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Accelerate My Revenue: High Ticket Sales and Virtual Events, with Eileen Wilder

Did you know that it’s possible to compress your annual goals and accomplish them in a day? With virtual events, all things are possible. Here’s your permission to blow the lid off your expectations for your income! Eileen Wilder, known as “The Queen of Stages,” is a master communicator, trainer, teacher, and advocate for growing (and monetizing) your personal influence for more impact, more income, and most of all—more fun!

So today, find out how you can accelerate your revenue, leverage your time, and scale your business in 2022… tune in now!

The Beginnings of Accelerate My Revenue 

Eileen Wilder began her journey as a pastor, and together with her husband decided to explore the online space. This entrepreneurial journey eventually led to Eileen’s first six-figure day. In a single day, she earned $108,000. This occurred about three months into her entrepreneurial journey and sparked her understanding of the power of speaking. 

It wasn’t just an incremental journey; it was a quantum leap for Eileen and her family. Immediately, this spurred them to pause everything and try to figure out exactly what they did so they could replicate it. This led to them passing the million-dollar mark of revenue well within a year, and even exceeding that. 

[5:38] “I just want to encourage you. 2021 was not great for many, many reasons, on so many fronts. I have disastrous things that happened in my [life]; you know health reasons, loss of [a] family member. However, the opportunity to impact more lives has never been greater, as a result of what happened in 2021. As a result of covid. shutting things down, the online virtual space is exploding, and virtual events are repeatedly, systematically, day-by-day are doing six and seven-figure days.” 

If you have a message, or what Eileen calls a stirring in your heart, there has never been a better time to get that out into the world. 

Combatting Insecurity

Finding exponential growth is possible, no matter who you are. However, it requires transformational thinking. Insecurity, self-doubt, and low confidence can all get in the way of the message you have to share with the world. 

[7:45] “Brendon Burchard said, ‘Your internal insecurity is not market reality.’ And oftentimes what’s happening internally in our mental mind drama, the mind movies we have, and the stories we’re telling ourselves…is actually not the market reality. The market is trading billions of dollars every day–products, programs, services. And get this: they’re inferior to what you offer.” 

The first step to your journey of success is to stop allowing your internal insecurity to sabotage your potential impact on the world. 

[8:44] “There’s more than enough for all of us to have more than enough, with more than enough left over.”

Stop Seeing Money as Limited

The next hurdle to combat is just as Eileen says above. It’s easy to believe that money is finite, however, the world simply does not work that way. Money is an exchange of value, and if you can provide value, abundance will follow. If you improve someone’s life, their life grows and so does yours. 

Eileen Wilder

Don’t fall into the mental trap of limitation. If someone gets more money, that does not mean there’s less of the pie available to you. It can actually raise the bar for everyone, and what someone earns is simply a fun fact. Another person’s earnings do not have a bearing on your own earnings. 

You also likely won’t serve everyone with the message you have to offer the world, as Eileen points out. That doesn’t mean your income is limited, and in fact, it can even create more freedom for you to be yourself and trust that the right people will follow. 

[9:40] “I also believe that people are assigned to us. You know, I come from this faith-based background as a pastor, so I have this real strong belief in the scripture and the Bible and truth. And it’s not what everyone believes, and that’s great… Jesus said ‘my sheep know my voice,’ and it’s amazing how I feel that your sheep are connected to your voice. Like your people will come to you when you share your voice.”

The competition is just a story. If you share your voice, the right people will show up, and you won’t be fighting with anyone else to reach those people in a genuine way.

How to Find Your Confidence

[11:15] I feel like the more you share your voice, your message, you find out what’s resonating with your audience.”

Even at a time when Eileen didn’t feel confident in what she had to share, she shared anyway. She started with a little email list where she would share words of encouragement and other messages. And the positive feedback she received encouraged her to do more and revealed what resonated with her audience. 

[11:56] “So often we don’t think our superpower is that super until we start to use it. And then the world reflects back to us, cheering us ongoing, ‘Share more, share more.’”

The Power of Virtual Events

One of the incredible things that came out of the pandemic was an almost overnight, worldwide adoption of online video conferencing. People of all sorts of career paths had to adapt to meet and work online in this way. This quickly led to the adoption of online events, too. While they existed, the pandemic created a necessity for these types of online events. 

Eileen has been using Zoom and the online space to host her own virtual events, too. 4-hour masterclass sessions are a popular event that she hosts, as well as five-day challenges. These differ from Summits because Summits typically involve a variety of speakers.

[17:47] “With virtual events, we really just click ‘open the room’…you know, send out the Zoom link, and then we just all gather. And it’s usually you or just one other person being the main guest speaker. What that does is provide singularity of focus on the sales message. So dominating the stage yourself is actually really what I think is most helpful for the people you’re called to serve because they need your tips, your strategies.”

Eileen’s model is fairly simple. She gets on Zoom and talks to her people, and at the end of a call, she makes an offer. That’s it. 

Know Your Audience

The beauty of this type of work is that there are people from every walk of life seeking help for nearly every kind of problem. You just have to hone in on your specific area of expertise. Once you do that, Eileen suggests finding what questions your audience is asking. If you can identify that “number one” question, you can make a large impact early on. 

Getting people SEEMS like a hurdle, but in actuality, it’s easy to find the right people. Your numbers won’t matter as much as your authentic connections with people who value exactly what you offer. And your audience will grow as you build your reputation for being exactly who you are.

Getting “Big Numbers” with a Niche

[25:19] “We used to think it took so many people… to do big numbers. We have found, and ourselves have done it ourselves, less than 200 people on an event is a million-dollar day. Two hundred people…I did, and my students have done, six-figure days with less than 20 people in the room. Isn’t that crazy town?”

You don’t have to have a massive setup or a Tony Robbins-sized audience to make an impact and accelerate your revenue. The value that you create is based on your ability to connect on a personal level with people, and solve problems for them. If you have even a few people who want to spend their time with you, and find it to be a valuable thing, your offer or product is probably going to speak to them too. So don’t let fear that your audience isn’t big enough keep you from getting started.

About Eileen Wilder

Eileen is known around the internet as “The Queen of Stages” – a master communicator, trainer, teacher, & advocate for growing (and MONETIZING) your personal influence for more impact, more income, and most of all – more fun!

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