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Grow Your Business by Design, with Cesar Quintero

Are you looking for a formula to grow your business? Cesar Quintero, Certified EOS Implementer and visionary of The Profit Recipe is here to help!

So, if want to figure out how to tap into your purpose, get traction, and solidify a healthy team… tune in below! 

Is there a formula for business growth? As it turns out, there just might be, and Cesar Quintero holds a key to entrepreneurial success. Now, he’s sharing his lessons about entrepreneurship with us. We’re sharing the highlights of our conversation below.

Unique Abilities

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach teaches about unique abilities–the skills that we all inherently possess and are uniquely positioned to do. When we work from these abilities, we have more energy and create more value than when we do things we are not uniquely designed to do. And this idea is the foundation of Cesar’s work with entrepreneurs.

[8:15] “Everybody says that entrepreneurs can change the world, and businesses can change the world—and I’m a true capitalist. I really feel that if we can generate value we can change the world… I truly believe that only happens if the entrepreneur… really leverages their unique ability.”

When you take care of your team, and have them working in their unique abilities, they can take care of clients and create more value. So focus on creating a team that thrives first—so your customers thrive naturally as a result. 

The Power of Vulnerability

Building a team of entrepreneurs who are working in their unique abilities takes vulnerability. It’s not always easy, but it fosters trust and growth. Opening up your numbers to your team, for example, takes massive vulnerability. However, the amazing result is that people take ownership of those numbers—they’re contributing, and that’s empowering. 

[12:39] “I started my business at 24, and most people around me were older than me. Every room I went to… I was always the youngest guy there. I had to prove something to people, I think, in my mind I always had to prove that I knew, and I was right. And I think letting down my ego helped me become a better leader and a better businessman.”

The E-volution Flywheel

Cesar shares one concept behind his upcoming book, and the foundation of his business, the E-volution Flywheel. 

[15:39] “After hundreds of different entrepreneurs that I helped, I saw a pattern… There’s five stages. The important thing with this cycle, is that true entrepreneurs and true leaders and people, we don’t go through this on a sequential aspect.”

The stages of Cesar’s model are:

  • Startup—You’re seeing opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Leader by Design—Understanding what you can and cannot do.
  • Team by Design—Delegating what you cannot or will not do to internal and external teams.
  • Biz by Design—Create systems for your business to work without you, so you can continue to scale and create value. 
  • Life by Design–Living life on your own terms.

While these stages can be happening at once, Cesar has found that moving sequentially helps you get unstuck. So if you’re stuck designing your team, you need to look at the next stage of the cycle—Biz by Design—to get some clarity and get unstuck, and on and on. So rather than a linear cycle, the E-volution Flywheel deals with the stages on a random and cyclical basis.

The Ikigai Concept

In this Venn Diagram of sorts, Cesar shares with us the components of the Ikigai Concept. The heart symbolizes purpose. The star is for things you’re great at. The bottom represents things that make you money. Finally, the globe represents things that benefit the entire world. The intersections of these traits are what society often says should be your hobbies, profession, vocation and mission.

[27:15] “The Ikigai concept is, ‘What’s best for you? What makes you tick? What’s your purpose, what are you great at, where do you make money, and what’s great for the world?’”

You need the intersection of all four for true fulfillment, and it’s a fallacy to think that you have to box yourself in—that you should only work where you’re skilled and make money, or only treat your skilled passions as hobbies. 

Instead of striving for a work-life balance, strive to have a life you don’t need to escape from. If you’re seeking more balance because you don’t enjoy your career, it’s time to make some changes. 

EOS and The Profit Recipe

The EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a model that Cesar follows and uses to coach clients through their businesses. It equips entrepreneurs and teams with systems, so that they can be self-sufficient in the future. 

[35:28] “EOS has 6 key components. So the six components are Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.” 

Cesar uses EOS is his businesses, including The Profit Recipe, explained below. 

[36:10] “What The Profit Recipe really is, is… a firm that’s based on this cycle. So we help entrepreneurs uncover their ‘why,’ understand what they’re great at and what they want to do, improve their leadership…creating peer groups and community…and we implement EOS and implement operating systems. So, as a firm, as the Profit Recipe, we do these five stages. EOS is mostly on stage four, which is Business by Design. So EOS happens to be one of the things that we do within our firm, when helping entrepreneurs evolve.”

The Profit Recipe is ideal for entrepreneurs or business owners who feel stuck in some way—whether they’re wondering what’s next, or don’t know how to grow their business further. It’s also great for businesses who want to create more functional teams. 

Cesar’s closing advice? Take it one step at a time and avoid the analysis paralysis. 

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About Cesar Quintero

Cesar Quintero’s purpose is to empower leaders to build a business by design so that they live a life by design. His core values are to Share Vulnerably, Spark Action, Spot individuality, and Spread Passion.

At age 24, in 2004, Quintero moved to Miami given the economic turmoil in Venezuela to pursue his dream of starting a business and helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle by founding Fit2Go. (The first corporate healthy meal delivery service in Miami.) In 2013, Quintero graduated from the MIT Entrepreneurship Masters Program and founded two new companies: RawBar2Go (the first licensed food boats in Florida) and The Profit Recipe, a coaching firm that focuses on empowering entrepreneurs through a journey of focus ON the business and not IN the business by implementing best practices and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). 

Cesar has been an active Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) member for over 10 years and has held multiple volunteer leadership positions at the chapter, regional and global level for the organization.

His passion for teaching and business have also compelled him to get certified as a Trainer for Traction implementation, Why Discoveries, EO Accelerator Program and EO Forum

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