Seven Generations Legacy Book Launch

Seven Generations Legacy

In this episode, we discuss how our new book, “Seven Generations Legacy,” serves as a guide to creating a lasting legacy for future generations. The discussion emphasized the significance of leaving behind more than just material wealth.  In the world of wealth management and estate planning, the term “legacy” is often used to refer to…

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Successful Parenting for Prosperous Families, with Dr. Lee Hausner

The glitz and glamour of the affluent world may seem highly appealing with its endless opportunities and vast resources. However, successful parenting within this context can present unique and sometimes complex challenges. This complexity stems from the need to balance comfort and indulgence with long-term development and well-being. In this episode, renowned expert Dr. Lee…

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Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 16: Controlling the Banking Function

Controlling the banking function

Prepare to elevate your financial game as we unravel the infinite secrets in Nelson Nash’s Infinite Banking concept. Promise yourself a brighter financial future armed with the knowledge of how you can start controlling the banking function in your life, maximizing your cash value, and creating a lasting legacy.  We’ll reveal how to strategically capitalize…

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Embracing the Infinite Banking Concept, with Becca Wilhite

Becca Wilhite

Join us on an enlightening journey with our guest, Becca Wilhite, a certified IBC practitioner, as we explore her personal path into the world of the Infinite Banking Concept and the IBC Practitioners Program. From a basketball player to a worship leader, Becca’s eclectic background is fascinating, and her initial skepticism towards life insurance is…

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Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 14: Financing with Infinite Banking

Financing with Infinite Banking

Want to see firsthand how financing with Infinite Banking will help you come out ahead? Get ready for a mind-shift as we journey through the concept of infinite banking, as presented in Nelson Nash’s groundbreaking book, Becoming Your Own Banker. We promise to challenge your conventional thinking about storing capital and show you a more…

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3 Reasons to Leave an Inheritance

3 reasons to leave an inheritance

Have you ever paused to ponder the legacy you’re creating, the inheritance you’re accumulating, or the lasting impression you’re leaving behind? The thought can be heavy, even daunting – but it’s a conversation worth having. With a focus on infinite banking and the inevitable death benefit that will be left to your heirs, we venture…

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Becoming Your Own Banker, Part 13: Overfunding Life Insurance

Prepare to unravel the mystique behind funding and overfunding life insurance, and the empowering concept of becoming your own banker. This episode holds the key to understanding how to fund a life insurance policy, maximize its cash value, and reap the benefits. Our human-centric approach puts you, the listener, at the forefront as we examine…

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New Agent Licensing and IMOs

New Agent Licensing IMOs

Are you a new agent or looking to join the insurance industry, and wondering exactly just how and where to get started? In today’s podcast, Bruce and Rachel will help you know how to set up your business, how to get licensed, and what you need to know about joining an insurance IMO or a…

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