Craig Ballantyne World's most disciplined man

The World’s Most Disciplined Man, with Craig Ballantyne

What are the top 1% of high-performers, producers, and achievers doing differently? How is it possible to get more done, scale your business, and have MORE time for what matters, not LESS? Discipline. It’s what you need, but it’s not what you think. You can’t hustle and grind into your ideal life. Our guest, Craig Ballantyne shares with us an alternative definition of discipline…and how working less may actually get you where you want to go.

Intrigued? Join us for a conversation with “The World’s Most Disciplined Man,” author of The Perfect Week Formula, The Perfect Day Formula, and Unstoppable, coach, builder of multiple 7-figure businesses.

If you want to achieve more than you thought possible, while working less… tune in now!

Why is Craig Ballantyne the “World’s Most Disciplined Man”?

[2:30] “It came about…because about 10 years ago I was finishing up my career in the fitness industry, and I was starting another business, helping entrepreneurs be more productive. And some of my friends would be like, ‘Man, how do you get so much done?’… And they first started calling me the most productive person. Then that just kind of morphed into the most disciplined, because in order to be productive, you really have to have discipline.”

However, the way Craig Ballantyne identifies discipline may not be what you’d expect. Craig shares that most people define discipline as additional tasks to do. 

[3:20] “I actually take the opposite approach, and I call it effortless discipline. And what this is, is it’s really not using willpower, it’s not making your life harder. It is simply building systems into which success becomes automatic.”

Becoming More Productive 

[5:40] “…I joked that I was lazy and undisciplined because I didn’t have the systems and stuff at home in order to be effective and disciplined and productive. But anybody can build the systems around themselves to be successful.”

The trick, Craig asserts, is not adjusting your life to fit his productivity principles and systems. Instead, you adjust the systems to fit your life. For example, he frequently shares the idea of “attacking your morning” with his audience. Some may interpret this as a call to wake up earlier, however, Craig recognizes that many people are night owls. So it’s less important when people wake up, and more important that whatever time they wake up, they make use of that time. 

Creating Systems in Your Day

[12:30] “We can control our morning: we can control what time we get up, we can control what we have for breakfast more than most other meals. We can control what time we get started on our work—that sort of stuff. And we control what we let into our heads—whether we go to YouTube immediately, or Twitter immediately, or we actually sit down with a book. Or we sit down and work on our number one priorities. We have a lot of control in the morning. And the more control we put over the morning, the better we’re going to be able to deal with the chaos that comes in the afternoon.”

Craig Ballantyne

[15:30] “Everybody listening to this is probably familiar with Dilbert, you know, the cartoon. And Scott Adams, who writes Dilbert, has actually written some really great books on being successful in life… The title of his book is ‘How to Fail at Everything and Still Succeed in Life,’ I think. And he just talks about how everything is not about goal-setting, it’s about system building.”

Craig Ballantyne continues to say that goal-setting is really like wishful thinking. Creating a system, on the other hand, helps you make strides toward your goals. Goals don’t necessarily have systems in place though. So you can make a lot more progress setting up systems that keep you consistent, rather than goals with no structure.

[17:51] “One of the things I have as a system is public accountability… That works really well for me, and I build it into my systems.”

Why Value-Alignment Matters

[23:55] “I see people who are productive in life, but you actually look at the things that they’ve done, and they’re productive at the wrong things. So you can get 118 things done in a day, but if they’re things that don’t actually do anything for your real, true goals… It’s like being in Los Angeles and running really really fast west if you want to get to New York City.”

[24:35] “Your values and vision drive every decision.” 

[25:40] “You say that you want to go this way in life, but your actions are actually going in the opposite direction. And you’re not aligned. That misalignment causes stress, anxiety, fights with your spouse, and all that sort of stuff.”

[27:35] “It takes a lot of introspection and self-reflection to figure out what you truly, truly want. Because a lot of us, what we say we want are things that society has suggested that we want, that our friends want, that our friends have.”

About Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is known as the “World’s Most Disciplined Man”. Born lazy and introverted, and suffering crippling anxiety attacks, Craig built systems that allowed him to build multiple 7-figure businesses stress-free. 

His first multi-million dollar business was his Turbulence Training fitness empire with over 151,000 customers and 25 million YouTube views. He then wrote his first book, The Perfect Day Formula, which has helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs get more done and make more money. 

Today he owns and coaches thousands of entrepreneurs from over 45 countries. His latest book, The Perfect Week Formula, shows you how to build your business around your life, rather than trying to squeeze in a little bit of life around working all the time in your business. Craig lives with his wife Michelle in Vancouver, Canada.

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Craig and his team have a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) of giving away 100,000 digital copies of his books. That’s because Craig knows his books can change lives–and we do too! 

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