Invest Like a Billionaire - Richard Wilson

How to Invest Like a Billionaire, with Richard Wilson

Want to get billionaire investing strategies and learn how to model the successful few? If you want to know how to invest like a billionaire, you’ll want to pay attention to our guest Richard Wilson.

Today, we’re talking with Richard Wilson, CEO and Founder of the Family Office Club. Richard has helped create and formalize 100+ family offices. He counts a shark from Shark Tank, several billionaires, many REITS, and 500+ high Net Worth investors as clients. He works with clients through and Doctor’s Investor Club where he helps them access top screened direct investments. Richard’s 18-person team operates multiple media platforms including Dentist Investors, LLC,,, and

If you’re looking for insights, strategies, tips, and secrets for how to invest like a billionaire… tune in now!

Lifelong Learning

[6:20] Bruce: I’ve noticed that really high net people—not just billionaires, but hundreds-of-millions millionaires—are lifelong learners, and they’re not the brash type of flamboyant people with a lot of energy. They are actually very pensive, and they actually listen, and they choose who they listen to very carefully. They’re always learning; lifelong learners. And I think that is probably why they’re able to amass the kind of wealth they are.”

[7:45] Richard: “[Charles Munger] talks about how over your life to be successful you need to collect a hundred plus mental models of things that work for your industry. And you might try on an idea from someone and maybe it doesn’t work well for you and your business, or not right now, and you may use that model later. And several times in my business I’ve seen a model that I want to use sometime, and I might use it three to five or seven years later. But when I see a really smart model, I’ll take note of that. Then I’m collecting these models and stacking them on top of each other. And that’s really how I grow my business.”

Find Your Target and Learn

[8:25] “Who would [business students] like to learn from? Well, it would be from somebody that has a successful business with millions of dollars of revenue, or tens of millions of dollars of revenue. It’s a very logical thing. Even if they never get to tens of millions of dollars of revenue, it might help them get to millions of revenue because there are so many best practices that people learn along the way. They don’t stop doing those smart things once they become successful… they keep the strategies that work and discard the things that don’t. And so the same is true with billionaires… seeing how billionaires work and seeing what they do leave you clues to how to become worth ten million dollars, perhaps.”

You’ll often hear us close podcasts and articles with a very similar send-off: “success leaves clues.” We believe this is paramount to learning about wealth because common advice is catered to the masses. Yet the successful follow the lead of the successful people before them. Part of what Richard does to further this mission is to post interviews with billionaires on This way, more people can benefit from the knowledge and skill sets of those who have walked the path already. If you want to invest like a billionaire, listen to the billionaires.

How Learning Leads You to Invest Like a Billionaire

Most of the billionaire clients that Richard works with are calling themselves to a certain standard of excellence. Beyond that, they all seem to have an intense passion and love for what they do. Ultimately, it’s these values of passion and excellence that unite these billionaires.

[20:00] “I think that what I enjoy most about watching the billionaires is that I get to pick out the ones who I can relate to most, and I really see… an example of how somebody became a billionaire with [my] type of thinking.” 

For example, Richard cites Richard Branson and Steve Schwartzman. Both of them have multi-faceted businesses that they oversee at the same time. The models they implement in their business have helped influence how Richard runs his business. One way to find your mentors is to find successful people who think like you and study them.

Mental Models that Work

[24:10] “The three things I see [billionaires] using most would be choke points, platforms, and funnels.”

To invest like a billionaire is to adopt the mental models that they use. Richard explains that a choke point is something that, upon acquisition, lowers your costs or increases your momentum. It should also help you solve the number one bottleneck in your business. When you own the chokepoint, it also gives you or your business a level of stability. For example, if you worked with a non-profit organization full of investors, the “chokepoint” might be a leadership role. By being in that position of leadership, you have access to all the possible relationships with investors. You also can’t be easily removed from that role as long as you’re doing a good job.

Other examples of choke points could include being the number one podcast in a niche (free), buying a hyper-specific domain name (moderate investment), to something like buying out suppliers in your industry (large investment). 

“Platform” is a strategy about creating high-level offerings that serve your audience because you’ve listened to their needs and concerns. Ultimately, this stage is about creating and developing relationships, bringing people into the fold of your business, and tailoring what you do to these high-value relationships. 

Finally, funnels are a marketing strategy that moves potential clients or leads through resources that you have in your business until they convert into customers. So, for example, creating books, webinars, podcasts, and other content is the basis of your funnel. The funnel itself is the strategy of moving people through the consumption of this content in a way that inspires them to become customers. It’s the marketing strategy for nurturing relationships. 

Why Deal Structure is Critical to Invest Like a Billionaire

[44:36] “Investors who are worth thirty million dollars, a hundred million dollars plus, care a lot about structure. And all else equal, I believe that for my investments, structure is more important than the strategy. Meaning that, if you look at any investment that you’ve done… and you allowed me to structure it any way I wanted to, then I’d rather have something that is an okay investment but a really excellent structure than have an excellent investment but the structure is kind of bad. Because if you can control the structure and customize it, which you can in direct investments when you directly negotiate deals, you can make it so that you have more collateral. You can make it so that you get the income first, you can make it so your money comes off the table first.”

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About Richard Wilson

Richard is a third-generation Eagle Scout, husband, and father of 3 living in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is the CEO & Founder of the Family Office Club, the #1 largest association of over 3,000 registered ultra-wealthy families and their family offices. He has helped create and formalize 100+ family offices and counts a shark from Shark Tank, several billionaires, many REITS, and 500+ investors with an average net worth of $28M as clients. Richard works with clients through and Doctor’s Investor Club where he helps them access top screened direct investments. Richard’s 18-person team operates multiple media platforms, including Dentist Investors, LLC,,, and

Richard has written three #1 bestseller family office books on Single Family Offices, How to Start a Family Office, and Centimillionaires ($100M+ net worth families). Richard has an undergraduate degree in business, an M.B.A., and has studied post-masters psychology through Harvard University’s ALM Division.

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