be paid to these fixed loan payments. The…
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Cash Flow Index - The Smartest Way to Pay off Debt

Cash Flow Index: The Smartest Way to Pay off Debt – TMA 046

Most people struggle to get out from debt like they’re drowning in the ocean.  Like drowning, they waste energy, time, and money floundering and flailing instead of taking calculated, focused, strategically-timed strokes that would free them most efficiently. The Cash Flow Index removes this struggle. Before we dive into the Cash Flow Index, let’s talk…
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Nelson Nash Father of The Infinite Banking Concept

Nelson Nash: Father of The Infinite Banking Concept® – TMA 045

Nelson Nash is an exceptional thinker who discovered a secret to prosperity that was too good to keep to himself. The Infinite Banking Concept® was born when he noticed what was already possible inside cash value life insurance; the ability to earn interest, gain access to capital and take control of your financial life.  Since then,…
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Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company

Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company (Reviewed) – TMA 044

For the business owner who wants to perform at their best and make the most out of life, the answer may be in working less, not more.  In his insightful article Taking Time Off Can Increase Your Productivity and Better Your Company, Dan Sullivan, of Strategic Coach, reveals the leverage that taking time off can…
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Opportunity Cost - The Invisible Cost of Financing

Opportunity Cost: The Invisible Cost of Financing – TMA 043

Opportunity cost, like the submerged portion of an iceberg, is a part of your financial decisions hidden from view.  While odorless, colorless, tasteless, and silent, opportunity cost is a threat to your wealth creation. This wealth restrictor is no respecter of persons or purchase types.  Opportunity cost is the tag-along to every financial decision you’ll…
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Creating Cash Flow with Real Estate, J. Massey

Creating Cash Flow with Real Estate: J. Massey – TMA 042

If you’ve been in our community for a while, chances are, you love cash flow, and you know we do too!  You’re interested in quickly creating income streams with cash-flowing assets.  You want assets you know and control that produce income for you so that your source of income is not restricted to the money…
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Staying Positive By Looking Backward

Staying Positive by Looking Backward (Reviewed) – TMA 041

Dan Sullivan shares a profound perspective on goal-setting, exponential vision, and staying energized to continue progressing, in his article Staying Positive by Looking Backward. We’re sharing this article, along with our experience of using these concepts, to help fortify your abundance mindset.  We know that developing a healthy, positive perspective is the secret weapon of…
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Paying Cash Destroys Compound Interest

Paying Cash Destroys Compound Interest

Let’s talk about paying cash. Now it certainly has its pros, but it also has its cons. The reason people often pay cash is that they don’t want to pay interest. They don’t want to go into a position of what they feel is debt. They would rather pay cash to avoid an interest charge. However,…
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The Right Way to Spend Money

The Right Way to Spend Money: Spender, Saver, or Steward? – TMA 040

Alexander Pope said, “To err is human, to forgive divine.” Financially speaking, it would be more accurate to say, “to spend money is human, to create wealth divine.”  No one ever needed a lesson in how to buy things. In fact, with no restraint, we manage quite well to find plentiful ways to spend money.  How you spend…
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Speaking Without Fear Joe Yazbek

Speaking Without Fear, with Joe Yazbeck – TMA 039

If you’re in business, you should be speaking.  Don’t let fear of using your own voice and not knowing what to say cripple your impact and prevent you from building a life and business you love.  Instead, recognize the power of this essential skill and say yes to mastering speaking, so you can expand your…
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Josh Thomas - Business Is Simple - You Only Need 1 Thing Before You Launch

Business Is Simple: You Only Need One Thing Before You Launch, with Josh Thomas – TMA 038

We brought Josh Thomas, of Profit Arc, onto the show to talk about sales, marketing, and growth.  This dynamic, authentic conversation covered that ground, and so much more. In his down-to-earth message of simplicity and focus, Josh shares the power of one person to make a difference, how to adapt to change, and the #1…
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Debt Free Doesn't Make You Financially Free

Why Debt Free Doesn’t Make You Financially Free – TMA 037

Becoming debt free is often listed as a notch on the belt of financial progress. It’s widely discussed, admired, longed for, celebrated, and even praised by so-called financial experts.  But, paying off debt may be risky or even altogether unnecessary.  In fact, you’re probably not in debt in the first place!  We want you to be debt…
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Pay Cash or Finance Real Estate Investments

Should I Pay Cash or Finance Real Estate Investments?

Do you want to purchase cash-flowing rental real estate?  Are you are asking the question: should I pay cash or finance real estate investments? Assume that you have enough to pay cash and pay for the property outright. But do you want to do that? In order to determine if you want to pay cash or…
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Spartan Invest Turnkey Real Estate Done Right

Spartan Invest: Turnkey Real Estate Done Right, with Maureen McCann – TMA 036

Spartan Invest offers the opportunity to benefit easily from real estate investing.  Investors secure the tax advantages of real estate ownership and earn cash flow, without industry knowledge, maintenance, or management headaches.  If you’re looking for a way to get started in real estate investing or build a portfolio, consider the income-generating asset of single-family…
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Boost Investment Returns with Infinite Banking

Infinite Banking: Boost Investment Returns

How does the cash value inside a life insurance policy boost investment returns in real estate? And why is this a better strategy than using cash? A properly structured whole life policy provides a competitive rate of return when compared to other savings vehicles. A whole life policy with a maximum paid-up addition rider accumulates cash…
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Who Are The Financial Experts?

Who Are the Financial Experts? – TMA 035

How do you know if the advice of financial experts applies to you?  In fact, who are the financial experts?  Does fame or popularity make someone an expert? What about having the biggest stage or the largest reach?  Is it a degree, certification, or credential that qualifies them?  Instead, the litmus test for a financial expert…
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Paul Moore Lessons From a Commercial Multifamily Investor

Lessons from a Commercial Multifamily Investor, with Paul Moore – TMA 034

In this fascinating interview with Paul Moore, we discussed opportunities for investors to build generational wealth through commercial multifamily investing.  Unfortunately, there are high barriers to entry into this investment sector.  New investors to this space may lack the capital requirements, loan qualifications, and experience needed to gain a seat at the table. Through real…
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Why Cash Flow?

Why Cash Flow Today?

Why cash flow Today?  The goal of the typical financial model is to accumulate a pile of cash.  It is akin to climbing a mountain, where the journey to the top is all about creating a lump sum.  At the top, you’re hoping the lump sum generates enough income to live the rest of your…
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Be the Bank: The Biggest Thing You Can Do to Increase Your Cash Flow

Be the Bank: The Biggest Thing You Can Do to Increase Your Cash Flow – TMA 033

The #1 most effective way to increase your cash flow today is to be the bank. In order to be the bank you have to think like the bank.  Banking generates voluminous cash flow.  There are rules for how the bank operates that have established banking as the most powerful business model in the world. …
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Ted Benna: Reflections from the Father of the 401k

Ted Benna: Reflections from the “Father of the 401(k)” – TMA 032

If you listen to the “financial experts” on tv or the radio, you will hear the typical blanket advice that you should put money into a 401(k).  But the question is, does that advice apply to everybody?  To get as much of an insider’s perspective as we could find, we interviewed Ted Benna, “inventor” of…
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4 Ways to Save Money On Life Insurance

4 Ways to Save Money on Life Insurance

Now, when you’re shopping, you want to make the best decisions, and it’s not always about the price.  If you wanted to save money on everything, you would buy only at the dollar store, right?  In this video, we discuss four ways to save money on life insurance without being cheap. We want to not…
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How to Shop for Insurance Part 3 - Life, Health, and Disability Insurance

How to Shop for Insurance Part 3: Life, Health, and Disability Insurance – TMA 031

Life, health, and disability insurance protect you, your body, your wellness, and your livelihood.  This range of coverage includes some of the most essential protections. Too often, people ask the wrong questions.  This leads them to draw the wrong conclusions about life, health, and disability insurance.   As a result, many remain drastically underinsured or forgo the protection altogether.…
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How to Shop for Insurance Part 2 - Home and Auto Insurance

How to Shop For Insurance Part 2: Home and Auto Insurance – TMA 030

Home and auto insurance are two pillars of insurance protection that are almost universally understood to be necessary. However, when it comes to choosing and paying for coverage, you have nearly infinite options.  The range of coverage details, exemptions, coverage amounts, and limitations add complexity.  This can make shopping for insurance seem like a maze…
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How to Shop for Insurance Part 1 - 7 Tips to Save on Insurance

How to Shop for Insurance Part 1: 7 Tips to Save on Insurance – TMA 029

When you shop for insurance, it’s best to start with a game plan.  Then you know what to look for and how to save on insurance without sacrificing value. It’s just like shopping for groceries, a marketing strategist, or an investment property. First, you need to know what you want.  Next, you want to know how…
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The Go-Giver The Unexpected Secret of Success with Bob Burg

The Go-Giver: The Unexpected Secret of Success, with Bob Burg – TMA 028

The Go-Giver is an engaging parable about the unexpected system of getting predictable, proven results in building a prosperous business. This story reveals the five laws of stratospheric success, giving you the recipe to make more money in your entrepreneurial endeavors by adding value and increasing your impact. If you have been reading The Money…
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Why You Want Insurance Part 3 - It Costs More to Self-Insure

Why You Want Insurance Part 3: It Costs More to Self-Insure – TMA 027

To navigate your insurance decisions, you must weigh the costs and opportunity costs of each option.  While some choose to self-insure as a solution to reduce costs, there are additional costs hidden beneath the surface that you need to be aware of. Insurance is fairly polarizing.  Chances are, you either love it or you hate…
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Simple Content Marketing That Attracts and Converts Happy Clients, with Maggie Patterson

Content Marketing That Attracts and Converts Happy Clients, with Maggie Patterson – TMA 026

Content marketing is a powerful tool to reach your future customers before they choose to do business with you. If you’ve been in business for 20 years or 15 minutes, you’ve realized that one of the primary levers of success is having customers. With people to see, you can find out what works best, make money,…
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Why You Want Insurance Part 2 - Insurance Protects Your Human Life Value

Why You Want Insurance Part 2: It Protects Your Human Life Value – TMA 025

Insurance is about more than protecting your stuff. It’s about protecting your human life value. Often, you need insurance ranks pretty close on the motivation list with you need to change the oil in your car. Here’s the filtering mechanism your brain goes through when you hear it:  Not that pressing.  Things are going fine without it.  Why…
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Estate Planning That Works, with Rick Randall

Estate Planning That Works, with Rick Randall – TMA 024

While estate planning that works is not the norm, it does not have to be that way. The goal of estate planning is to dictate how you will transfer the baton of your life’s wealth and wisdom to generations after you.  With it, you ensure your legacy will live on, beyond you, rather than dissolving at…
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Why You Want Insurance Part 1 - Transfer Risk

Why You Want Insurance Part 1: Insurance Transfers Risk – TMA 023

Throughout civilization, people have created tools to transfer risk, protecting themselves from negative circumstances.  This is the core function of insurance: to transfer risk.  It’s what makes insurance not only something you want but something to love. However, many people have a misguided and negative view of insurance, being inadequately insured or uninsured altogether.  As…
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The Family Office Model - Investing Like the Wealthy with Richard C. Wilson

The Family Office Model: Investing Like the Wealthy, with Richard C. Wilson – TMA 022

There’s a divergence between the investing strategies of the status quo and those of the ultra-successful.  The ultra-wealthy leverage a family office model so they can focus their efforts on what they do best.  Viewing wealth as a team sport allows you to stay focused and do what you love. Most people use common financial…
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Should I Save or Invest?

Saving vs. Investing: Should I Save or Invest?

Have you ever wondered, should I save or invest?  How does my investing strategy fit in with my cash flow creation system?  How do I get my saving and investing to work together so that I can maximize my whole personal economy? Where Investing Fits into the Cash Flow System We love cash flow.  Cash…
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Diversification Is Ignorance Protection

Diversification Is Ignorance Protection

Diversification is typical financial planning advice that average investors use to protect themselves from losses.  Simply put, diversification is ignorance protection.  It is admitting that you don’t know what you are doing. It is common to think of investing and the stock market as one and the same. However, investing encompasses much more than just the stock market.…
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Saving vs. Investing What is Investing Part 2 Best Investments

Saving vs. Investing: What Is Investing? Part 2 – How to Find Your Best Investments – TMA 021

In a sea of investment choices, it can be overwhelming to determine which are the best investments for you. But don’t let overwhelm keep you in the dark, procrastinating, making mediocre decisions, losing money, and perpetually frustrated. The first step to confident investing is having a clear picture of exactly what you want and WHY. …
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Personal Finance Solutions - New York State Association of Realtors®

Personal Finance Solutions for REALTORS®, with Moses Seuram – TMA 020

Many successful REALTORS® struggle when it comes to planning for the future.  They have high incomes, live an upper-middle-class lifestyle or better, build growing businesses.  However, they don’t have a plan for future income that they’re confident will lead to financial freedom. This is no truer than in the REALTOR® community.  More than 50% of…
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Saving vs. Investing - What is Investing Part1 Cash Flow

Saving vs. Investing: What Is Investing? Part 1 – Cash Flow – TMA 019

Most investing returns fizzle far beneath our expectations.  When we most want our money to generate cash flow, we end up flatlining, or even losing money. The prosperity and confidence we’d hoped for elude us, leaving us more anxious and uncertain instead. Could it be that we have our sights on the wrong target?  Let’s…
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Transform Your Life and Business with the Power of Gratitude, with Kevin Clayson

Transform Your Life and Business with the Power of Gratitude, with Kevin Clayson – TMA 018

Gratitude is a key ingredient in the abundance mindset recipe required for building a life and business you love.  It’s like the yeast in a bread recipe or the coffee beans in the coffee.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s the elixir of life.  It has the power to heal, elevate,…
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What Is Your Financial Picture?

What Is Your Financial Picture?

As important as savings is in our financial life, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the idea of savings.   As a result, many people think they’re saving when they are not saving at all.  When you don’t know your financial picture, you lack clarity and likely won’t have money to save. In order…
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How Do Your Savings Stack Up?

How Do Your Savings Stack Up?

So, here’s an action that you can do right away, in your personal financial life to determine how your savings stack up. Write down any places where you’re storing money. Now I say places because some of those might be accounts. It could be a savings account, a checking account, a money market account, a…
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Save Automatically Invest Intentionally

Save Automatically & Invest Intentionally

Often when we put money automatically into retirement plans, things like 401ks, 403bs, this is usually through a payroll deduction from an employer.  This is commonly referred to as ‘saving for retirement.’  However, this is investing because that money is often at risk in the stock market, and can lose value.  It’s time to save…
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Saving vs. Investing - What is Savings

Saving vs. Investing: What Is Savings? – TMA 017

What Is Savings: Why We Need a Definition In all the financial pressure you feel to plan for the future, have you ever stopped to consider, fundamentally, what is savings?  Often the answer is in asking the right questions.  Concerning great questions, this is one that will behoove you to ask, understand, and answer that…
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Trump's Tax Reform - What Entrepreneurs Need to Know, with Dustin Griffiths

Trump’s Tax Reform: What Entrepreneurs Need to Know, with Dustin Griffiths – TMA 016

Trump’s tax reform has made a lot of big changes to the tax code.  Because of the overhaul, our proactive tax team posted a series of blogs outlining the changes and what they mean for you.  When we read them, we knew right away that we wanted to share them with you. So, we brought…
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How to Save Like the Wealthy

How to Save Like the Wealthy – TMA 015

If you want to seize opportunities like the wealthy, you will need to save like the wealthy. Building a financial system is a lot like barrel racing. Far away from the roar of audiences, the outcome of the race is determined by the hours of preparation and conditioning spent outside the ring, out of the…
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Explode Real Estate Returns with Privatized Banking, an Interview with Jimmy Vreeland

Explode Real Estate Returns with Privatized Banking, with Jimmy Vreeland – TMA 014

One growing company is maximizing their real estate returns by using the premier financing strategy of the wealthy. As stand-alone tools, both real estate and high cash value life insurance are top-notch.  Their powers of cash flow, appreciation, equity, leverage, tax advantages, and a hedge against inflation are unrivaled by any other product. But when you combine…
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Why the wealthy love cash part 2

Why the Wealthy Love Cash, Part 2 – TMA 013

The concept of holding cash – savings – is such an intricate, multi-faceted one.  This series will walk you through the WHY, the compelling reasons to value and build cash savings. Then, we’ll show you how to apply it and reveal the key distinctions to keep you on track. If you have a great enough WHY, then…
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Prosperity Economics Principles with Kim D.H. Butler

Prosperity Economcis Principles, with Kim D.H. Butler – TMA 012

Kim Butler is a champion of Prosperity Economics principles who’s bringing them back into the mainstream.  She’s revitalizing the traditional way of thinking, condensing age-old wealth principles into the 7 Principles of Prosperity.  She helps people get their money doing more jobs and building wealth outside of Wall Street. She’s the owner of Partners 4…
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Why the wealthy love cash savings part 1

Why the Wealthy Love Cash, Part 1 – TMA 011

Have you ever had conflicting thoughts about cash savings?  You’d feel better with more savings, but you’re not really sure it’s a winning financial strategy. Savings is pure magic.  Within its seed is infinite and tremendous potential.  This article will help you see and unleash the power of savings to accomplish your financial goals. Savings is…
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How to Pay Less in Taxes, Legally, with Dustin Griffiths, Tax Strategist

How to Pay Less in Taxes Legally, with Dustin Griffiths – TMA 010

“Tax Empowered” vs. “Tax Scared” It’s time to stop tipping the IRS and pay less in taxes legally, from now on. No one likes paying the IRS, but are you letting the government steal from you?  If you aren’t strategic, tax deadlines can feel like doomsday.  You’re stuck with hating that you pay so much…
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top amazon seller Tyler Douthitt

Entrepreneurial Lessons from a Top Amazon Seller, with Tyler Douthitt – TMA 009

Along the 12-year journey to becoming a top Amazon seller, Tyler Douthitt has accumulated a wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom.  It takes a considerable amount of grit, resilience, vision, and self-awareness to make it to the top 2%. In this interview, you’ll note: His abundance perspective to create a great life, not only for himself but…
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Financial Planning: What is Prosperity Economics Part 2

What is Prosperity Economics? Part 2 – TMA 008

Typical Financial Planning vs. Prosperity Economics The Prosperity Economics Movement is a wholesome and positive remedy to the limitations, guesses, and fear-based typical financial planning. On the one hand, the typical financial conversation holds an underlying opinion that you should give your money to someone else more qualified than you, put it aside for the…
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Maximize Business Tax Deductions - Mark S

Maximizing Your Business Tax Deductions in 2018, with Mark Schreiber – TMA 007

Do you know if you’re maximizing your business tax deductions?  If the thought of the new year brings you tax anxiety, you’re not alone. Many business owners fear tax season and the “day of reckoning” when they find out how much they owe to Uncle Sam. No one likes to part with hard-earned dollars or…
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Typical Financial Planning vs Prosperity Economics

What is Prosperity Economics? Part 1 – TMA 006

Prosperity Economics has begun its renaissance as an alternative to typical financial planning.  An increasing number of courageous, conscious, independent thinkers have outgrown typical financial planning. They resonate with a different financial philosophy that provides more control, certainty, and permission to use their money now. For them, the financial status quo has been losing its…
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Infinite Banking - Increasing Capital and Cashflow, with Dr. Robert P. Murphy

Infinite Banking: Increasing Capital and Cashflow, with Dr. Robert P. Murphy – TMA 005

Infinite Banking is the perfect savings system for entrepreneurs.  It allows you to emulate the most powerful business model in the world: The Bank! Bob Murphy discusses out-of-the-box strategies that complement the entrepreneur.  He is an economist in an unconventional wrapper. His sense of humor and straight-talk help him convey the most perplexing concepts with…
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Abundance - Philosophy, Principles and Beliefs

Abundance: Philosophy, Principles and Beliefs – TMA 004

Your financial life should have come with the instructions: “For best results, abundance thinking required!”  Your financial results are a direct product of your way of thinking about money.  While it’s tempting to jump right into strategies and products and investments, you’ll never outperform your mindset.  You are your greatest investment, therefore exponential results are…
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Just Take Action

Just Take Action – TMA 003

With naivety that makes me laugh now, after having my first child, I thought I’d have so much free time, why not start a business? As much courage as it takes to tell one’s story, it’s also tremendously freeing and empowering. I heard it said that the most important gift we can give is our…
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The Mindset Shift

The Mindset Shift – TMA 002

At 25 years old, Bruce had chest pains and thought he was having a heart attack.  The crisis caused him to face his own mortality.  He re-evaluated the nobility of hard work, pushing himself, and hustling. Bruce’s backstory highlights two strategic mindset shifts that have developed him into the person he is today. Because of…
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How The Money Advantage Began

How The Money Advantage Began – TMA 001

The Money Advantage was born out of unexpected collaboration in the most unlikely of circumstances. Three financial service professionals in an industry known for its undercurrent of competition, from across state lines, different companies, different levels of experience, and different generations. With the common ground of a desire to bring empowering education to business owners…
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