How Infinite Banking Loan Interest Works

Infinite Banking Loan Interest

Want to use your Infinite Banking policy, but wish you understand the nuts and bolts of how Infinite Banking loan interest works first? Today, we’re answering a question from our wonderful community of listeners: What’s the policy loan if I wanted to borrow 1K? Are there any interest rates?—Riley Nelson So if you want to…

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5 Reasons Your Financial Plan is Failing

5 Reasons Your Financial Plan Is Failing

Are you on track for financial freedom? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re not alone.  Most people think the answer is how much more they have left before the house is paid off, how much left on the student loans, the balance of their retirement fund, the stock market’s performance, the Federal…

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Bob Wheeler, the Money Nerve

Bob Wheeler - The Money Nerve

How do you create a healthy relationship with money that serves you? Today, we’re talking with Bob Wheeler, author of The Money Nerve, about how to create radical abundance. Bruce and I recently had the pleasure of joining Bob on his podcast, Money You Should Ask, and we just knew we had to share him with…

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Creating a Balanced Wealth Portfolio

Balanced Wealth Portfolio

We like to ask our audience, what is your biggest challenge with building wealth, and we receive so many insightful questions. Today, we’re answering a question from Matt about how to create a balanced wealth portfolio.  So if you want to make sure you’re thinking through all the pieces of your financial plan and doing…

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Pumpkin Plan Your Business, with Mike Michalowicz

Mike-Michalowicz Pumpkin Plan

Want to grow and scale a profitable business? It’s just like growing a giant pumpkin! Back on the show after discussing Profit First, we have multi-best-selling author Mike Michalowicz to discuss some of newest books: The Pumpkin Plan, and Get Different. I promise, a few minutes with this guy and you’ll have a whole new…

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How to Get Business Credit, with Ty Crandall

Ty Crandall, Business Credit with Credit Suite

Need capital in your business, fast? Today, we’re talking about another way to get a capital infusion through business credit.   The problem is that most business owners who want financing don’t get as much as they could, because they haven’t worked on the qualification process. That’s where CreditSuite can help. Ty Crandall has become a…

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Life Insurance Demutualization: What it is and What it Means for You

life insurance Demutualization

For Infinite Banking, the ideal policy is a specially designed, high cash value, dividend-paying, whole life insurance policy with a mutual company. But some mutual companies, including Ohio National, have recently demutualized. So what is whole life insurance demutualization, and what does it mean? Today, we’re going to talk about demutualizing and how it affects…

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How to Find Money for College, with Seth Greene

How To Find Money For College - Seth Greene

Paying for college is daunting, and can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know what you’re doing. The government may decide that on paper, you can afford plenty… though that’s rarely the case with ever-increasing education costs. If you’re wondering how to find money for college, look no further. Today, Seth Greene is joining…

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