How to Make Money Online with Brian Dixon

How to Make Money Online, with Brian Dixon

Where do you start in navigating a clear path to impact and income? How do you make money online?

Brian Dixon says to start with your people. He’s the marketing mentor and business coach who helps you get the clarity to grow your business.

So if you want to create a sustainable business, market with confidence, and make money authentically … tune in now!

Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey

One of the great things about entrepreneurship is that you can start anywhere, with anything. The world has need of many types of people. Brian Dixon’s journey began with music. Aside from writing and performing music, Brian learned how to cold-call venues… and he enjoyed it. 

[4:41] “That for me was like my first entrepreneurial journey; [it] was just being the guy that went and got the gigs for the bands. And then I’m like, ‘Wow, people come to the show, so let’s sell them something.’”

Brian’s music journey helped him become a better entrepreneur and taught him the skills needed to provide value to his people. For example, playing gigs helped him learn what kind of merchandise people wanted. This is how you grow a business: find something you love, and learn how to market and grow that into something that creates value for the audience that loves and wants what you offer.

Start with Value to Make Money Online

The key to creating a valuable online business is to do or create something that people want. It’s the secret to all businesses. Money follows value because money represents value. One of Brian’s early businesses began as a way to help the people close to him. In fact, it wasn’t even designed to be a business. He just saw a need for something in the world and made it. 

[10:32] “My wife and I took spring break that year and instead of going on vacation, which was well earned working with middle school kids, we decided to stay for a week, for all of spring break, pull ourselves up into the video studio at the school, and we filmed a DVD. And it was called ‘The Internet and Your Kids: Healthy Habits for a Safe Online Home…’ I didn’t even think it was a product yet…I just want[ed] to help these families.”

Brian and his wife simply made the DVDs because they saw that it would help relatives, parents of students, and the students themselves. They sent the files to a print-on-demand company, ordered a few for the classroom, and next thing they knew they had made their first $800. 

Your Past Can Direct Your Future

[16:06] “I just fell in love with the idea that I have a message that matters, but you have a message that matters. And I can make a bigger dent in the universe, right, I can make a bigger impact in my lifetime when I help other people figure out how to take the message out of their heart and out of their head and get it onto the web.”

The answer to your purpose, Brian believes, is to look to the very things you or your loved ones have overcome, because chances are there are other people with those same struggles who need to get where you are.

[18:56] “I’d say you have to mine your past for diamonds. You look back and you go, what is it that I have overcome? What is it that I have struggled with, or somebody that I love and know has struggled with, and I helped them?”

Brian’s 3 Steps to Finding Purpose

When Brian helps clients find their own voice and business, he uses a three step process to unearth their message. The first step is to identify the pain points that you have experience solving. Then, you find the promise, or the promised land. You might be there right now. As Brian puts it, the ‘you’ who was experiencing the pain in the past wants to be where you are now, on the other side of the problem. 

How to Make Money Online with Brian Dixon

The third step is to identify the path to get to the promise. In other words, you know the pain you’ve experienced, you know what’s on the other side of that pain. Now you just need to retrace those steps to guide others along that path too. 

Once you know your “3 Ps,” Brian suggests sharing it for free. Talk about it on social media, and connect with people with who your message resonates. Eventually, a next step will reveal itself; people will reach out and ask you how you did it. 

[22:07] “You can help people who are stuck where you used to be stuck. And you’re the best case study because you’ve lived it, like you’re still here today, and that’s awesome.”

The Power of a Growth Mindset

Brian shares in building his own business, he found early on that he wasn’t getting repeat clients. After some time, he decided to send out a survey to his contacts for feedback. Surprisingly, a lot of his feedback was that he wasn’t focused enough on relationships. So he used that feedback to really nurture his clients. 

What really drove Brian’s growth, though, was that he had the ability to separate feedback from personal attack. In other words, the responses to his survey were not about his character flaws. The feedback simply represented how Brian was showing up for clients, and it wasn’t in the way that many of them wanted. So he adjusted. We can all be more growth-minded if we detach our ego from our business and simply look at our ability to show up and solve problems for people in the most effective way possible. 

Of course, there’s a balance to strike. Some people may find that their business is too relationship-driven for some clients, and it takes longer to get down to business. Knowing who you are and how you get results is as important as showing up for clients in the ways they need you to. 

[39:01] “I think if I end up at the top of the mountain and the top of my industry, but I burned all these bridges along the way, that’s not success. In the same way it’s not success if my kids hate me, it’s not success if my clients hate me.” 

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About Brian Dixon

“And I believe that you were made for a purpose. By clarifying your calling, discovering your audience, and creating your products, you can navigate a clear path to impact and income.

My mission is to help authors, speakers, and aspiring messengers to create a sustainable business through navigating tech overwhelm, learning to market with confidence, and making money authentically! 

Your message matters! I’m here to help you share your message authentically, make money ethically, and grow your business sustainably.”

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