Lifebook: Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher

LifeBook: Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher

You are a creator!  You can create and live your own extraordinary life, starting right now. And here are the tools to do so, right at your fingertips!  Jon and Missy Butcher, founders of LifeBook, have embodied creating their own life. And you can do that too.

To quote Steve Jobs, “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it. You can build your own things that other people can use.”

If what you see around you is not helping you create the life and business you love, you can recreate it.  You can design your own life.

What began as a personal transformation journey for Jon and Missy Butcher has now helped thousands transform their lives into a masterpiece by gaining a clear vision of the person they want to become and the life they want to live, and then mapping out the steps to get there.  Part of that process is recognizing the limiting beliefs you have in that area and developing a healthy consciousness instead that allows you to fulfill your potential.

Where Your Mindset Fits into the Cash Flow System

Money Mindset

At The Money Advantage, we are a community of wealth creators.  We are entrepreneurially-minded business owners who are taking control of our lives and financial destiny.  We have a compass that always points back to the principles of wealth, not just to strategies or products.  You need the right mindset, philosophy, and principles of abundance, expansive thinking, creation, cash flow, and control in place first before any financial tactics can genuinely benefit and serve you.

In the Cash Flow System, you first increase cash flow by keeping more of the money you make. Then you protect your money.  Finally, you increase and make more.

This conversation on the mindset, philosophy, and principles of wealth creation fits right into the very first step of the first phase.

Who Are Jon and Missy Butcher?

Jon & Missy Butcher are serial entrepreneurs, whose life together revolves around their love for each other, their four children and their work.

Together, they have founded 19 companies, organized around causes that matter.

As creators of Lifebook, an extraordinary system that has helped thousands transform their lives from ordinary to a living masterpiece, Jon and Missy Butcher have discovered how to defy aging, experience long-lasting love, redefine education for their children and build the ideal living environment in which to thrive.

Other companies Jon and Missy Butcher own or have co-founded include:

  • Purity Coffee – our value proposition is the cleanest, healthiest coffee on earth.
  • Artists for Addicts – our mission is to change the global conversation surrounding addiction from one of judgment to one of compassion – and to provide addicts with recovery strategies that work.
  • The Precious Moments Family of companies – spreading the message of living, caring and sharing throughout the world.
  • The Sanctuary Healing Gardens – a quiet place of beauty and inspiration, where you can relax, recharge and renew yourself.

Jon and Missy Butcher are passionate about world travel, fine wine, beautiful homes, contemporary art, and conscious capitalism. Their purpose on this planet is to create the highest possible quality of life for themselves and the people they love while helping others around them do the same.

Jon and Missy Butcher Conversation Highlights (Partial Transcript)

The Beginning of an Extraordinary Life

Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher, LifeBook

[09:14] And from the very beginning, we made a commitment to ourselves and each other that we were going to create an extraordinary love affair that lasts a lifetime. That was our main focus. We went all in from the very beginning, which is significant. And the reason it’s significant is that so many couples who aren’t completely all in, spend a tremendous amount of energy, sparring, and positioning. We never had any of that energy drain. We were just like, Okay, this is it. This is it for this lifetime. We got that out of the way early. And then the question becomes, what kind of life do we want to build together and, and so that was the beginning of not only an extraordinary love affair, but it was the road to the extraordinary life that we created together.

A Respectful Disregard Allowed Them to Chart Their Own Path

[10:50] We looked around, and we didn’t like what we saw. In just about any category of life, most people aren’t happy. Most people aren’t fulfilled. Most people aren’t living a life that they’re going to be able to look back on and say, Man, I squeezed every drop of passion and fulfillment and excitement that I could out of my short time on this planet. So we just decided from the very beginning that we were going to live differently.

We have what we call a respectful disregard for the way anybody does just about anything. A respectful disregard. That means we respect everybody’s right to live the way they want to; however, we’re going to create our own path.

LifeBook Was Born from Radical Personal Growth and Transformation

[16:10] It took me eight years to fully recover from that difficult emotional situation. And I did it through inventing LifeBook.

LifeBook is a tool that Missy and I invented in our own lives. It started out to help me deal with this problem. I was doing a lot of personal development work, and I started my LifeBook as basically a place to keep all of my breakthroughs, all of my insights on my goals, etc. Over time it developed into this amazing tool where I identified the most important areas of life that I had to focus on and master.  I started to think about what things inside of these categories my health and fitness and financial life, my love, relationship, parenting, etc. What are the critical issues that need to be examined and mastered inside of each of these categories?

I identified four questions that needed to be asked and answered inside of each one of these areas of life. And that ended up becoming my LifeBook, which ended up becoming my guidebook, my manual, my tool to make sure that my life was consistently moving forward and on track to the extraordinary life that we defined that we wanted to live.

We never showed that book to anyone for at least at least 12 years, maybe 15, and this organically grew and grew and grew. This was our tool to navigate toward our ideal life. And then at some point, you know, 10, 12 years ago, we realized that this could really help other people, which is why we shared it with the world.

What Does It Mean to Have Wealth in Every Category of Life?

[18:33] I think the term is abundance. And to me what abundance means is abundance means a surplus. Abundance means having more than you need to survive.

Abundance means having enough to share, and it doesn’t just apply to your financial life. It applies to every area of your life.

With health and fitness, you can have abundant health and fitness, or you can have compromised health and fitness. It applies to your love relationship, your emotional life, your character.

Abundance is what we’re really after.

Abundance, Gratitude, and Wanting More

[20:39] I know many millionaires who do not have an abundant financial life, who live in a state of financial scarcity and lack.  Their money gives them fear.  They’re afraid of losing it.  They clutch onto it…

Likewise, I know many people who are on a very modest salary and a modest budget who have everything they could ever want and need, and that’s called financial abundance.

What we do know about abundance when it comes to the financial category, is abundance has nothing to do with the dollar amount that you have in the bank. It’s a mindset. It is literally a mindset.

[21:37] Your job then is to be as grateful as you possibly can be for everything you have, while at the same time being committed to expanding and learning and growing from there.

It’s a paradox. It’s like I have enough, right here, right now, and I want more. I’m proud and happy about that because the road to getting more is going to help me self-actualize and become better.

[22:37] … spiritually speaking, abundance is created by gratitude, by giving thanks and being grateful for what you have. You’re saying, I love this and I’m open to more.

Gratitude is the other side of the abundance coin. Great gratitude is what opens the channel and puts the universe on notice that you’re thankful for what you have and you’re ready to receive more of it.

[23:15] Gratitude is magic. It’s a secret weapon. We should all be waking up every day and first thing in the morning. It solves all problems.

What Is Money?

[23:54] Money is surrounded by so much confusion and so much noise, and so much angst, and just so much emotional baggage.

One of the reasons is that almost nobody understands what money actually is. And that’s where we start at LifeBook. What is money anyway? Why do we need it?

It turns out there’s an objective answer. Money is an invention … that allowed us to standardize and store value.

[27:00] It allows you to stop focusing on chasing dollars and coins, and instead focus on what creates that value in the first place, which is the goods and services that we create for each other. The value that we have to give to each other. That’s why people say money represents energy. Your energy goes into those coins, which you can then trade for anything you want.

Once you understand the fundamentals of what money is, you can start building an appropriate philosophy on top of it. That can eventually lead you to create the most wealth that you’re capable of creating.

An Empowering View of Money

Creating an Extraordinary Life, with Jon and Missy Butcher, LifeBook

[28:27] What if we were taught at a very young age, that money is a symbol of human productivity and achievement? I just described how that process works. What if we were taught that it represents all the good things that people create for each other, and that it’s absolutely worthy of our respect and admiration, and even love?

But instead, we’re taught that the love of money is the root of all evil.

But what if, instead of that, we were taught that the love of money is actually the love of the human mind, production, of progress, and ultimately, of freedom and the love of humanity?

[29:44] What if we were taught from a very early age that wealth, progress, and prosperity are what eliminate poverty and human suffering, and that making money is not some sort of spiritual defect, but the highest form of contribution? And if we’d been encouraged by everyone around us at a young age to develop and apply our unique talents to the pursuit and the creation of wealth, how might this world be different now? What if our kids grew up believing this? How would their lives turn out different?

FROM Conquest and Competition TO Collaboration and Creation

[38:58] Isn’t it odd that so many of us who’ve been taught that the love of money is the root of all evil, and to view rich people with suspicion not only because of what they have, but because of what they must have done on their way up to getting all that wealth. So many people view rich people and corporations negatively and with suspicion, and yet every single one of us wants more money than we have.

Every one of us wants to join that club, yet we demonize the members of that club. It makes no sense whatsoever.  That creates so much emotional violence in this in this category. One of the things that are really trying to do is heal the relationship between where we are right now in how we how we view money and darkness and the challenges of the past. We live in a different time in place.

The Twelve Categories of LifeBook

[47:50] Our goal has been an extraordinary life that works at a high level and every important area.

We’ve defined what those areas are.

Your health and fitness, your intellectual life, your emotional life, your character, who you are deep down your spiritual life. Those are the five personal life categories that we focus on.

Then we’ve got three relationship categories, your love, relationship, parenting, and your social life.

Then we go into our business life, which is financial and career. Those two categories are approached separately, as they need to be.

All that adds up to a category called your quality of life, made up of the things that you want in your life, the experiences that you want to have, the home environments that you’re surrounded by on a continuous basis.

Then the 12th category of life book is called your life vision, which is a crystal-clear, compelling synopsis of the ideal life that you want to be living.

The Four Questions to Ask and Answer in Each Category

[49:15] In each of those categories we’ve asked and answered four questions, and the result of doing this is what creates your life book.  It’s, in essence, a 120-page book that vividly describes the person that you intend to become and the life that you intend to live, beautifully illustrated. This becomes your guide that you wrote yourself because all the all the answers are within you. You find them. The four questions that you ask in each category are as follows:

1) What are my beliefs in this category that control my behavior?

This called your premise. What is my premise? Where are the foundational beliefs that I have about this category? We take a lot of time to really, really explore and identify your beliefs. And then if you find disempowering beliefs that were putting your head by your parents, your teachers, your preachers, you know, at a young age, whatever, we help you eliminate those and replace them with more empowering beliefs. And that’s a game changer.

2) What precisely, with clarity, do I want in this area of my life?

That’s called your vision. We help you get crystal clear on what the best you would look like in every important area of your life. And that’s important to understand what the ideal you could look like.

3) Why do I want that? What’s the purpose behind that vision? What am I going to gain if I achieve that, and what am I going to lose if I don’t?

Your purpose is important because it’s what gives you the fuel to get up in the morning and do the work that’s required to make these changes and to achieve this level.  It’s your drive. It moves you.

4) What do I need to do to get it? What’s my strategy? How do I move toward this every day?

Answering those four questions across the 12 categories of your life will give you the consciousness that you need to roll up your sleeves and take responsibility for yourself. It puts you in the driver’s seat. It puts you at the center as the decision maker of your own experience.

It’s what’s allowed us to achieve excellence in every area of life.

Why LifeBook Works

[52:30] Your action will follow your consciousness, or energy. Wherever you put your attention, that’s where your mind goes to work to make your life better to work it out to figure out what you want to do. So LifeBook is literally a tool to teach people to become more aware in the areas that they are not aware in. When you become aware in those areas and more conscious of them, your subconscious mind starts working on its own, and you start seeing progress before you even take action.

Other Topics Discussed with Jon & Missy Butcher

  • Jon’s comeback from his lowest point in life that started with personal development programs, and then inventing Lifebook as a personal tool.
  • The history of money.
  • Living consciously and taking responsibility for yourself are the two basic foundational philosophical principles of the LifeBook program.
  • An empowered view of capitalism enabling commerce and trade, instead of wealth as a result of conquest.
  • The power you have to take control of your attitude and perspective.
  • How a win in one category of your life creates not only a ripple effect, but a tsunami of transformation in every other area of your life.
  • How couples can create a shared vision through conversations about what is important to them in each area.
  • The role of compassionate communication, getting curious about someone else’s point of view to create solutions, without compromising.
  • The LifeBook membership program 12-month, 12-category membership, where they do a deep dive into one category per month.

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