Work at Home and Make Millions, Martha Krejci

Work from Home and Make Millions, with Martha Krejci

Want to build a work from home business, and scale to create the life you dream of for your family? Would you like to do so without being a salesy weirdo? Today, we’re talking with Martha Krejci, who made her first million in 6 months in business by working from home.

Now, she’s a business growth strategist who helps other work-from-home moms make millions. 

If you’re looking for the secret sauce to scale your business today, want to learn a sustainable and repeatable system, convert people into raving fans, and make simple social media posts that create leads… tune in now!

How Martha Started to Work from Home

[6:00] “On paper, I was the only breadwinner of my family.”

Yet Martha took the entrepreneurial leap anyway. She describes herself as always having felt the pull to be an entrepreneur. However, it wasn’t until she had an epiphany while raising her daughter that she followed the entrepreneurial call. One day at work, she received a video of her daughter taking her first steps. Her first reaction was joy. Then her next thought was that her daughter was walking toward a phone, instead of her mother.

This inspired her to take the leap to work from home virtually overnight. Despite supporting her husband, her child, and her in-laws who had recently moved in. Within the first month, she was matching her income at her previous job and continued to grow from there. 

Prepare Yourself for Success

[11:40 “My favorite thing is the struggle. Is that weird? A lot of people like to illuminate the success, my favorite thing is illuminating the struggle…Let’s normalize it. Let’s normalize that that’s what’s necessary…[Success is] not a promise, you have to do the work, right? You have to make sure that you’re ready for this success.”

The reason you have to be prepared for success, as Martha shares, is because quickly after you find success, all of the negative stories you told yourself about yourself are going to start popping up. Your success is going to dredge up your internal baggage, and can derail you if you’re not prepared to handle it. 

How to Pivot Your Business

Martha’s first agency was an SEO agency, and she joined the chamber of commerce at about $200 a year and began attending events. Soon enough, she was leading training sessions for business owners. Yet business owners often don’t have the time to implement these things. So if you show authority when you’re training, it’s likely that those businesses will want to hire you. 

[13:45] “Since then, what we’ve done is we’ve just bobbed and weaved. So we’ve seen where needs were. I guess our formula—and I’ve never really shared this before—our formula is: What do people need, and what do we enjoy doing for them?”

Once Martha’s agency identifies what her clients need and what she enjoys doing for them, she’s able to merge those things. This way, she’s not ever pigeon-holing herself and her agency is positioned to pivot. 

[15:40] “I think that’s where a lot of the business death comes from, is just simply being afraid to pivot. Because pivot is growth.”

Protecting Your Energy and Building Community

[20:50] “I don’t ever think we should be doing everything anyway. So what I teach is, you know, you essentially work 5-10 hours a week once all your stuff is set up. So the ‘doing everything’ is a lot of wheel spinning in my opinion. And some would say that it’s strategic and that you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall and you’re gonna see what sticks, and that sort of thing… That’s fine if you are a masochist.

“But for me, I would rather do the things that I know are going to work. And the only way that I’m going to know that something’s going to work is by building a community of my people and literally paying attention to what they’re saying. So the quality of your results are based on the quality of your questions.”

No matter what your industry is, Martha asserts, you can create a community and learn what they’re in the dark about. Then you help bring the light to them. This means building good relationships with your community. Good relationships breed good feedback, and help you sustain your business. 

The Problem with Ads

There’s nothing wrong with advertising. However, Martha highlights an interesting point about advertising–that people expect it to do things it simply cannot. People believe that with the right number of ads, or the right language, they don’t have to do the rest of the work. People believe it’s easy. 

However, advertising is only a small piece of the pie. And if you’re not plugged into your community and serving them on a real level by listening to them, advertising isn’t going to do that heavy lifting.

[25:45] “There was a time where ads did well, and now we’re seeing another time. But there was a time where ads did well, and then people got used to it. And now people are not wanting to be sold to–and they never really wanted to be sold to anyway, but they were allowing it a little bit more. Now you just see sponsored next to something and people are not clicking on it simply because of that. And honestly, even having sponsored next to something is showing them that you’re not organically reaching them.”

The reality is that the online user experience is changing every day. You have to stay on top of what people are feeling in their online lives and adjust to that. It’s constant vigilance, not something you can set and never readdress. 

Reverse-Engineering the Sales Funnel

Work at Home and Make Millions, Martha Krejci

To combat ad fatigue and create more organic traffic, Martha has created a formula of sorts. For starters, she has committed to showing up in video format once a week, at the same time, to share 15 minutes of content.

She determines content by asking herself these questions:

  • How does her audience self-identify?
  • What is her audience wanting?
  • What will stop them from scrolling past her?
  • How will she get them to keep listening to her?

Only then can she think about the call to action that will keep the audience involved in her content and community. 

Martha even goes so far as to put herself in her audience’s shoes and talk to them the way they talk to themselves.

[30:55] “You need to speak to them in their own self-talk, you have to speak to them in their own language that they use themselves, right? You can’t use your own lingo and stuff like that, it’s not going to affect the same.”

In other words? Be authentic.

[39: 20] “We all are guilty of this in the beginning–we see other people, and we’re like, ‘I have to be like that.’”

The Secret to Live Videos

If you’re thinking about hosting live videos for your community, you may be nervous about the presentation. Authenticity, as Martha shares, is especially important here, because people can see you. They know when you’re comfortable, passionate, and authentic…and when you’re not. 

She even shares that when she first started to do live videos, she would create a whole script, and read off what she prepared to say. Unfortunately, the result was that she looked uncomfortable, and like she was reading. 

Her secret is to use a platform like Zoom and just open up a meeting for no one but yourself. Then, practice talking and see what it feels like to talk about a topic off the cuff, and how to emote. Eventually, with enough practice, you’ll feel confident doing live videos. It also mimics the feeling of being live, since you’re only seeing yourself, so it’s the perfect practice mechanism. 

You can have sub-points and things you want to talk about, but Martha shares that she likes to simply use a title or topic as her guidance, and leave the rest up to divine inspiration.

[42:05] “I’m a praying woman, and every morning my prayer is, ‘Make me a Moses.’ And that’s because Moses stuttered, but he was used, right? And I don’t always come across the most professional person in the world, but I don’t give a rip because…I’m showing up in front of the person that needs to hear it this way. And the only way that they’re going to hear it this way is if I allow myself to be used, and the only way I can actually be used is if I step out of the way. So I just stay with the title, then I go.”

Work from Home and Do What You Love

[54:29] “My husband and I call it the Star Trek world because they didn’t make any income and they all did what they loved doing…We’re all designed to complement each other is my belief, and I think that while everybody might not be a Jeff Bezos type of entrepreneur, I think everybody wants more. And if they truly can understand how to be able to do it for themselves, it may look very different than the person next to them.”

How to Start Your Work from Home Journey

The secret, and where Martha got her start, was figuring out who her audience was, and speaking directly to them. That means identifying how you can help people, and what those people need from you, then stepping in to supply the need. If you don’t do this from a place of love and service, and don’t really care about the person on the other end of the screen, you’re just in it for the dollars. And people can tell.

What is the Ultimate Scaling Tool?

The Ultimate Scaling Tool is what Martha says is one of her favorite products she has created. This tool allows you to track your metrics against yourself, and no one else, meaning you stay focused on your own growth. 

This tool helps you keep track of your social posts, emails, and more so that you can see which posts are giving you the most conversions. Then, you can also identify the marketing “duds,” so you can get rid of them and do more of what’s working. You can find the link to this tool below, in the Links Mentioned section. It even comes with video tutorials. 

About Martha Krejci

Do you know anyone that has gone from being an exhausted and undervalued mom in the corporate 9-5 world to a work from home multi-millionaire in the blink of an eye? Now let’s add without a college degree and without ads… Well now you do!

Martha Krejci is a high-vibin mama, wife, business coach + growth strategist and social media marketing powerhouse who has taken the internet by storm. Featured in Oprah Magazine, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Shape and Huffington Post among other places, Martha’s intuitive marketing expertise has helped her make her first million in less than a year using a strategy she teaches openly through courses, group coaching and other tried-and-true resources. From finding your passion to building a business that works, she teaches it all to anyone that’s ready.

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