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10/90 Premium Split and Blended Term PUA Rider Risks

10/90 Premium Split & Blended Term PUA Rider Risks, with Rodney Mogen

Considering a 10/90 premium split (Base/PUA) policy design with a Blended Term PUA Rider for an IBC policy over a design truer to Nelson Nash’s original 33/67 split?  Was it because someone showed you that you can get more cash value in Year 1? Or an earlier break-even point, and still outperform the cash value…
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Velocity Banking vs Infinite Banking

Velocity Banking vs. Infinite Banking

Are you a wealth creator with a need to have access to cash in the safest way that puts you in control?  Velocity Banking shows up again and again as a solution to pay off your home faster and save interest.  It even appears as the ideal way to store up equity in your house to use for…
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Life Insurance Company Ratings and Why They Matter

Life Insurance Company Ratings and Why They Matter Right Now

Here’s new life insurance company rating information for every wealth creator who wants to be certain that your savings are stable and guaranteed, so you can be sure the financial moves you make to gain safety really are solid and dependable, so you don’t lose money or wonder if an economic crisis could collapse the…
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How to Get a Financial Bunker to Weather Economic Storms

How To Get A Financial Bunker To Weather Economic Storms

Does the current market volatility make you wish you had a financial bunker to protect you from losing money? If you would love to gain control by having the certainty of guaranteed money today and in the future … need to make traction towards financial freedom, regardless of the global economy … want to have…
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How Two Investors Found Privatized Banking, Brett Hildebrandt and Molly Urban

How 2 Investors Found Privatized Banking, With Brett Hildebrandt and Molly Urban

Are you trying to decide how and when to implement Privatized Banking? Today, we’re talking with Brett Hildebrandt and Molly Urban about how they are getting answers to their most important questions about Privatized Banking. This episode is for you if you want to satisfy your thirst for knowledge about Privatized Banking, close the loop on…
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Advantages of Whole Life Insurance You’re Not Supposed To Know

7 Advantages of Whole Life Insurance You’re Not Supposed to Know

Most people miss the advantages of whole life insurance because they view it as strictly an insurance product that doesn’t do anything else. But it’s that perspective, not the product, that has the limitations. Do you need to get the highest-quality life insurance you can count on, but you feel like life insurance agents are…
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The Cost Of Whole Life Insurance- If You Get More Money Out Than You Put In, There Is Zero Cost

The Cost of Whole Life Insurance: If You Get More Money Out Than You Put In, There Is Zero Cost

If you’re ready to get the best life insurance for the best price, then I’ve got a secret here about the cost of whole life insurance you need to learn about FAST. A quick secret for success in getting the best life insurance policy: a properly structured whole life insurance policy creates cash value that…
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Waiver of Premium - How to Bulletproof Your Life Insurance Policy

Waiver of Premium: How to Get a Bulletproof Life Insurance Policy

Waiver of premium is like having insurance on your insurance. So, if you are a wealth creator who wants to make sure your life insurance will be the cornerstone of your wealth and take care of your family no matter what, here are 3 quick questions to ask to make sure you get a bulletproof…
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Be Your Own Bank

Be Your Own Bank: Secrets Every Saver Needs Now

If you want to get your money to do the most, learn these essential keys to be your own bank. (NOTE: “be your own bank” does not mean that you are literally a bank or creating a bank, rather we mean emulating the idea of banking.) Instead of being a saver who’s a star-student customer…
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How to Take a Whole Life Policy Loan and Pay It Back

How to Take a Whole Life Policy Loan and Pay It Back

Privatized Banking has the edge over other funding methods because of the strategic use of whole life policy loans. If you’re new to the concept, let’s rewind to make sure we’re on the same page.  Privatized Banking is a strategy of building up cash value inside of a specially designed whole life insurance policy.  The…
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