Protect Money against Inflation

How to Protect Your Money Against Inflation

Are you feeling the rise in prices and wondering what the long-term effects will be on your financial goals? When inflation eats away at the value of your dollars, how do you protect from inflation? What are your options for a level-headed approach to getting your money to do the most today and in the future?

Today, we’re talking about your options to protect your money against inflation…so if you want to keep your money growing, tune in now!

Show Notes

  • [0:00] Introduction: How should you prepare financially to protect your money from inflation?
  • [2:40] Your goals, principles, and personal economy change what strategies might work for you.
  • [4:15] Not every facet of our lives is foreseeable; so we must prepare for unknowns.
  • [5:05] How the financial entertainment industry affects our perspective.
  • [7:40] The value of truth over opinions.
  • [8:55] The financial philosophy “advance and protect.”
  • [9:55] “I think you need to stick with your fundamentals, even when the information around you is telling you, ‘Do this! Do that!’ Because it can be very attractive and it can pull you towards wanting to do something, or telling you that your fundamentals are wrong.”
  • [10:52] Do not take education as advice. Education should provide you with information to make better decisions, yet it cannot replace personalized advice based on your unique personal economy.
  • [11:55] Financial advice and wisdom don’t exist in a vacuum.
  • [13:51] The importance of questioning everything, and the information you’re given.

Common Advice for Protecting from Inflation

  • [14:20] Evaluating the Investopedia article “9 Asset Classes for Protection Against Inflation.”
  • [20:15] How to evaluate the integrity of an information source.
  • [21:00] How different economic philosophies approach inflation.
  • [21:20] The number one question to guide your financial decisions.
  • [23:20] Is gold a good asset to protect against inflation?
  • [27:05] Gold is liquid, the problem is that it’s not always easy to sell. 
  • [28:40] What is inflation? Why does inflation occur?
  • [29:23] Are commodities good a good hedge against inflation?
  • [30:05] Why a 60/40 stock and bond split doesn’t work.
  • [35:55] Historic average rates of return don’t guarantee that’s what you will earn.
  • [36:30] What are REITs, and are they a wise investment during an inflationary period?
  • [37:35] Investing in the S&P 500 during an inflationary time may not work out, and it wouldn’t be responsible to recommend. 
  • [39:46] Why real estate is a good investment when made under the right circumstances at the right time.
  • [40:30] What are leveraged loans?
  • [40:50] What are TIPS?
  • [41:10] Does the Bloomberg Aggregate Bond Index work as a hedge against inflation?

Seeking Growth in All Things

  • [43:10] In order to make better financial decisions, you must seek more education.
  • [43:28] Les McGuire and the Economic Value of Certainty
  • [43:55] The importance of principles in your financial decision-making, and the principles that guide us. 
  • [47:10] “Is it going to keep up with inflation? Probably not. But is it going to do better than any other place that I have to store my capital where it’s still accessible? It’s better than anything we’ve found yet.”
  • [48:16] The power of an entrepreneurial mindset to protect from inflation.
  • [50:58 How to hedge against inflation if you’re not entrepreneurially minded. 
  • [52:35] Closing thoughts on inflation.
  • [52:58] “You can be more in control of your financial destiny than just having to make decisions based on the sway and the whim of interest rates and inflation and all of the boogeymen on the financial horizon.”

Articles Referenced

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Rachel Marshall

Rachel Marshall is a devoted wife and nurturing mother to three wonderful children. Rachel is a speaker, coach, and the author of Seven Generations Legacy™, passionate about helping enterprising families unlock their true potential and live into the multi-generational legacy they are destined for. After a near-death experience, she developed a deep understanding of the significance of recognizing and embracing one's unique legacy As Co-Founder and Chief Financial Educator of The Money Advantage, Rachel Marshall is renowned for her ability to make money simple, fun, and doable. She empowers her clients to build sustainable multi-generational wealth and create a legacy that extends far beyond mere financial success. Rachel's expertise lies in helping wealth creators remove the fear of money ruining their children, give instructions for stewarding family money, teach financial stewardship and create perpetual wealth through family banking, and save time coordinating family finances. Rachel co-hosts The Money Advantage podcast, a highly popular show that delves into business and personal finance, including how to effectively manage finances, protect wealth, and generate sustainable cash flow. Rachel's engaging teaching style and practical advice have made her a trusted source of financial wisdom for her listeners.
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