9 Keys to a Happy Career Making Millions (Reviewed)

9 Keys to a Happy Career Making Millions

A big part of building a life and business you love is doing fulfilling work that produces a high income.  Some may relegate that caliber of work to the one-in-a-million, unicorn-type anomaly – a dream job that doesn’t exist.  However, research-based evidence proves otherwise, finding that 38% of US employees report that they are “very satisfied” with their…

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Who Are the Financial Experts?

Who Are The Financial Experts?

How do you know if the advice of financial experts applies to you?  In fact, who are the financial experts?  Does fame or popularity make someone an expert? What about having the biggest stage or the largest reach?  Is it a degree, certification, or credential that qualifies them?  Instead, the litmus test for a financial expert…

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Prosperity Economics Principles, with Kim D.H. Butler

Prosperity Economics Principles with Kim D.H. Butler

Kim Butler is a champion of Prosperity Economics principles who’s bringing them back into the mainstream.  She’s revitalizing the traditional way of thinking, condensing age-old wealth principles into the 7 Principles of Prosperity.  She helps people get their money doing more jobs and building wealth outside of Wall Street. She’s the owner of Partners 4…

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What is Prosperity Economics? Part 2

Financial Planning: What is Prosperity Economics Part 2

Typical Financial Planning vs. Prosperity Economics The Prosperity Economics Movement is a wholesome and positive remedy to the limitations, guesses, and fear-based typical financial planning. On the one hand, the typical financial conversation holds an underlying opinion that you should give your money to someone else more qualified than you, put it aside for the…

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What is Prosperity Economics? Part 1

Typical Financial Planning vs Prosperity Economics

Prosperity Economics has begun its renaissance as an alternative to typical financial planning.  An increasing number of courageous, conscious, independent thinkers have outgrown typical financial planning. They resonate with a different financial philosophy that provides more control, certainty, and permission to use their money now. For them, the financial status quo has been losing its…

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Abundance: Philosophy, Principles and Beliefs

Abundance - Philosophy, Principles and Beliefs

Your financial life should have come with the instructions: “For best results, abundance thinking required!”  Your financial results are a direct product of your way of thinking about money.  While it’s tempting to jump right into strategies and products and investments, you’ll never outperform your mindset.  You are your greatest investment, therefore exponential results are…

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