Investments Don't Hug - Mark Bertrang

Investments Don’t Hug, with Mark Bertrang

Have you wanted a way to share your greatest possible gift of love with your spouse, children, and loved ones, but weren’t exactly sure how? The best gift requires out-of-the-box thinking because it’s not something you can buy at Hallmark. Investments Don’t Hug, by Mark Bertrang, shows you how. It’s the most poignant, emotional, and compelling book about life insurance that demonstrates the real-life significance of an asset that is truly the embrace that outlasts you.

In this episode, we interview the author about the embracing power of life insurance.

So if you want to simplify financial planning with a disciplined approach that gives the most certainty, make the financial choices today that you will be most grateful for in the future, and take the absolute best care of your family so you can preserve your family’s respect and dignity even during the most challenging circumstances, tune in now!

In this episode on Investments Don’t Hug with Mark Bertrang, you’ll discover:

  • How life insurance offers the greatest reassurance, hope, and love when you go through your worst.
  • How to plan as if you will die tomorrow, and live as if you are going to live forever.
  • Why having a default plan allows great opportunities to present themselves today.
  • Why the pandemic has reminded us of the importance of guarantees and ‘safe’, liquid assets.
  • How life insurance allows you to begin with a Plan B, in the event Plan A fails.
  • The whole life nonforfeiture options for the worst-case scenario, and why the safety net and flexibility can be a tremendous source of comfort and confidence.
  • Why you can never be insurance poor.
  • How life insurance embraces and carries you as you transition from one stage of life to another.
  • How exactly you can do what’s in your control today to gain certainty for your future.
  • Why your family’s estate plan should be refreshed at least once every ten years.
  • How to store years’ worth of income, so you never lose sleep about losing a job.
  • Real-life stories of how life and disability insurance carried clients through life circumstances, so you can come face to face with your own mortality, and still have the final say.

Who Is Mark Bertrang?

Mark Bertrang, CLU®, ChFC® is the creator of the Financialoscopy®.

As a professional communicator, broadcasting was his first career. But for more than a generation, Mark has communicated the message of financial security.

In his book Investments Don’t Hug, Mark shares stories of pain, anxiety, and joy that illuminate tools for clients to take charge of their own lives.

Important lessons are woven through the stories of real people living real lives, instead of imaginary tales where everything goes right and there’s always a happy ending.

Two values come through loud and clear.

The first is love: the love for your spouse and the love for your children.

The second is a belief that we are all called to a higher purpose, a greater good. It’s not about being centered on ourselves.

Instead, it’s about the giving of our time, our talents, our resources, and our love which can impact our family and our communities for generations into the future.

Want to Talk About Life Insurance?

If you have life insurance questions, we’d love to connect.

We’ll help you make the financial choices today that you will be most grateful for in the future, and take the absolute best care of your family with the greatest gift of love that money can buy.

To discuss your life insurance strategy, or implement Infinite Banking, alternative investments, or cash flow strategies to keep more of the money you make, book your strategy call with The Money Advantage advisors today.

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