Passive Cash Flow - Lane Kawaoka

Saving Time with Passive Cash Flow

Are you looking for practical guidance on how to create passive cash flow from real estate?  Today, we’re talking with Lane Kawaoka, of about real estate investing for cash flow.

He’s a second-time guest on our show. We’ve brought him back because his work is so valuable to help you build time and money freedom. You can find his last interview here:

So if you want to find your tribe, know how to evaluate and find the best deals, and invest in the right deals so you can build an asset portfolio quickly, tune in now!

In this episode on passive cash flow, you’ll discover:

  • The most important thing you need to get started with building passive cash flow.
  • Why Lane doesn’t flip houses.
  • The top two time-wasters that keep people stuck and not moving forward with building cash flow quickly.
  • The three things that determine your blueprint for passive cash flow.
  • Why you don’t need to read every chapter of every book to figure out passive investing.
  • The one thing you need to find out what markets to invest in.
  • The one simple financial formula you can use to calculate whether a single-family turnkey property is a good investment.
  • Why you should nourish the property management relationship first.
  • How to find out the rubric, steps, and order to take to build passive cash flow quickly.

About Lane Kawaoka

Lane has been investing for over a decade and now controls 3,500+ units. 

As owner of,, and, Lane is responsible for finding investment opportunities, analysis, and marketing.

Lane obtained a BS in Industrial Engineer and MS in Civil Engineering and Construction Management from the University of Washington. In addition to an analytical engineering background, he has real-world experience in working as a project manager for over $250 million dollars of capital construction projects in both the public and private sectors.

Working as a high paid professional in Corporate America and frustrated by the traditional wealth-building dogma, Lane was compelled to inspire and mentor other working professionals via his Top-50 Investing podcast at

Speed Up Your Passive Cash Flow

If you want to get started with turnkey real estate, and your net worth is under $250K, check out Lane’s free resources at, especially the first 12 podcasts.

To improve results and shortcut the process, get the curated rubric of what to look for and how to analyze properties with Lane’s Passive Investor Accelerator eCourse.

Or, jump to the front of the line and join Lane’s mastermind, too.

Find out what Lane is investing in and get access to deal flow through his real estate operations company and Hui Deal Investment Club, where he analyzes and purchases multifamily and mobile home parks for private placement and syndication. You’ll get familiar with the vernacular like splits and reversion cap rates. It’s free to join, and you don’t have to be an accredited investor.

Want to Talk About Life Insurance?

If you have life insurance questions, we’d love to connect.

To discuss your life insurance strategy, or implement Infinite Banking, alternative investments, or passive cash flow strategies to keep more of the money you make, book your strategy call with The Money Advantage advisors today.

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