How to Pay Less Tax

pay less tax

Concerned about taxes in the future? Taxes are a huge eroder of wealth. While you do not have control over tax rates, you can strategically position yourself to maintain control of as much of your money as possible. Taxes are at a historic low, so it is time to learn how to pay less tax…

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Interest Rates: What Does it Mean for Infinite Banking?

what do interest rates mean for infinite banking

Are you concerned about rising interest rates? How will they affect your Infinite Banking policies? What about inflation and infinite banking? What do interest rates mean for infinite banking?  Today, we’ll be discussing the infinite banking concept, and how it relates to interest rates. We’ll also explore the implications of this concept for infinite banking…

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Money is Spiritual, with Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Money Is Spiritual

Money is often confused, misunderstood, and classified as part of our basic, natural, carnal human nature. But money is spiritual. Understanding, earning, using, managing, and growing money is a part of our lives that is deeply spiritual. Rabbi Lapin knows this, and shares his wisdom about money far and wide. Today, Rabbi Daniel Lapin explains why,…

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Inflation, Pensions, and Infinite Banking Q&A

inflation pensions and infinite banking

Considering Infinite Banking, got questions? We love your questions because we know that gaining clarity and getting answers frees you up to make decisions about your financial life. And chances are if you’re asking, someone else is too! Today, we’re tackling audience questions on inflation, pensions, and infinite banking. To get more clarity on common…

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18 Summers, with Jim Sheils

18 Summers

You only have 18 summers with your kids. How will you make them count? Today, we’re talking with Jim Sheils of 18 Summers and author of The Family Boardroom. We’re digging into how you—the entrepreneur, business owner, and busy parent—can deepen your relationship with your child. So, if you want to create lifelong connections, trust,…

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10 Reasons You Need Life Insurance

10 reasons you need life insurance

Despite the fact that many know they need life insurance, nearly half of consumers do not have insurance, according to a 2021 LIMRA study. The most common reasons are that they think it is too expensive, they have other financial priorities, or they aren’t aware of what they need and what type to purchase. To…

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Marshall Family Banking System: The Capitalization Phase

Do you want to build your family bank that will provide capital to you and future generations? Come see behind the scenes as we talk about our Marshall Family Banking System in real-time.  Today, we’re updating you in real-time to show the impacts of paying another year of premium, how our cash value is growing, and…

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Is Mass Mutual Shooting Down the Infinite Banking Concept?

Mass Mutual, a top life insurance company and heavily relied upon insurance carrier in the Infinite Banking space, recently came out with a memo to their agents against the Infinite Banking Concept. They shared that the company doesn’t support concepts that promote or present whole life insurance as a personal banking policy that prioritizes maximizing…

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Seven Deadly Economic Sins, with James Otteson

You have heard of the Seven Deadly Sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. Each is a natural human weakness that impedes happiness. In addition to these vices, however, there are economic sins as well. And they, too, wreak havoc on our lives and in society. They can seem intuitively compelling, yet they…

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