Indestructible Wealth Jack Gibson

Indestructible Wealth, with Jack Gibson

How do you build wealth that lasts? Today, we’re talking with Jack Gibson, an international, serial entrepreneur who’s built multi-million dollar enterprises, twice. So, if you want to utilize the secrets of the wealthy to build indestructible wealth with multiple streams of income, and instill the entrepreneurial spirit in your children… tune in now!

Last time we had Jack on the show we discussed The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First Property.

Success and Fulfillment

Wealth is not a guarantee, and even those who have money may not be truly wealthy. The thing about wealth—true wealth—is that it has more to do with the lasting quality of your money than the amount of money you have. Can your wealth weather tough economies? Can you rebuild your wealth, if lost? How long will your wealth last? These are all questions that can help you determine whether or not your wealth is indestructible.

Jack Gibson, helps entrepreneurs to build meaningful wealth with staying power. In other words, he helps people to understand that in order to have true wealth, one must protect and insure that wealth.

[6:25] “We have to be totally present to the fact that our money, our wealth, could be taken from us. Or it could be lost, or it could be stolen, or it could get eroded. All of those things are entirely possible.”

Having a sum of money can go a long way in protecting your livelihood, but your mindset and ability to create money and wealth are far more valuable.

Indestructible wealth, truly, begins with your mindset. A resourceful and entrepreneurial mind are key, because they can help you replenish your stores when the unexpected happens. 

[7:55] “You could take everything away from Jack Gibson right now. And although I really hope that doesn’t happen… I feel you could drop me off at any town with a hundred bucks in America, and eventually, a decade later, I’ll be coming out a multi-millionaire again. 

Fixing Your Money Mindset for Indestructible Wealth

[10:29] “Whatever you believe that you can or you can’t do, you’re right… What are some of the beliefs that you’ve been given, that maybe you’re not even aware of, that could be preventing you from creating wealth…?”

Take popular media–how many movies have you seen where the villain is rich and evil? In our conversation, Jack cites Titanic as being one of the more insidious examples. While it may be a great movie, it does almost too good a job of painting the rich as careless, calculating villains. 

This mindset can keep so many people not just from amassing wealth but from creating indestructible wealth. After all, who wants to become the villain?

[12:10] “I think that for my platform, the more people–good people–that I can teach how to make great money, then I know that they’re going to do really great things for other humans with that.”

Money Isn’t Evil

While we may be steeped in a culture that loathes the rich, money itself isn’t evil. Money is an idea, and simply amplifies who you are as a person. And you can’t ignore that money can do a lot of good, too. This is why it’s important to be charitable, for example. But if you don’t do acts of service now, is money going to change anything?

Jack shares his own story about why, regardless of your wealth or status, it’s important to practice and live the habits you wish to cultivate now.

Indestructible Wealth Jack Gibson

[15:00] “What I teach is just start exercising that muscle, because as you continue to grow and flourish in your businesses and your investments, and growing your money, then that’s just going to amplify who you already are and the way that you’re being.”

Jack shares that he was able to give $40,000 to his church last year, and money to other causes besides, because he was already charitable. He learned to be generous and help causes that mattered to him before he had significant wealth. That way, as his bank account grew, it was easy to continue to support what mattered to him. If he wasn’t already service-minded, it would be much harder to become so out of nowhere.

You don’t get where you want to go and become the person you want to be, by waiting until you’ve hit a certain milestone. It’s the law of inertia–a body in motion stays in motion, but a body at rest stays at rest. You must put the habits you want to accumulate in motion in order to have them carry over later. 

You’ve got to start where you are, to get where you want to go. 

The Stages of Building Indestructible Wealth

One does not simply build indestructible wealth by accident, nor by luck. A lottery ticket or a lucky stock pick will not build the type of wealth you’re looking for. You may have money, temporarily, but the secret to indestructible wealth is being purposeful.

Developing your mindset, your strengths, and your skills have a significant impact on your ability to build and sustain wealth, no matter what happens to your money. This is something that must be learned and cultivated–it doesn’t just rub off on those who receive a windfall. Therefore, in your quest to build wealth that is truly indestructible, you must invest in your mindset and work in your zone of genius.

Investing in a Cash Flowing Business

The next stage of indestructible wealth is to invest in a cash-flowing business. As you think about a business you might like to start or support, consider whether or not it’s “scalable”. In other words, how much can this business grow? And how much can it grow without you?

Scalability allows you to grow a business beyond needing you to manage it. Otherwise, you trap yourself in a system that you can’t take a vacation from. If your business needs one hundred percent of your time and energy to be successful, it cannot be sustainable.

A scalable business involves delegation. The more you can build a team of people to handle day-to-day operations, the more you have room to grow. This type of business can expand more rapidly, and without the limitations of a single generator of revenue.

Invest in Non-Speculative Assets

Once you have a cash-flowing business, it’s time to focus on the protection and certainty stage. This means building a liquid store of cash savings, and assets not correlated to the stock market, or “speculation.” We recommend the Infinite Banking Concept for this step. Not only is it a great warehouse for your wealth—it is liquid, tax-advantaged, and has safe growth.

Whole life insurance has additional benefits, such as protection from creditors and privacy from the IRS. It’s a great foundation for your other investments and assets because of it’s safety.

Save and Invest in Speculative Assets

Finally, you have speculative assets. While this can include the stock market, it also covers cryptocurrency, early-stage technology companies, and early-stage bio-technology, among other things. These are assets and investments that are unpredictable in nature and require more of a leap of faith approach (in addition to research).

[37:35] “You want to have different investment risks, buckets of risk. So that’s my risky investment bucket, but it could also move the needle on my net worth in a huge way. So if it doesn’t work out–if the research was wrong, or something doesn’t go the way we had hoped that it goes..then your lifestyle isn’t affected, you’re okay, because your income is going to get replenished from stages one, two, and three.”

Unfortunately, many people are skipping the first three stages of wealth, straight to the risky investments. People, especially young people, want to get rich quickly and only invest. If you don’t have the capital to fall back on if something goes wrong, it can be financially devastating. However, some people will end up learning this the hard way. 


About Jack Gibson

Jack Gibson is highly regarded as an international, serial entrepreneur and financial thought leader. Driven to success in business and life, Jack built a profitable business from his college dorm room, and then went to build 2 multi-million dollar businesses in real estate.

He is a sought-after speaker, sharing his experience with high school classes, business networking groups, sales teams, and aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Jack shares his dynamic message through his 5-star ranked, “High Return Real Estate Podcast” and his entertaining, raw and real, highly rated and 5 star ranked “Indestructible Wealth” podcast.

Jack believes in investing in the community. This core value led to a prestigious nomination as “Humanitarian of the Year” for fundraising a quarter of a million dollars for disadvantaged youth in Michigan.

Jack pioneered a 7-part process that empowers people to make financially smart and strategic decisions. His goal is to help people live fulfilled lives now instead of waiting for retirement.

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