Seven Generations Legacy

Seven Generations Legacy Book Launch

In this episode, we discuss how our new book, “Seven Generations Legacy,” serves as a guide to creating a lasting legacy for future generations. The discussion emphasized the significance of leaving behind more than just material wealth. 

In the world of wealth management and estate planning, the term “legacy” is often used to refer to the financial inheritance we leave behind for our loved ones. However, legacy extends beyond monetary value and encompasses our values, traditions, and life lessons that are passed down to future generations. 

(0:01:00) – Seven Generations Legacy: Design a Multi-Generational Legacy (10 Minutes)

This segment explores the importance of legacy planning and creating a multi-generational legacy beyond just money. We discuss the questions and concerns many people have about what will happen to their children and their values after they pass away. Introducing our new book, “Seven Generations Legacy: Design a Multigenerational Legacy of More than Money” we explain how it can help readers create a lasting legacy for their families. Gain insight into the importance of legacy planning and how this book can guide you in creating a meaningful and impactful legacy for future generations.

(0:10:45) – Near-Death Experience and Reflection on Family (14 Minutes)

This segment explores the personal experience of the host, Rachel, who faced severe health complications after delivering her second daughter. Rachel shares her near-death experience and the miraculous recovery that followed, highlighting the emotions and realizations that came with this life-threatening event. The conversation delves into the understanding that life is a precious gift and emphasizes the significance of each individual’s purpose within their family.

(0:24:33) – Book Pre-Order Special Offers (11 Minutes)

This segment explores the topic of legacy planning and how to leave a financial inheritance for your children without negatively impacting their character and stewardship. We discuss the power of money and how it can magnify one’s soul, emphasizing that it is neither inherently good nor bad. Building strong relationships within the family, especially between spouses, is crucial for creating a cohesive and unified legacy. We also offer a special pre-order bonus for our listeners, including the audiobook and e-book, as well as tools for building resilient relationships and getting started with estate planning. Additionally, we reveal a special bonus on how to train children for financial stewardship. Overall, this chapter provides valuable insights and practical tools for creating a lasting legacy for your family.

So, when you pre-order your copy (BY DECEMBER 9TH), just email a screenshot of your purchase to, and we’ll send you your AUDIOBOOK + E-BOOK you can read right away, PLUS the Financial Literacy Lessons ABSOLUTELY FREE!…/dp/B0CN1RX8H8

(0:35:18) – Seven Generations Legacy Planning and Meaningful Inheritance (13 Minutes)

This chapter explores the main problem with typical legacy and estate planning, which often overlooks the deeper meaning behind the legacy. Instead of solely focusing on money and legal structures, we discuss the importance of considering the values and intentions behind leaving an inheritance. We also touch on the “shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves” proverb, which highlights the common downfall of generational wealth. To break this curse, we emphasize the need to develop not only financial capital, but also the family relationships and foundation that allow wealth to flow through generations.

(0:48:40) – Passing on Generational Wealth and Legacy (15 Minutes)

This chapter explores the topic of leaving a legacy for future generations, specifically through financial inheritance. We discuss the importance of not just passing down money, but also instilling values and skills in our children so that they can continue to pass down wealth to their own children. We also touch on the idea of thinking seven generations ahead, and how this can lead to better decision making and a stronger legacy. Additionally, we share our personal favorite section of the book, which includes writing love letters to our children and affirming them with our love. Overall, this chapter emphasizes the importance of intentional and long-term thinking when it comes to leaving a lasting legacy for our descendants.

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Navigating the pitfalls of leaving an inheritance, complexities of wealth transfer, and family legacies can be challenging, but with the right approach and guidance, it is possible to create successful and prosperous families. By understanding the power of money, instilling the right values in the next generation, and adopting intentional and strategic planning, families can ensure a lasting and positive impact on future generations.

Would you like guidance for creating a meaningful and impactful family legacy? Do you want to coordinate your finances so that everything works together to improve your life today, accelerate time and money freedom, and leave the greatest legacy? We can help!  Book an Introductory Call with our team today, and find out how Privatized Banking, alternative investments, or cash flow strategies can help you accomplish your goals better and faster. That being said, if you want to find out more about how Privatized Banking gives you the most safety, liquidity, and growth… plus boosts your investment returns, and guarantees a legacy, go to to learn more.

Rachel Marshall

Rachel Marshall is a devoted wife and nurturing mother to three wonderful children. Rachel is a speaker, coach, and the author of Seven Generations Legacy™, passionate about helping enterprising families unlock their true potential and live into the multi-generational legacy they are destined for. After a near-death experience, she developed a deep understanding of the significance of recognizing and embracing one's unique legacy As Co-Founder and Chief Financial Educator of The Money Advantage, Rachel Marshall is renowned for her ability to make money simple, fun, and doable. She empowers her clients to build sustainable multi-generational wealth and create a legacy that extends far beyond mere financial success. Rachel's expertise lies in helping wealth creators remove the fear of money ruining their children, give instructions for stewarding family money, teach financial stewardship and create perpetual wealth through family banking, and save time coordinating family finances. Rachel co-hosts The Money Advantage podcast, a highly popular show that delves into business and personal finance, including how to effectively manage finances, protect wealth, and generate sustainable cash flow. Rachel's engaging teaching style and practical advice have made her a trusted source of financial wisdom for her listeners.
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