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The Number 1 Secret to Succeeding

If you’re shaking your head at the state of the world right now, you’re not alone. There are food shortages, supply chain disruption, medical mandates, unemployment, price inflation, and more of our freedoms at stake.

Yet, people are thriving, there’s more opportunity than ever, and you will succeed if you live by this one truth.  To join the conversation… tune in now!

The Domino Effect of Supply Chains

Are the shelves at your local stores looking a bit empty? If so, you’re not alone. And while there may technically be food “shortages,” we’re not lacking food. What we’re actually experiencing is shortages along the supply chain. Lack of workers, for example, means that there are gaps in how food and other goods get distributed to stores. This is the same reason it’s taking longer to receive packages. 

There’s no huge headlining problem, rather there are small structural pieces missing that are affecting the economy on a global scale. And these small pieces can have a massive domino effect. Because if a single piece of this supply chain is broken, everything that comes after that “break” is delayed or impacted. 

If you’re looking for a great read for all ages—The Miraculous Pencil, a children’s book by Connor Boyack about free markets, really breaks down the global economic infrastructure. 

It’s Easy to Be Discouraged…

When you look at the state of the world and know that our freedoms hang in the balance, it can be devastating. It’s easy to feel discouraged by the news and media. However, it’s important not to let this mindset make you feel hopeless, or like you no longer have control. 

I think we can walk in a state of abundance because here’s what I know: people are still finding tremendous opportunity in the midst of the state of the world.

Walking in Abundance

The big question is, are we going to walk in scarcity, or are we going to walk in abundance? And the choice may seem obvious, but it’s important to actively choose abundance. You have to live abundance to walk in abundance. 

In a world like what we’re experiencing now, that means not walking in fear. It can also look like not hoarding supplies and food, and being confident that you will be provided for, as well as your fellow man. 

Walking in abundance may also mean looking at your income, and determining how to maximize your income and your cash flow. How can you manage your resources so that you have increased access to and control of those resources?

An Abundance Mindset Causes Success

Actively cultivating an abundant mindset doesn’t just increase your odds of success. This mindset actively causes success. When you think abundantly—free of fear, free of limitation—you can see and seize opportunities that someone living in scarcity mode is simply unequipped to do. 

If thinking this way doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t worry just yet. Fortunately, you can train yourself to think this way. It takes work, consistency, and time—but it is possible. 

The whole spectrum of scarcity to abundance can all be boiled down to this idea of being in fear or being in faith. If you are in fear, it’s very easy to be controlled by other things, and not be in control. And scarcity always causes you to give up control.

In today’s world, there are a lot of fears: fear of the virus, fear of the vaccine, fear of shortages, and job loss and mandates. We could continue the list for quite some time. The point is, when you act solely upon these fears, you allow the fear to control you. Choosing abundance means asking how you can act in faith, even when the world around you feels uncontrollable. 

Entrepreneurs Are the Real Movers and Shakers

Entrepreneurs, whether you realize it or not, make the world go round. It is entrepreneurs who innovate and breathe solutions and new life into the world. If you see the world abundantly, you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 

I’m really excited at the opportunity for individual people to be able to take their unique lens of the world and be able to improve the world and improve other people’s lives. As we stay focused on that, we don’t have to participate in the scarcity thinking.

Just because we’re living in the same world doesn’t mean we have to operate with the same lens. There’s a lot of fear around in the world but we can not just survive but thrive in the midst of that. And this will continue to be true, so long as we choose to see it.

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Rachel Marshall

Rachel Marshall is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Educator of The Money Advantage and President of Marshall's Insurance and Financial Services. She is known for making money simple, fun, and doable. Rachel has built a team of licensed professionals (investment advisors, insurance agents, attorneys, tax strategists) to help her clients create time and money freedom with cash flow strategies, Privatized Banking, and alternative investments. Rachel is the co-host of The Money Advantage podcast, the popular business and personal finance show. She teaches how to keep more of the money you make, protect it, and turn it into cash-flowing assets.
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