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Applying Poker Game Theory to Entrepreneurship, with Jordan River

Jordan River: Applying Poker Game Theory to Entrepreneurship

In today’s podcast, we interview Jordan River.  You’ll hear about how he turned a $50 deposit into $50,000 in online poker winnings in 12 months using GTO (game theory optimization).  He’ll share how using the principles of GTO will help you grow your business.  Where Building Your Business Fits into the Cash Flow System Investing in your…

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Buy-Sell Agreements: Using Life Insurance to Fund Your Exit Strategy

Buy-Sell Agreements - Using Life Insurance to Fund Your Exit Strategy

Locking in your business exit strategy with a buy-sell agreement and funding it with life insurance can create great certainty.  The reason is that it will accommodate the continuity of your business in the broadest range of circumstances. Planning for your business continuation when you or your business partners exit is critical.  It could mean the…

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Simple Passive Cashflow, with Lane Kawaoka

Lane Kawaoka: Simple Passive Cashflow

In today’s podcast, we interview Lane Kawaoka, the “engineer passively investing in real estate”. He controls over 2600 units across ten states, and is the host of Simple Passive Cashflow. He recorded the show from Belize, where he was doing due diligence on some coffee and chocolate farms. We’re discussing his journey to financial freedom…

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Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Whole Life Insurance

Before Canceling Your Whole Life Insurance Read Why You Shouldn't Cancel Your Whole Life Insurance

Before you cancel your whole life insurance policy, read this first. No matter your reasons, you need to know what canceling means and why it’s not usually your ideal move. At some point, you saw the value in owning whole life. You could have sought out the protection for your family, the cash storage, the…

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Done For You Real Estate, with Kevin Clayson

Done For You Real Estate - Kevin Clayson

Today’s interview is about turnkey investing with Done For You Real Estate (DFY).  We’ll also discuss the tips, tricks, and secrets of turnkey investing, and reveal how every investor can replace their income with rental real estate.  Where Investing Fits into the Cash Flow System As important as it is to invest in the right…

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Why the Executive Bonus Plan Is the Ideal Golden Handcuffs

Executive Bonus Plan: The Ideal Golden Handcuffs

The Executive Bonus Plan can be the ideal “golden handcuffs” for the top talent you can’t afford to lose.  In truth, associating long-term dedicated employment with slavery seems a bit archaic and melodramatic.  We all know you can’t keep good people by holding them hostage.  Instead, you’ve got to set the table that attracts them…

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Wellings Capital: Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate, with Paul Moore

Paul Moore, Wellings Capital

Wellings Capital provides access to value-add recession-resistant assets. They’ve accomplished this by partnering with expert operators in the storage facility, manufactured housing community, and multifamily apartment spaces.  Wellings Capital funds offer accredited investors 15%+ returns without having to work so hard to find great individual deals.  Today’s conversation unpacks the current trends in these commercial…

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