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$100M Careers: The 5 Fastest Paths to Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, with Emmy Sobieski

What do the 25,000 self-made $100M families in the US have in common? Discover the secrets to skyrocketing your career and achieving wealth and happiness with our special guest Emmy Sobieski, a CFA, Amazon #1 bestselling author of $100M Careers, and an expert in investing and entrepreneurship.

Emmy’s journey from humble beginnings recycling aluminum cans to running the top fund in the world is a testament to the power of embracing a growth mindset and celebrating milestones along the way. Transitioning from a corporate job to a startup isn’t an easy feat, and Emmy shares her insights on how to navigate this change with strategy and balance.

We also delve into the world of investing, as Emmy recounts her rapid success and the importance of staying humble in the face of market volatility.

Join us as we explore the concept of positive serendipity and how to create a growth and open mindset to invite opportunities your way. We discuss the importance of taking big risks early in your career and how to “moonshot” your career and life. So if you want to learn the best path to $100M, the biggest mistakes, how long it takes to get to $100M, and how to be happy and wealthy… tune in today!

What’s the Secret to Wealth?

Most people would love a secret solution to wealth and abundance. If there was just one thing you could do that made it so simple. However, life rarely works that way. There’s no get-rich-quick scheme. There is, however, a secret. It’s probably not what you’d expect, and it’s that creating the best version of yourself is how you build wealth.

You are your own secret weapon. By investing in your own skills, knowledge, health, and more, you can create wealth for your family for generations. This requires constant growth because you’ll never know everything. When you recognize this fact and commit to lifelong learning, your life can bloom in many ways. 

[4:16] “I talk about it often, where I say you’ve got to moonshot your career. Too many people underestimate their own potential, myself included.”

 By committing to yourself and the continued progress of your career, you can maintain and even build energy for what you do. Once you deplete your energy and excitement for something, it’s incredibly difficult to find that energy again. Emmy shares that she sees people take years or decades to get out of this low-energy funk. So you’ve got to follow your energy and nurture it wherever it takes you. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that once you “arrive” at your goal, there’s nothing left for you. 

Emmy Sobieski’s Path to Wealth

For Emmy, there was no decision about her career trajectory–things seemed to fall into place naturally. When she was a teenager, she collected aluminum soda cans to recycle them for money. By 16, she had saved up $1,800, and her dad helped her to open her first investment account. 

Her dad gave her four companies to choose from, so Emmy chose to invest in United Artists, which was a movie theatre that sold more than just popcorn. This decision helped her to quadruple her money. So her dad gave her four more companies to choose from, and Emmy put her money into a company owned by her dad’s friend. This quadrupled her money again. Emmy’s investments were so successful that she ended up with half a million dollars in her 20s. 

In her mid-20s, she lost this money and had to build it back up from scratch. Fortunately, she was successful in that endeavor, too. In 6 months she went from -$30k to $90k, while in grad school. Her friend suggested that people would pay her for that, and in 5 years, Emmy was running the number-one fund in the world. 

Pivoting from Investor to Mentor

There are 25,000 self-made $100 million families in the US. This is the basis of Emmy’s book, which helps people find the path and follow it. One model for success (and in Emmy’s estimation, the best path to $100M) is to follow the 3 Bs–you break into an industry, build equity, and break out to start your own thing. Emily went through this when she broke into tech after leaving the investing world. She broke into this new industry with enthusiasm to grow, and after being told she was too senior to work with blockchain, decided to begin her own coaching firm. 

Around 2008, Emmy began coaching students and helping them understand their path to Wall Street and beyond. Often, these students were from blue-collar backgrounds, attending community college, or they were first-generation college students. Now, many of them are hedge fund managers, entrepreneurs, and multi-millionaires themselves. 

Emmy also began to write down everything she knew about investing, not knowing if it would be book material or not, but feeling compelled to get that information on paper. 

[32:30] “I believe that people are incredibly adaptable, and again that their potential is far higher than they ever give themselves credit for.”

The 3 Cs of Entrepreneurship

As Emmy coaches clients, what she doesn’t want is to build miserable rich people. Her goal is to help people make money and be able to enjoy life–this means having purpose, having balance, and having time and money freedom.

In order to be both happy and wealthy, Emmy advises you to follow the “3 Cs method.”

[38:40] “Do you have control over your calendar, your confidence, and your capital? Because too many people get rich, then all of a sudden they’ve got houses all over the place and they become kind of a servant to their houses.”

In other words, people who become wealthy in a relatively short amount of time tend to spend it and lose control of their capital very quickly. Having lots of money is one thing, having control of your capital is freedom.

When you control your calendar, you have the ability to do things you want to do, with the people you want to do it with. This is important for entrepreneurs because when you create your own schedule, it’s all too easy to work too much. 

[39:12] “The confidence really has to do with your relationship with money… Because if you don’t have a growth mindset, and you still think it could run out at any moment, you know, you have this fear all of the time, then you’re not in control. You’re not in control of your own confidence and your own ego.”

The Biggest Career Mistakes

The number one mistake entrepreneurs make, in Emmy’s eyes, is that they do not moonshot their careers. In other words, people underestimate their value and their capacity, so instead of shooting for the moon, they shoot for something smaller. 

The second mistake is not taking enough big risks early. This doesn’t mean blind risks, though, you’ve still got to be smart and calculated. Doing this early in your career when you can still handle the risk is crucial. When you’re more established in your career, you may find yourself with fewer opportunities for risk-taking, or less tolerance for risk. 

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About Emmy Sobieski

Emmy Sobieski—CFA, CBP—combines 25 years of experience investing in public and private companies. She has experience leading, scaling, and advising tech startups. Her book, $100M Careers: The 5 Fastest Paths to Wealth Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (2022), helped her to become an Amazon #1 bestselling author. Emmy is also a fractional Chief Operating Officer of Competitive Storytelling, which helps world-class founders share ideas and change the world. Emmy co-ran the Nicholas Applegate Global Technology Fund, the #1 ranked fund globally in 1999, up over 492% (according to Lipper). She has worked in executive, founder, and advisory roles at Web3, Fintech, Green Tech, Private Equity, and Hedge Fund startups.

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