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Wellings Capital: Opportunities in Commercial Real Estate, with Paul Moore

Paul Moore, Wellings Capital

Wellings Capital provides access to value-add recession-resistant assets. They’ve accomplished this by partnering with expert operators in the storage facility, manufactured housing community, and multifamily apartment spaces.  Wellings Capital funds offer accredited investors 15%+ returns without having to work so hard to find great individual deals.  Today’s conversation unpacks the current trends in these commercial…

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Smart Asset Opportunities, with Ross Stryker

Ross Stryker: Smart Asset Opportunities

Ross Stryker, CEO of Smart Asset Opportunities, is the poster child for taking control of your life and financial destiny.  In fact, just 4 years after he made a shift from typical thinking to investing in cash-flowing assets, he achieved financial freedom.  He was liberated by the power of his choices.  His key decisions to…

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Strategic Realty Holdings, with Eddie Lorin

Strategic Realty Holdings - Eddie Lorin

Eddie Lorin has been building a real estate portfolio over the past 30 years. He has successfully purchased and transformed $3 billion worth of multifamily real estate.  That amounts to more than 180 thriving communities with approximately 40,000 apartment units throughout the United States.  Now, as the Managing Director and Founder of Strategic Realty Holdings, Eddie…

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Lessons from a Commercial Multifamily Investor, with Paul Moore

Paul Moore Lessons From a Commercial Multifamily Investor

In this fascinating interview with Paul Moore, we discussed opportunities for investors to build generational wealth through commercial multifamily investing.  Unfortunately, there are high barriers to entry into this investment sector.  New investors to this space may lack the capital requirements, loan qualifications, and experience needed to gain a seat at the table. Through real…

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