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Before Canceling Your Whole Life Insurance Read Why You Shouldn't Cancel Your Whole Life Insurance

Why You Shouldn’t Cancel Your Whole Life Insurance

Before you cancel your whole life insurance policy, read this first. No matter your reasons, you need to know what canceling means and why it’s not usually your ideal move. At some point, you saw the value in owning whole life. You could have sought out the protection for your family, the cash storage, the…
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Economic Value Added (EVA )and Infinite Banking

Economic Value Added (EVA) and Infinite Banking

Economic Value Added (EVA) is a little-known, but impressively effective measure to boost your profitability. Coca-Cola, AT&T, Quaker Oats, CSX, and Briggs and Stratton helped the term rise to prominence when they adopted EVA in the 80s and 90s.  Focus on this insightful accounting measure resulted in an overwhelming increase in business value, stock price,…
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Top Mistakes Buying Life Insurance

10 Top Mistakes Buying Life Insurance

When buying life insurance, most people don’t have a complete map.  Without all the information to make the best decisions, many people make mistakes that lead to buyer’s remorse.  But you don’t have to worry, you can recognize and sidestep the common pitfalls people make. Don’t end up frustrated, discouraged, unsatisfied, or without protection in…
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Best Life Insurance Companies

Privatized Banking: The Best Life Insurance Companies

How do you find the best life insurance companies?  You want only the strongest, most stable companies to ensure the best results over the long-term.  But what criteria do you use to evaluate and discover which companies are, in fact, the best?  Is there an objective measure, or is it a matter of personal opinion…
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Borrowing Against Life Insurance vs Bank Financing

Borrowing Against Life Insurance vs Bank Financing

Why would I borrow against my life insurance instead of getting a regular loan? You might be thinking, I could get a great rate from the bank because I have a good credit score. You might be right, but do you want to rely on that? Let me propose this idea to you. Back in…
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Life Insurance Loans and Why We Use Them

Privatized Banking – Life Insurance Loans and Why We Use Them

Life insurance loans are one of the superpowers of the Infinite Banking Concept.  They give you ready access to capital at any time, for any reason.  These loans from life insurance policies make the cash value of specially-designed life insurance an ideal pool of capital for your investing strategy.  Providing the opportunity to earn uninterrupted compound interest,…
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Privatized Banking - High Cash Value and Long Term-Growth

Privatized Banking: High Cash Value and Long-Term Growth

A typical whole life insurance policy won’t give you the high early cash value and long-term growth you need for Privatized Banking.  As enticing as its certainty and control are to wealth creators, it’s not enough.  You’ll need enhancements to convert your policy from a slow equity-builder into one that you can use quickly. Policy…
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The Rich Person Roth - For The Most Tax-Free Income

Rich Person Roth: For the Most Tax-Free Income (Reviewed)

Although Trump’s Tax Reform cut taxes in many ways, millions of Americans will see taxes increase in 2018.  The lower standardized deduction and the $10K cap on deductions for SALT (State and Local Taxes) will primarily affect those in the upper-middle to mid-upper class.   Consequently, tax planning is becoming a growing priority for an increasing…
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Privatized Banking - What Kind of Policy Do You Use Part1

What Kind of Policy Do You Use for Privatized Banking?

You’re on the hunt for the best life insurance policy to use for Privatized Banking. For this, not just any policy will do. You want to buy exactly the right kind of life insurance to get cash you can use, earn uninterrupted compounding, and have your dollars working in two places at the same time. Life insurance…
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Infinite Banking Concept - The Golden Key that Unlocks Your Financial Life

Infinite Banking Concept (IBC): The Golden Key that Unlocks Your Financial Life

You play a big game, and you want your money to keep pace. Being in control is essential to you, and your money is no exception.  You don’t have time to be strung along every year, hoping for better returns. Instead, you want to be able to count on your money to give you confidence…
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