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Creditor Protection of Life Insurance

Is Life Insurance Protected from Creditors? Privacy and Creditor Protection of Life Insurance

Want to shelter your assets from the prying eyes of the IRS, claims of creditors, or the public? Cash surrender value and life insurance proceeds are exempt from creditors in most states. In this episode, we’re talking about the privacy and creditor protection of life insurance. So, if you want to know how to protect…
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Direct vs. Non-Direct Recognition

Direct Recognition vs. Non-Direct Recognition: Does it Matter?

Are you considering whole life insurance and want to know which is better: Direct vs. non-direct recognition life insurance companies? What does it mean? Why does it matter? How does it impact you? And should it be a part of your decision-making process? In this episode, we discuss the why, how, and what of direct…
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Too old for Infinite Banking

Too Old For Infinite Banking with Whole Life Insurance?

Do you want to use whole life insurance to store cash, build an emergency/opportunity fund, and create a legacy, but you wish you’d learned about this concept when you were younger? Do you feel like you’re too old for the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC)? Fortunately, it might not be too late for you to get…
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Whole Life Insurance Dividends

Whole Life Insurance Dividends Demystified, with Perry Miller

Do you love the idea of getting whole life insurance dividends, but are stuck comparing one company’s dividend performance to another? Should you go with the company that has the highest dividend rates? What do the dividend rates even mean? How do I consider how dividends will impact my long-term cash value growth? Will the…
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1035 Exchange with Life Insurance

When Should You Use a 1035 Exchange with Life Insurance?

Do you have a life insurance policy you’re concerned may not last, lacks guarantees, or may lapse, and you’re wondering how you could trade it in for a better model? The good news is that you have options, and you’re not stuck forever! Enter: the 1035 exchange. But, a strong word of caution: you need…
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Family Banking Strategy

Family Banking Strategy with Whole Life: An 11-Year Case Study, with John Moriarty

This week, we welcome John Moriarty back to the Money Advantage Podcast. In Part 1, we talked about building a family bank on a conceptual level. Now, we pull in real facts and figures to show you how private family banking looks in action. If you have considered implementing family banking and didn’t know where…
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How Safe Are Life Insurance Companies

How Safe are Life Insurance Companies?

We frequently discuss high cash value life insurance here at the Money Advantage, yet with the financial uncertainties of COVID-19, how safe are life insurance companies? How strong is the life insurance industry really? What impacts do today’s low-interest rates, economic turmoil, and the pandemic have on my long-term growth rates and the policy guarantees?…
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Family Banking, with John Moriarty

How to Start a Family Bank, with John Moriarty

Would you like to see a Family Bank in action?  Today, Bruce and I talk with our friend and colleague, John Moriarty, Founder and President of e3 ConsultantsGROUP. You’ll hear about his personal and business use of Infinite Banking, and the thinking behind a growing and evolving system of policies.  John is smart, business savvy,…
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Life Insurance Agent Commissions and Policy Design

Life Insurance Agent Commission and Whole Life Policy Design, with Rodney Mogen

Not all whole life policies are designed equally.  Some that show up better on an illustration actually have a higher risk.   Rodney Mogen came back on the show to continue the conversation about life insurance agent commission and whole life policy splits.   We address the “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” in the IBC world…
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10/90 Premium Split and Blended Term PUA Rider Risks

10/90 Premium Split & Blended Term PUA Rider Risks, with Rodney Mogen

Considering a 10/90 premium split (Base/PUA) policy design with a Blended Term PUA Rider for an IBC policy over a design truer to Nelson Nash’s original 33/67 split?  Was it because someone showed you that you can get more cash value in Year 1? Or an earlier break-even point, and still outperform the cash value…
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